Abducted by l**t *Köhler Series*

arranged marriage

Adele was a single woman with a good job as a doctor. She thought that she whole life was on track until the day she met a man that changed her life by kidnapping her forcing her to marrying him and showing her a side of life she never knew existed and opened her eyes to parts of her life that she was blinded by.

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A Day Like Any Other
Disclaimer: My works are original, similarities to any other works published or unpublished material is coincidental, All characters within my works are purely fictitious. Any Likenesses used in this work are for entertainment purposes only. Any report of plagiarism regarding any portion of this material without consent will be investigated and dealt with appropriately. Lastly, this work contains mature content and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.   . . . . For Adele today was a day like any other day she woke to her alarm precisely at 4:30 am for her to start her day at the children hospital. This isn't her first day on the job but she always prefered to be schedule so she had time to go by Starbucks to get her morning coffee and to make sure that everything goes as smooth as possible at work.  Adele is an pediatric doctor at the local hospital in Columbia, South Carolina. And yes,  she love kids and always wanted to be a teacher but found out her calling instead was to nurse them back to health. Enough about that, now it is time to start her day and get into the day of how her life got flipped some may say it was for the worst but she would beg to differ at least in some aspects.  After doing her morning routine at home she walk out of her house at 5:30 giving her exactly one and a half hours to get to work. She walked out of her house then making sure it was all locked up as she always did.  Soon after made it to her 2018 Nissan Altima yes she had money but she liked the simple things in life. She started up the car and made my way to the Starbucks that was around the corner from the Prisma Health Children's Hospital the place where she worked. Adele walked into Starbucks and was greeted by the women behind the counter who happened to be her bestfriend a girl that when by the name Khalil. "Hey Adele, your usual today or do you want to try something new for a change." Khalil asked.  "No, that will be fine Khalil, just give me my usual" She said which is a white chocolate mocha with skim milk two shots of espresso and no whipped cream. "Alright girl but one day I'm going to get you to switch up anyhow, how you been doing lately? I haven't seen you in a while due to me having the baby and all. What's new do you have man yet?" Khalil asked  This made Adele feel a bit uneasy by such a direct question, and she being all loud in a coffee shop full of people but Adele knew that Khalil was only trying to be friendly  and she was her bestfriend after all so she answered truthfully.  "I know and I'm sorry I haven't had the time to come see you and the little one by the way how is my little god baby? And to answer your question, no Khalil, I do not have a man yet. Hell, I barely have time for myself at all, you know that." Adele answered  After a few more minutes of Khalil telling the whole Starbucks Adele's business her coffee was done and they both said their goodbyes. She didn't make it far after walking out the door of  Starbucks about three steps out the door Adele was met with a hard chest with that  her coffee met with the ground with a plop.  "Well, there goes my morning wake up call" Adele says to herself.  She didn't have to look up far giving her tall figure to met the muscular man's dark brown eyes which was gorgeous so she took a step back taking in the rest of him that was also beautiful fine as hell from what she could see he had tattoos everywhere he was like a walking sexy canvas that for some reason she wanted to unwrap "Watch where the f**k you going you stupid b***h" The man said. "Excuse me? You were the one that ran into me Sir" Adele replied. The man pauses for a moment looking at Adele like she had lost her f*****g mind he slowly turned is head to the side then stared her up and down before talking again.  "Listen carefully little girl you you don't f*****g know who they f**k you are f*****g with so it would be wise for you to keep that little mouth of yours shut unless...unless you want to met with your death" He says Adele know this man just don't threatened her life just for walking into him "what the f**k is wrong with him" she thinks to herself. "Look dude I don't want any trouble I don't you and you sure the hell don't know me so I'm sorry and can I please leave now so I can get work on time" Adele said looking at her foot at this point. The man hand touch her face lifting her head up to meet his eyes once more she guessed so she could get his understanding of what he was saying next   "Yes, but if I were you beautiful I would be watching my back Kleine (babygirl) because you never know when you may see me again." He said with a wicked smirk  That response had Adele scared shitless he had a straight face but  smirking like her know something she did and she sure the f**k didn't want to find out what so she ran straight to her car without looking back.

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