In the Midst of Chaos

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Ariella stood on the bodies of her enemies. Her gaze never wavered as she killed her enemies to create a safe haven for women and children.

Once an abused child who had no power to retaliate to the top of the food chain as she with the help of nine others build a paradise in the midst of the chaos for the people.

Becoming the queen of the apocalypse, however, was no easy matter. Join in on her journey from the weakest to the strongest.

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Judas was kicked into the wall again. A gasp of pain left his lips. He wanted to scream, but what was the sense in that? Was there anyone coming to save him from this monster? Can anyone save him from this monster? Judas highly doubted anyone would. He used to, he used to believe there were good people in this zombie-ridden world. A world where a hero would save them from this abuse. 'Another kick to his exposed abdomen ' A hero who would stop this monster from harming them. However, all that was left of this dream was ridicule. He ridiculed his own self because it was nothing but a childish dream. Once he made up in his head a long time ago to keep himself hopeful. But now he knew, all adults were really useless. Why no faith in adults any more? It was simple. He could hear them, their thoughts. That was his newly founded ability. He could hear the thoughts of others. 'The monster gripped him by the hair, raising his battered body slightly before slamming him into the wall.' It had been absolute hell trying to control his ability without getting caught. Even though the monster was his father, he would still take his life before he could fight back. How many times did he almost lose it? Honestly, Judas had no idea. More than a hundred, maybe. All he knew was that it was a lot. He had to restrain himself for her sake. Ariella, the only thing that's been keeping him going until now. He had to endure, endure the monster and endure the monster's followers. But it was hard. Knowing that nobody wanted to extend a helping hand, because they were either too focused on their own survival or ready to abuse them. Thinking about the sick thoughts many of them had for just Ariella alone made his blood boil. If he died, wouldn't the monster eventually lose interest in her? That's one thing he was certain of, he had to continue to endure. Judas endured, with gritted teeth. He endured even swallowing the blood in his mouth, he endured. Jonah looked at the sorry state his son was in, yet the stubbornness in Judas' eyes never faded. In fact, it only increased. 'A stubborn boy he was'. Jonah clicked his tongue, losing interest in giving the boy any more beatings now. Jonah stretched his muscles as he stood straight. He really wanted some release, but that girl was still sick. Annoyed, Jonah stretched his leg to kick Judas again, yet he paused midway. Sucking his teeth, Jonah retracted his foot. "Give the boy water and toss him back," Jonah ordered as he left the room. The two men standing there sneered as they roughly grabbed the child by his arms and dragged him out. Not gentle in the slightest with their actions, they dragged him back and tossed him onto the dirt floor before tossing two bottles of water at him. Fortunately, Judas uses his ability to make the bottles land near him and not on him. Judas coldly looked at the men standing there, looking at Ariella's motionless form lecherously. Judas didn't need to pry into their minds to know what they were thinking. He almost tossed them out with his ability then and there. How could these men be so disgusting? Why do they have to be so disgusting? So many willing women at the base, willing to sell their bodies for a sip of water, yet they hound after a little girl.' Adults are disgusting. Especially the ones at this base. Why aren't they satisfied? Didn't they rape that girl to death yesterday? Ariella is unconscious yet they want to harm her. He hated it, he hated himself for being too weak. His ability was only up to level two mid-rank. He couldn't fight off an entire base on his own, at least not yet. But Judas could see Jonah was gradually losing interest in them. He read his father's mind, he knew why his father was losing interest. It was because they were getting older. Judas knew his father wouldn't allow his men to defile him, but the same couldn't be said for Ariella. 'Leave!' Judas lowered his voice in his mind and projected it to the men. Hoping maybe they would somehow leave. And to his surprise, the two men glanced reluctantly at Ariella before retreating out the room. Another thing he could do with his ability. A prompt flickered across his eyes.  (You have gained the sub ability- telepathic manipulation.) (Basic LVL 01) 'What a useful skill!' The boy was surprised ever since he had gained his ability. The only skill he unlocked was a passive pain resistance one. A powerful skill like this would be of help, but it isn't enough as the skill was only at the basic level. There are many level three ability users in the base. Perhaps it worked on those two men because they were level two, lower tier. However, Judas didn't have time to ponder about this, he had to feed Ariella some water. To be honest, Judas wondered why she became feverish. He wondered if it was just a cold or maybe an infection? Either way, he needed to drag his battered body to her. Using his ability, telekinsis. He tossed the water on the single bed he shared with Ariella. If only he had enough strength to toss himself like he did the bottles. Yet his body hurt so badly, his concentration was off. He could only feel the pain in his body. Even with the pain resistance skill, it hurts. That's how badly he was beaten. Ariella needed him, though, so he gritted his teeth to drag his body very slowly on the dirt-covered floor. Pain flared up every time he moved. His father really beat him badly this time. It felt like the distance between him and the bed was ten miles apart. Judas almost fainted a couple of times, but in the end he held on and pulled himself onto the bed. Judas let out a breathless laugh as he unscrewed the bottle cap and lifted Ariella's head onto his body, so he could feed her the water. Slowly prying her cracked lips open, he carefully dropped the water into her mouth. This went on until he fed her half of the bottle before capping the bottle and setting it aside. As best as he could, he laid her back flat on the worn-out mattress before collapsing himself. He could tell that his body was at its limits. "I can't fain....." Judas wanted to convince himself, but he couldn't, the pain was overwhelming him. Judas fainted, his body slung across the bed. With his head and torso near Ariella's head and his lower body somewhat dangling slightly off the bed. What painful dreams was the boy going to have? Only he would know!

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