Beauty for Hire

1800 Words
Definition of Psychopath: : a mentally unstable person especially: a person having an egocentric and antisocial personality marked by a lack of remorse for one's actions, an absence of empathy for others, and often criminal tendencies Tessa  "Okay I'm being nice, I'll let you choose, right or left." The man whimpered, shaking like a leaf, probably pissing his pants off by the smell of it. I stood to his front, clicking the steel cutter waiting for him to choose which pinkie finger he was going to let me cut. Ted, the sleazy bartender decided he can steal liquor from his boss Ardian Kreshnik Dovolani, the Albanian mob boss from one of the ruthless crime families in the country. The newly hired bartender didn't know who he was messing with, and the boss didn't take lightly to people who stole from him. Ted thought stealing two crates of top-shelf liquor will just get him sacked and went to jail for a couple of months. The pale-looking guy was desperate for money and he didn't think when took those bottles. "Come on, hurry up I have places to be, and people to torture." I gave him my sweetest smile and grabbed his right hand making him let out a pathetic yelp. "Right one it is then," I bit my lip trying not to get too excited over a pinkie as I put his finger in the hole of the cutter. His high-pitched voice sends a shiver down my spine, I pushed his hand flat to the table and sighed in delight when I heard the sweet crunch of the bone-cracking, decapitating his pinkie finger from its knuckle. Blood oozed and the loser quickly gets the kitchen towel to try to stop the bleeding, his body was still trembling from the shock. "I'll see you next Monday with my usual drink." "W...what? I still work there?" Ted asked looking a bit queasy. "You don't want to work behind the bar anymore?" I tilted my head trying to decipher his train of thoughts. People still seem to amaze me, this man said he needed the job, then he steals for money, and now that he had redeemed himself with the loss of his pinkie he was surprised that he still has a job at the bar. "I...I thought he was going to let me go, my finger, and.." "Nope, the boss always thinks that people who knew what happened when they messed up made a great asset. And you can show your friends my handy work." I shrugged then continue telling him he still have nine more chances to redeem himself. I thought Ted couldn't look any paler, but he just drop another shade of white. Maybe he was going to pass out, which means it was time for me to get out of his cramped apartment above the butcher shop. I have one more person to find before I had the rest of the night off and my phone buzzed with an incoming call. "Beauty, I'm sending you the details, I believe you're done with the first one?" "It's done, brought the souvenir with me," I smiled, feeling the light buoyant feeling on my feet every time I finished a job like this. "Good, you'll have two days off but I want you to go to the mansion by Friday, we might have work for you." The mansion was code for the bosses' house, I've only been there a few times. Chad, my handler, the middle man between me and the big boss was all the connection I need. I was their secret assassin in between odd jobs like cutting fingers for their slightly rogue employees. Now, Chad had me on another easy chore, to find and once again cut a finger on one of the big boss's employees this time for small-time embezzlement. Chad didn't say much on the phone he never did though the line was secure, it was all about the secrecy with the mob guys and I just went along with it. As long as I get to play with my victims I was fine with his paranoia. Jail had never deterred me from doing odd satisfying jobs to quench my thirst for blood. I had a close one when I leave a witness for one of the mafia jobs, the first week on the job. They pulled me out, gotten me their best lawyer, but I've learned my lesson. Leaving witness is a big no, it'll slow down my working progress. The two-night delay as I stayed in jail waiting for their lawyer was also satisfactory on my side as I got to make the ugliest woman there my b***h. I didn't f**k her, hell no. With all the experiments I did growing up, women didn't do a thing to fulfilling my s****l needs. But I did kick her around a couple of times, letting out my frustrations and she let me. "In and out, he has family, be subtle but be ready for more," Chad warned me further, he always takes precautions, he knows I'm good but he also knows things happen. He hang up and I slipped my phone back into my jeans pocket. The sound of my combat boots echoed through the empty basement parking lot across Ted's apartment. I put on my helmet and zipped up my leather jacket before I mount my black Suzuki. I like taking my bike in warm weather, I wished I could ride it all year long but I had my car for colder nights and transporting victims. The bike made me reach my target house faster, Scott just finished having dinner with his husband and two kids. The chubby guy looked like he enjoyed his little family, his trophy husband looked like he just walked off the runway. He looked like a guy I'd f**k, if he wasn't gay. After the kids were tucked in their beds and all the lights were off, I left my bike and walked towards the house. Their alarm system was too easy to get through and I was inside the house within seconds. The house was dark and quiet, after jamming the door of the children's room with a small piece of wood I found in the backyard, I walked straight to the master bedroom. I never bothered with unwanted family attention, especially children. Chad always said to minimize casualty, to make the system go smoother and so I did. That was why they kept on hiring me because I do as they told me to do. I decided to get through the trophy husband first and silenced him with my firm grip. Yeah, with all the adrenaline in their blood, the knife on their necks always made my job easier. They rarely resist. When I got the trophy husband restrained, it was time to wake up Scott. The satisfaction of seeing the horror on Scott's face when he saw his life partner bound and gagged, but not in a sexy way made me smile sweetly at him. The man will soon realize what this was all about. "Hello Scott, a little birdie told me you've been stealing money from the big boss," I said slowly while feeling him shudder in my arms. I enhanced the experience by using medical gloves and not covering my face, I never did cover my flawless face. I was beautiful and I know it. And I wanted them to think by seeing my face I wouldn't let them live. "Sit up, Scott and tell your husband what have you been doing to your boss's money and explain to him why he needs to lose a pinkie tonight." "What, no...please don't," chubby Scotty trembled in my arms, his trophy husband was crying his eyes out, sobbing hard, probably scared to death about losing a pinkie. I smiled sweetly and let Scott fall back to bed after I bound his wrists to his front and legs with zip locks just like I did to his gorgeous husband. "Look, maybe I'll be nice, maybe I will leave the pinkie for your husband and he can reattach it. But for you my dearest Scotty, unfortunately, your pinkie will be collectibles for my boss." Taking both of their bound wrists I clicked the cutter to give them a more terrifying effect. I sighed when they both started weeping and looking into each other's eyes as if they were saying goodbye to one another. People. Always so dramatic. "So, who goes first? both need to be quiet, you don't want to wake up the kids right?" My smile grew wider as I watched both of them look at me in true horror. "Take two from me and leave him be, please, I beg you, I won't tell anyone." Scott tried to wiggle his body closer to his husband. "Oh, Scotty honey, I know you wouldn't tell a soul. I was sent here to make sure of that, and your good-looking husband here is a bonus." I looked at the time and realized I need to get out soon if I want to go home and be there before my favorite murder podcast aired a new episode. "Look, I need to get back soon, I'll take two as you kindly offered so you can play the hero to your husband. But mark my word I'll be coming for more if you screw up in the future." I whispered menacingly and tugged his pinkie and cut it. "Yeah, that means you still need to go to work on Monday. You have a few sick days before coming back to your job with new work ethics." I continued to talk while Scott bite down his comforter and scream into it. Then I continue to cut his ring finger and gave the bloody finger to his crying husband. The bedding was ruined from his bloody fingers but I took his pinkie to give it to Chad in the morning. I let Scott out of his bound to let him take care of his husband and his mess, the man need to sort out his finger situation on his own. The cool night air was refreshing in the suburban area, it was peaceful and I smirked thinking none of Scott's neighbors knew that he just lost two fingers in his home minutes ago. People and the life they painted can be so shallow, I still couldn't understand why would anyone risk anything for a pinkie. I love all my digits, I'd never cross a man like Ardian Kreshnik Dovolani, I wouldn't dare to do it. I know I'm a psychopath, I think of myself as a predator but I know where to draw the line. And the boss was it. For the time being.
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