In desperate need of investment money to keep their business afloat, Gemma Longton and her lover and partner Mike Bowyer are at their wits’ end to think how to obtain the finance they must have. Until he realises that there is a way and without telling her, arranges a deal with Roxwell, a millionaire businessman, whose price for providing financial assistance is Gemma’s service as a bondageslave for a full year. Unaware of her part in the deal and thinking that their business is saved, Gemma allows Mike to tie her up for some celebratory s*x and it is only after she is bound and gagged that she learns he has sold her to Roxwell and will soon be collected to begin her s****l servitude to him. Worse still, she finds that he is only one of a group known as The Consortium and as their property, in chains and collar, adorned with the rings of her slavery, Gemma is required to serve them all, male and female, in any way they command, her body and mouth trained to provide exquisite pleasure to her Masters and Mistresses, on pain of cruel punishment for any failure to be fully satisfactory. For twelve long months she is permitted no option but to submit utterly and strive to become the perfect, obedient, fiercely hot and helplessly responsive slavegirl they require her to be and as her servitude becomes ingrained and as natural to her as breathing, Gemma surrenders to the passions unleashed within her by her bondage and her demanding owners. After so long as a slave, the news that her year is almost over brings mixed feelings for Gemma, for she has come to love her Masters and her life and is not sure whether she wants to be freed, or not. Until at midnight, as the contract with Roxwell expires, an unexpected event makes the decision for her.

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Chapter One-1
Chapter One Gemma Longton pushed her chair back from the computer keyboard and flexed her stiff fingers as she stared glumly at the tell-tale figures glowing on the green screen. “Well, that’s it then.” she announced miserably. “We’re sunk.” “How bad is it, Gemma?” a deep male voice came from behind her and she turned to look up at the tall figure of Mike Bowyer, her business partner and lover, his face filled with anxiety. “About as bad as it can be,” she replied slowly. “We can carry on for about a month, then we lose the company.” “Damn,” Mike cursed. “What about the Roxwell contract? That must be big enough and profitable enough to turn us around surely?” Gemma sighed. “Yes, well it would be, but we can’t meet it unless we can come up with extra financing.” “How much extra, Gemma?” her lover demanded. “How much do we need and how long have we got?” “A month, maybe six weeks. But unless we find a cash injection of at least ten thousand pounds, we’ll have no option but to file for bankruptcy.” “Hell. Ten grand. Where are we going to find that sort of cash? We’re already at our limit with the bank.” “I know. I can’t see any way out of it.” “There must be a way,” Mike said angrily. “There has to be. I’m not losing everything we’ve worked so hard for, just for the lack of a lousy ten grand.” Gemma stood up stiffly. “I’m sorry, Mike darling,” she said. “I know how you feel and I’d do anything to get us out of this mess, but I’m shattered and I’ve got to go home and get some rest. I can’t think straight. I’ll see you in the morning and then we can try to think of a way to come up with the money. I’m sure you’re right, there has to be a way of raising ten grand, but I’ve just got to get some sleep.” Gemma kissed her worried lover gently and picked up her coat, then walked tiredly out of the office, leaving her business partner pacing up and down the room, his face set in a scowl of intense concentration. “There must be a way!” Mike said to himself, “there must be. I’m not losing the company for a piddling ten grand. Think, man, think! Something in the company must be worth that sort of money.” His eyes came to rest on the Roxwell contract, the contract that would easily solve his financial problems and make him a very rich man and his eyes narrowed as an evil idea stole into his busy brain. He stopped his pacing and sat down in his leather office chair, his mind racing as he began to work out the details of a deal that might just save the company. Old man Roxwell was a horny old goat and had made no secret of his liking for Gemma, so, just maybe there was a way to get the cash the company needed. If, and it was a big if, he could somehow persuade Gemma. Mike stretched out a hand towards the telephone, then hesitated. Gemma was, after all, his partner, both in running the company and in bed. Could he ... dare he make such a deal to save the company? He weighed the alternatives carefully. On the one hand, the certainty that all of his and Gemma’s efforts would be wasted if he didn’t, but on the other, the cost to Gemma if Roxwell agreed to the deal he proposed to offer. Slowly, he lifted the handset and dialed the number for Roxwell’s private line. *** Three nights later, Gemma smiled at her lover as he held the door of his remote country cottage open for her to enter. It had been a wonderful evening up to that point for Mike had been even more attentive and considerate than usual, taking her out to her favorite restaurant, plying her with delicious food and expensive wines until she could eat no more and her head was pleasantly muzzy. Mike had been deliberately evasive all evening, refusing to tell her the reason for the celebration and only hinting that he had some great news to tell her about the company. As she shed her coat and kicked off her shoes, Gemma smiled with an inner contentment brought on by the food, the wine and the anticipation that after Mike had come clean about the good news he had, they would go through to the comfortable bedroom and make love. It would not be the first time an evening had ended that way and Gemma felt a warm glow in the pit of her stomach as she imagined Mike’s hands and lips on her body as they shared mutual pleasure. Mike sat her down in a soft armchair and brought her a goblet of fine brandy, then fetched himself a large malt whisky and sat opposite her. “To us, Gemma,” he toasted, “to us and our company.” “Not ours for much longer though, darling.” Gemma frowned. “Ah.” Mike chuckled softly, “Well, I have some good news about that.” “You mean ... You’ve found someone to finance us?” “That’s exactly what I mean. The company’s safe, Gemma. Roxwell has agreed to finance us.” “Oh, darling!” Gemma gasped. “That’s wonderful news! However did you get him to agree?” “It wasn’t easy.” Mike replied smiling. “He drives a hard bargain, but I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.” “Oh, Mike, you’re a genius!” Gemma was thrilled and elated, “But, what did you offer him? I thought we’d already tried everything.” “Not quite everything,” Mike replied softly, “but now it’s all settled and the money is in the bank.” “Great! So that’s what tonight was all about and why you were so mysterious?” “Mm, yes. And now, darling, I thought we might celebrate properly.” Gemma smiled into her lover’s gleaming eyes and nodded firmly, feeling her own arousal build as she saw his desire. She put her glass down on a nearby table and rose to her feet, then, with sensual grace, began to strip herself before her lover. Her dress slipped from her shoulders and fell to the floor and she kicked it away, revealing her slim body in black half-cup bra, lace panties, matching garter belt and black stockings. She sat on the arm of her chair, removed her garter-belt and slid each stocking down her legs, discarding the flimsy nylon as she turned her attention to her bra. The cups peeled away from her small, taut breasts and Gemma shivered in delight as warm air caressed her naked flesh, adding to her own arousal and Mike’s evident desire when she gently squeezed her n*****s until each knob thrust out in stone-hard rigidity. She loved to display her body for him and knew he was excited by her as she toyed with herself for their joint pleasure. Often, she never got beyond this point; Mike grabbing her and taking her as his passion grew too strong to resist, but this time, he controlled himself and Gemma smiled as she slipped her thumbs into the waistband of her brief panties. She knew that passion delayed is passion increased and shivered in anticipation of the moment when he would no longer be able to hold himself back. Playfully, she giggled at him. “Maybe I’ve changed my mind, Mike. You’ve still got all of your clothes on. Perhaps I should get dressed and go home.” He shook his head slowly from side-to-side. “Oh no, Gemma.” He smiled. “You’re not going anywhere. Not yet.” He stood up and went to his roll-top desk, bringing out a broad leather strap fitted with a heavy buckle. Gemma’s eyes widened in anxious excitement as he walked slowly towards her, the strap dangling from his left fist. Soon after they had become lovers, Mike had introduced her to bondage and Gemma, although at first hugely embarrassed by being tied up, soon came to enjoy the sensations of being helpless and unable to prevent him doing exactly as he pleased to her. It was almost two months since the last time he’d bound her and the warmth in her belly doubled as she realized that soon she would be his helpless captive again. Mike chuckled and inclined his head. “Your panties, please, Gemma,” he said calmly. “Then, turn around and put your arms behind your back.” Gemma swallowed hard, knowing she was going to obey, then slowly peeled down her last protection, turned around and brought her wrists together at the small of her spine. Utterly naked before her lover, she felt her belly flutter in delicious anticipation as she awaited the firm grip of leather when it removed her freedom and made her his. Well aware of her desirability and his arousal, Gemma quivered, feeling undeniable lust as the cool strap encircled her wrists, gripping her flesh in a firm but not tight grasp when the buckle closed. To her surprise she felt a second strap pass between her wrists and realized, as it drew the original strap taut, that there was no longer any chance of her slipping her hands from the bindings. As Mike aided her to sit on the thick, warm carpet, Gemma wriggled her fingers experimentally, finding, as she already expected, that she could not possibly free her arms. Her excitement built even higher when he asked her to cross her ankles and she watched closely while he looped another strap around and around, lashing her legs at 90 degrees and after buckling the strap firmly, preventing her from straightening her limbs or closing her widely parted thighs. Sitting there quite helpless, her nude body exposed to Mike’s glittering eyes, Gemma licked her lips tensely while he fetched a ball-gag and brought it to her. This was the one part of his bondage games that she did not like. The gag; a solid rubber sphere attached to a leather strap, always frightened her and she hated the way it bulged her cheeks and made her drool while it reduced her to a mute observer of her own arousal. The trouble was, as she knew well, that once she’d agreed to being tied up, she no longer had any choice in the matter. Mike was in charge and unfortunately he seemed to enjoy seeing her gagged and hearing her muffled, incomprehensible protests. Reluctantly, Gemma opened her mouth and allowed the ball to be pressed deep between her teeth, then Mike buckled the strap tightly behind her neck. She didn’t like it, but with the gag wedged firmly in her mouth, knew there wasn’t anything she could actually do about it. Mike moved around in front and smiled wolfishly at her, then produced yet another strap. Gemma stared, then shook her head firmly. Enough was quite enough. She was already tightly tied and did not want any more, thank you very much! There was absolutely no need for anything else to be added to her predicament. Mike, however, did not agree and she glared at him over her right shoulder as he moved behind her, her garbled grunts making it perfectly clear that he was not to use the additional strap. She froze for a moment as he casually began to pass the strap around her arms, just above her elbows, then she mumbled furiously into her gag, her dark hair waving as she shook her head in determined refusal. Gemma winced, her eyes widening in shocked realization as he tightened the strap and her elbows were forced inexorably together. She was furious. Furious and unable to believe what he was doing. Her elbows drew closer together and Gemma’s fury and disbelief changed to anguished discomfort as her shoulders were forced back by the unremitting tension. The buckle closed and her arms were held, strained back and together, her elbows almost touching and her breasts thrust outwards and up by the stress in her limbs. To add to her misery, another short strap between her elbows held everything cinched tight and removed any possibility of relief or escape. She couldn’t do a thing. Couldn’t even move anything except her head. Mike stood up and gazed down at her with a smug grin on his face and Gemma felt her face redden. She was absolutely helpless, not to mention distinctly uncomfortable. She was completely in his power and he could do anything he pleased to her. Her belly seethed with arousal as she imagined all the things he could do. Her breasts and s*x lay wide open and she knew that if he touched her between her splayed legs, she would climax. Her need was so intense it frightened her and she panted for breath, praying he would touch her and yet terrified that if he did she would not be able to control her responses.

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