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About Demon Sworn Bloodthirsty demons. Deadly, ever-shifting hellscapes. Brutal psychological torments. And that’s just day one. When I ripped out my enemy’s soul and banished him to the Shadowrealm, I knew I’d condemned myself to the same fate, cursing my soul to eternal imprisonment. No one ever said anything about my body coming along for the ride. Physical manifestation? It’s supposed to be impossible in the Shadowrealm. So is escaping. But I’ve never been one to comply with the natural order and I’m not about to start now. Not when Asher and the witches are still trapped. Not when Emilio is making dangerous enemies in Raven’s Cape. And not when Jonathan is still hunting me, both of us battling for survival in this inhospitable realm. Determined to help break me out, Ronan and Darius enlist the help of an unlikely ally to track me down. But we all know deals with the devil rarely come without consequences. Especially when that devil already owns Ronan’s soul… And holds the contract to mine. Demon Sworn is also available in audio narrated by Tristan James and Aletha George!
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