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It was a hot night. 
Winnie was lying on a soft round bed, face on a velvet pillow. A pair of big and rough palms were caressing her body.
"Hmm..." She let out a low moan involuntarily. 
[Who is he?] 
She wondered and tried to prop her body up with her hands. But then she found her hands were tied to the bedhead with leather handcuffs. 
She startled. At that moment, the man's hands moved to her waist, pulling her even closer to him. She could sense his scorching body, hear his thumping heartbeat, and smell his fresh forest scent. His scent was so soothing and clear. Somehow, the fear in her heart gradually disappear.
The man behind her was hot to trot, kissing her body feverishly. 
"Ah!" Winnie screamed as the man suddenly lifted her lower body with his muscular arm. And in a blink of an eye, she was already kneeling on the bed with her ass holding high. 
"Aargh!" A dull pain suddenly spread to her limbs all of a sudden as the man thrust his huge and rock-like manhood into her body. 
Winnie wanted to struggle, but she was pinioned beneath him. He was too strong. 
"Ssh... Relax, baby. The pain will be gone soon, I promise." The man whispered to her ear. His voice was comforting, deep and low like a cello. 
After a short while, the pain did disappear. An odd and exhilarating feeling started to spread from her va*ina to her whole body.
"Oh... Ah..." Winnie couldn't help moaning and tentatively moving her hip to meet the man's thrusts.
"You like it, sweetie?" The man chuckled in a sexy and husky voice and picked up his speed, pumping hard in and out of her tight va*ina. Like touching an exposed wired, Winnie couldn't stop shivering as she felt the electric current running down her spine. 
Streams of warm juice began to well up from her va*ina. Hot and thick desire was pooling in her belly. 
[Oh my... it feels odd but amazing...]
The man was breathing a bit heavily around her ear. He asked in a hoarse voice, "Baby, does it feel good?" At the same time, he thrust even harder. “Are you ready to swallow the whole of it?”
"Go... a little deeper... Yes..." Winnie was panting and begging. She wanted more. 
The man suddenly grabbed the tail on her hip, sweeping it through her inner thighs and her moist p*ssy. Then he sped up again, pumping even deeper, thrusting the whole of his monster-like hardness deep inside her. 
"Oh my... Aargh..." Groaning, Winnie was quaking like a leaf. She was wearing sexy lingerie, with a pair of fake cat ears on her head and a fake tail on her hip. 
The fluffy tail was touching her body, giving her a kind of inexplicable sensation except for itchy. The man held her hip higher in the air, thrusting in wild speed. 
Something began to build up in her lower abdomen. She swayed her hip to meet the man's sharp thrusts uncontrollably. Warm fluid was dripping onto the bed sheet from her wet va*ina. The air was filled with the smell of hormones, hers and the man's. 
Winnie moaned louder and louder. 
"You are so sweet. My ruttish kitten." The man suddenly bit her ear, whispering. His big and hot palms travelled to her plump breasts, which were already squeezed by the tight lingerie. He started to rub her boobs passionately, with his fingers twisting her tender nipples. 
"Ah... I can't... I can't..." Moaning and shivering, Winnie could only feel a trace of thrill running throughout her whole body, waking up every never endings. She clenched the pillow tightly. His considerable length reached her uterine wall. An overwhelming joy rushed to her head. She felt like fireworks were suddenly set off around her ears, exploding and crackling. Many splendid colours blurred before her eyes. Her mind was shattering. 
She could only feel the burning heat when the man growled and ejaculated inside her...

"Ah...!" Winnie suddenly opened her eyes. She raised her head from the table and covered her hot cheeks with a frown on her face.
[Why do I always have this dream? Am I so horny? But, I am still a virgin.] 
She thought to herself. 
Then she got up and washed her face in a small basin. At this time, someone knocked on the door of her office.
"Please come in."
"Dr Winnie, a patient came for emergency treatment. He has temporary erection dysfunction due to an accident. Could you come?" Assistant Mary walked in and said. 
"Sure. Give me a minute."
Winnie put on her white coat and followed Mary out of the office.
"This patient is a werewolf. When he was making love to a human woman in a car, a mountain landslide happened. Though a werewolf, he couldn't dodge in time. His male symbol was injured during the accident."
Winnie listened to her assistant's report, remaining expressionless. Since she became a doctor, she had encountered many kinds of strange situations. 

Mary knocked on the door of a VIP ward. Winnie followed her in when glancing at the medical record of the patient. 
[Jason Snooker? Is that...] 

She wondered, looked up and saw a handsome and familiar face. He had a sculptured jaw line. She used to think that was pretty sexy and often tiptoed to kiss his jaw. But all those beautiful memories had long gone. 

Jason was a werewolf, but his skin was bloodlessly white like a vampire. His eyes were dark and deep like an abyss. His lips were red, like the colour of fresh blood. When he smiled, sometimes he would show his two fangs. But the last time that he showed his smile before her was a long time ago. She almost forgot how he smiled…
"Jason, what should we do if your huge stuff is injured?" 
A girl sitting at the bedside coquettishly poked Jason's strong chest and asked shyly. With shiny blond hair, watery eyes and pouted pink lips, the girl looked pretty. And she looked really young, like a teenage girl. 
"I thought you prefer the toys." Jason smiled evilly. 
"How could toys compare to your huge stuff?" The girl pouted.
Winnie clenched her fists, nails digging into her palms. She took a deep breath and said professionally, "Overexertion led to nervous tension. As... the patient had rolled down the mountain, he had temporary erectile dysfunction. It's not a serious problem. But it's better to stay in hospital for two days."

“Have a good rest. Your HUGE stuff will recover.” Winnie added sarcastically.  
Jason heard the familiar female voice and looked up. When their eyes met, his smile disappeared instantly. He stared at Winnie and said gloomily, "How can you diagnose without looking closely at my d**k?" His voice was as cold as usual. 
Winnie ignored him and lowered her head to write down the diagnosis. 
Jason suddenly grabbed Winnie's hand. He put her hand on his manhood forcefully. "Aren't you a doctor in this area? You actually love men's p***s, right? Look at it!" 
Winnie bit her lower lip hard to calm herself down. Reaching out the other hand, she poked his manhood with the pen. 
"Aargh!" Jason growled in a low voice. 
"But yours isn't HUGE enough. Oops, looks like you need to hospitalize for five days now. Right, Mary?" Winnie added in a professional tone. 
Mary seemed a bit confused. She paused for a few seconds and answered quickly, "Yes, Mr Snooker, you may have to call your family to go through some formalities."
"I am his family," Winnie said, her voice unbelievably calm. 
"What?" Mary shouted with her mouth wide open. It seemed that she was completely shocked. Then she covered her mouth, looking back and forth at Winnie and Jason. 
Then it was strangely quiet in the ward all of a sudden.  
The girl beside the bed walked over and stared aggressively at Winnie, "Old woman, who are you?"
"Humph, no matter who you are, let me tell you, I'm pregnant with Jason's baby!"
Winnie dumped the pen into the bin and smiled lazily, "Why are you telling me this? Am I the one who f*cked you? Is the baby mine? Next time when you inject hyaluronic acid, remember don't inject it into your head."
Then Winnie walked out of the ward, ignoring their reaction. But her hand was suddenly grabbed by someone. When she turned around and saw Jason, she immediately shook his hand off. 
“Don't touch me! You are so disgusting!”
"Disgusting? You think I'm disgusting? So what about you?!"
Jason sneered. His tall and strong figure came closer. He glanced at the name tag on her white coat. "You are very lonely, right? Because I never touch you once all these years. So you became this kind of doctor, looking at the d*cks of other males!"
Winnie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 
[It's time to end all these.]

She murmured to herself. 
"We have been torturing each other for five years. Jason, let's get a divorce. After the divorce, you can go on dating your young schoolgirls, and I can live my life."
Jason froze for a moment. But then he grabbed her shoulder violently and pushed her to the wall. 
"Do you know why I've always dated young girls? Because they are innocent and will not betray me!"
He suddenly stroked her face gently "You were also like that before. Winnie, you weren't a slut at that time, and you didn't have a baby with another man!"
"I've never dated another man! Why don't you believe me? And a child? What are you talking about?!" Hearing his hurtful words, Winnie lost her temper and yelled at him.  
Despite many people passing the corridor, Jason still pressed her against the wall. He looked fierce. "The reason why you silently endure me cheating on you is that you feel guilty. Winnie, you disgust me! Divorce? You wish! I'll let you stay a living widow even if we have to continue to torture each other as you said!"
After finishing his words, he cast Winnie a glare and walked away, walking toward that pretty b***h.  
"Jason, you already have a wife? What about the baby in my belly?"
"Of course, you will give birth to my child. At least I know it's mine."
The smile on his lips almost broke Winnie's heart. He took the young girl in his arms and went back to the ward.
"Dr. Winnie has married?" a nurse across the corridor whispered.
"What's going on here?"
"It's a tragedy. Her husband cheated on her and was injured when he had s*x with another woman in a car. Unfortunately, she is his attending doctor. Alas..."
Winnie felt her head buzzing. Their voice was too noisy and annoying. 
She didn't know what came to her. Jason hadn't marked her yet because of the misunderstanding. But why did it hurt so much? She felt her strength was vanishing gradually. She propped herself up with her hand pressing on the wall. 
She felt like the whole world was spinning. Winnie turned around and walked in an opposite direction. She didn't know where she was heading to. She just kept walking till the whole world became quiet again, till she lost all her strength because of the unbearable pain in her chest. 
She squatted down and leaned against the wall. Winnie slowly raised her hand to cover her mouth, not allowing herself to cry out loud.

"Caesar, since you have come to the hospital, how about going to the ED specialist to have a check? The specialist here is very well-known and has cured many male patients, including inhuman and human."

Winnie heard someone talking about her and looked up. She seemed to be in their ways. 

She then stood up instantly. There was a pair of long legs in front of her. She stepped back and only saw a tall and strong figure in a black suit bathing in the shining sunlight. The man had at least 6.5 feet, even much taller than Jason. He was sturdily built. One could almost feel his tight and strong muscles under the suit were going to burst out and expose in the air at any time. The dazzling sunlight blurred Winnie's vision, she could only see the man's sculptured jaw line. 

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