Walk of No Shame

1042 Words
Shane Another night, another f**k. I was living my life, I was drinking my malt, enjoying the rich flavor, while I scanned my club from my office window. I was looking for a familiar face until I spotted Gina in one of the VIP lounge areas. I called my waiter from downstairs. "Arlene, please deliver two bottles of whatever they're having on the house, and tell the short black-haired woman in the red strapless dress that they're from me," I instructed her. She gave me her flirty smile knowingly and walked out of the office. Then I walked back to my desk, and start working on some invoices. God, I hate doing clerical work. But it had to be signed before Donnie took it back and continue the administration work. I was done an hour later, then I looked at Gina's table. It seemed like, she just had another friend joining her. She's hot. Way sexier than Gina. Damn! Should've waited for another hour before I pick my lay. Those legs, I could see her sexy ass when she bent down the table, and get the shot, then gulped it down in one move. And she didn't even flinch. Hot! I like women that can handle their liquor. I better get down and introduced myself to Gina's friend. Who knew I might even get lucky, with her tonight. Patient my boy. All in good time... I got to Gina's only to find out, that the sexy blonde had gone to the bar with her friend. Oh well... Gina it is then. "Evening Gina, I trust that you're enjoying your time here?" I sat myself in the empty space beside her. She looked at me startled, but then she smiled and thanked me for the drinks. "So, can I take you to the dance floor? Or are you here with a date?" She laughed at me. I looked around the table, looked like this was a friendly group bunch. She introduced me to her friends, and finally take my hand to the dance floor. At the far corner of the bar, I could see Jake, my bartender. He was flirting with the sexy blonde. Damn! He's lucky. I started dancing with Gina while looking at the sexy blonde once in a while. Gina was a great dancer, I was starting to enjoy her state of intoxication. She touched my body and pulled me close to her. Feeling my hard body to her soft one, and move to the music. I gave in to her, letting her feel me. I know women like to hold their men. And we actually enjoyed those little touches, by their dainty hands. I settled my hands on her hips, grinding her, making her feel my hardness as she blushed. Yes, woman, you asked for it. I smirked at her and started trailing kisses to her cheeks, as she moaned my name. Nice one Shane. It's a done deal, this one will be under you before the night ends. Then I saw the sexy blonde on the dance floor with a man. And her friend with another man. That figure seeing him drinking that pink cocktail, while she was drinking I would guess a glass of whiskey earlier by the bar. Then she glanced at me. Well then, hello there... She looked straight at me, as I raised an eyebrow at her. She was dancing facing me, with the man grinding her from behind. I could see the outline of her tiny black dress, she hides it under a very sheer shirt, the neckline was ridiculously low. She was holding her hands up, swaying to the music. Her eyes were glued on mine, as she winked at me. Hot damn! The guy was still busy kissing her. Fuck! She's such a tease! A hot Tease! She turned back to face him, and moved him slightly to the side, so she could see me. Nice one, sexy! Then she kissed him deeply, laying her hands to his shoulder. f**k I was getting very turned on by this. Gina was moaning my name again, thinking that she was the one, that was giving me the f*****g hard-on. The sexy blonde looked at me one more time, then she whispered something to him and he wrapped his arm around her. Then they left the club. Fuck! I f*****g wanted her. Gina, it is then. I just need to f**k. "Gina, you want to go back to my place or yours? I f*****g want you tonight babe." I kissed her mouth deeply, opening it and sliding my tongue inside hers, while I grind her and cup her ass, she whimpered and said to her place. I took her hand as she blushes, and say goodbye to her friends. I kissed her again outside, while we were waiting for my driver. "Gina, this is a one-time thing. I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm asking you if you want the same thing as I am? I don't want to take advantage of you, I need to know that we're on the same page." I nudged her reply, looking into her eyes, pulling back from our kiss as she nodded her head, yes, making me smile at her. We got to her place and f****d. It was amazing, the whole entire time I was imagining the sexy blonde, and she was making me harder, as I f****d Gina again and again. She was sated when I left her. I cover her naked body with her sheets and discarded my condom. Well, make those several condoms. "Hello Pat, I'm done here. You can pick me upfront now. Thank you." I told my driver. Then he drives me back to my place. Tonight we did good my boy. Great actually. Thanks to the sexy blonde. Maybe she would be back tomorrow or on the weekends. I must be there, I need to f**k her. Shit! I'm hard again. Damn it! Need to think about other stuff. Yes, visit from Grandma this weekend. I must tidy up my place, hiding all the condoms and dirty magazines. I was flaccid, by the time we got to my house. Damn! This was going to be a long week.                                                
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