my childhood first love ep 1 (brightwin)

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Win, can you please wake Bright up?” a woman in a white blouse that was tucked inside her plaid skirt asked. The man whose name known as Win nodded replied her with a ‘yes’ before the woman left with a smile after saying thank you. Win walked to the second floor and stopped once he arrived in front of a big black door. He knocked on the door twice and ended up opening the door himself as he didn’t get any responses from the inside. Win walked closer towards a black queen-sized bed with a sleeping man on it. Win chuckled as he gets himself closer towards the sleeping man’s face. The cute and baby looking face that he saw right now is not something that people usually saw from this young man called Bright. “Bright, wake up.” Win tapped Bright’s arm lightly, wanting to wake him up but doesn’t want him to wake up in shock due to the sudden touch by him. Bright groaned, not wanting to wake up and pull his blanket to cover his face even more. Once again, it succeeds in putting a smile on Win’s face. Bright Vachirawit Chivaaree, a young CEO who is a successor to a very well-known and large company in Thailand. People have usually known him as a cold person due to his appearance. But in reality, Bright is totally different from most people’s presumptions. After spending time with the only successor from the Chivaaree family since his childhood, Win gets to know how mischievous and cute the actual Bright is. Win’s family has worked for the Chivaaree’s family for long. And thanks to that, Win able to spend his childhood along with Bright and now has become Bright’s personal assistance. “Bright, come on. You need to go to work.” He said, reminding the young CEO about his responsibility as he pulled down Bright’s blanket. Bright opened his eyes slowly, trying to adjust the sunlight that goes through the curtains of his room. Bright pouted in dissatisfaction. The twenty-three years old man hates to wake up early and yet Win must suffer from the trouble of waking up this young man every single day. “Can I skip?” Bright asked with a raspy voice, a typical voice of someone who just woke up. Win didn’t bother to answer his question. Despite not being a morning person, Bright is a very responsible person. He knows what he supposed to do, and he does his works excellently. No wonder lots of people admire him. Not only that he is good looking, but he is also smart, talented, very well-mannered, and is also a responsible person. Just like every girl ideal man. “Come on, I’ll help you get up from your cosy bed.” Win offered as he reached out his hand for Bright to pull and get himself up from his bad. Bright held both of Win’s hands. But instead of pulling himself up from his bed, he pulled Win to his side making the man fall on top of him. Bright quickly switched his position, pinning Win below him with his two hands and legs locking Win’s body so he won’t be able to run away. “Good morning, Win.” He said with a soft voice. The gap between them was small, making both able to hear each other’s breath. This is not the first time Bright did it. Bright teased Win a lot. He loves to lessen the gap between them by always hugging Win anytime and anywhere he wanted to. One time, Bright suddenly pulled Win and made him sit on his lap. Another time, Bright would suddenly give Win a back hug and plant a small and not so obvious kiss on Win’s cheek. In conclusion, Bright loves to do skin ship with Win. And to be honest, this is something that Win hates the most from his so-called young master. No, he doesn’t hate the affection that he received. In fact, he loves it. And maybe a little bit too much. At first, Win thought the feeling that he has for Bright was solely as a friend. But as time goes by, he slowly realised that it is so much more than that. The feelings that he has for Bright was not a feeling that you feel for a friend but a lover. The way Bright talks to him, the way Bright treat and take care of him, and how Bright showers him with affection, he loves it. And the worst thing is, he wants all of that to be his. He wants Bright to be his. “Enough Bright! You need to get ready for work.” Win pushed Bright away. He doesn’t want his best friend to hear the sound of his heart beating loudly. And moreover, if Win stays for longer, he might end up kissing the guy who topped him and loosing Bright from his life. “You’re blushing!” “I am not!” “Win, your ears changed colour to red.” Bright teased him followed by a giggle as he stands up. Win covered his ears with both of his hands and gave Bright a threatening glare that doesn’t look scary at all in Bright’s eyes. Bright once again make himself closer to Win, making the other one flustered but unable to move thanks to the queen-sized bed behind him. “Cute.” He said as he ruffled Win’s hair before he went straight to the bathroom for a shower. Leaving the stunned Win and his redden cheeks all alone. The only time Bright and Win got detached is when both at the workplace. Since they have a different task to complete, inevitable they cannot be on each other’s side. But sometimes, Bright likes to call Win to his room and do his work there though. Bright said, it so much better to work with Win by his side rather than when he is not. And that sometimes, including today. These days, Bright is very stressed with the new project that he’s currently handling. Win is also working on that project too, but his work is not as stressful as his boss. “Win, help me! I’m stressed.” Bright complained as he rested his head on Win’s shoulder who’s currently sitting on the sofa and busy typing something on his laptop. Win is kind of used to the presence of clingy Bright whenever Win is trying to finish his work. But still, it doesn’t mean that his heart rates didn’t raise whenever Bright does it. “Bright, I’m working. And you also need to finish your work too.” Bright pouted hearing Win’s response. He is very stressed with work right now and desperately needs attention from his best friend. And it is very unlikely for Bright if he gave up on annoys his best friend by being clingy on him. “You can do it later,” Bright closed Win’s laptop, succeed in making Win turn his attention to Bright. “Also, I’m your boss, Win. No need to worry about deadlines.” He added with his mischievous smirk adorned his face. Bright pushed Win so the other one ended up lying on the sofa with Bright on top of him. Bright snuggled his head in between of Win’s neck and shoulder, sniffing the other’s scent and hugged Win’s well-build body. “Win, your scent is really addicting,” Bright mumbled, giving Win a major heart attack. Deep in the bottom of Win’s heart, he doesn’t want Bright to let him go. He doesn’t want Bright to move and let them have a cuddle session on Bright’s office sofa. But on the other hand, his conscious say a different thing. He needs to let Bright go and stop all of these. Before it gets any worse and he ended up hurting his own feeling. And so, Win pushed Bright hard, making the guy who topped him previously fell hard on the floor. “Enough Bright!” Bright was taken aback when Win raised his voice. This is the first time he saw Win got upset and he was the reason for that. “Please stop whatever you’re playing right now. I’m begging you.” He continued. His face went red and his eyes were teary, making Bright even more confused than he already is. “What do you mean?” Win closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He avoided Bright’s eyes because he isn’t ready with how Bright would react to what he’s about to say. Win knows that he might regret this for the rest of his life if he ended up losing Bright for good. But on the other hand, Win also had enough. He doesn’t want his feelings to suffer anymore. And if it is really the end of him and his childhood friend, maybe it is a good way for him to move on from Bright. “Please stop playing with my heart. Don’t you know how hard is it for me not to fall for you even harder? So please, if you don’t want it to happen, just stop whatever you’re doing.” The room was in silence. None of them say a single word once Win finished his sentences. Bright didn’t move an inch and stared into a blank space. Win left out a deep sigh. It seems like he f****d up and the end is finally here. Win then stood up from his seat, was about to walk out from the room before the felt a tight grasp on his wrist. “But I wasn’t playing,” Bright broke the silence. He already stood up from his previous spot and is now standing behind Win, preventing him to walk out from the room. “I wasn’t playing, Win. All the things that I’ve done to you wasn’t a game. It was a sincere act that came from the bottom of my heart.” Bright added. Win turned his head to face Bright eye-to-eye. Tears were already falling from his eyes because he thought he would lose the man that he loves the most. Bright wiped out Win’s dripping tears with both of his thumbs before his lips curved into a smile. ep2. the happy ending Win wakes up way too early the next day; the sun isn't even rising yet and only the first birds are awake, singing their songs, barely audible. He still feels warm – not only because he can feel Bright's broad chest pressed against his n***d back, warm and soft, but also because of the events of last night. His cheeks filled with warmth and he felt the all too familiar tingly feeling in his stomach as he closed his eyes, remembering Bright's face as he confessed – the joy as he finally realized what he just had heard, the broad smile – like a kid seeing a Christmas tree for the very first time and the way his dimples were visible. It all came back to him and made him smile. Arms tightened around his middle, pulling him back to reality. It was quiet outside, and as Win looked at the clock next to their bed he realized just how early it still was. They wouldn't have to go to work today anyways, which meant Win could stay in bed a lot longer and just enjoy the warmth, the love he felt and the butterflies going crazy in his stomach. Bright tightened his arms a bit more around his waist and Win realized that sleeping was definitely something that wouldn't happen anytime soon. A smug smile spread across his lips as he felt Bright's morning wood against the cheeks of his a*s and he all so subtly stared to move his hips to and forth in slow grinding motions – he carefully spread his legs, their n***d skin pressing against one another and Win couldn't hold back a breathy moan as he felt Bright's d**k twitching against his tender skin. They had already made love two times that night – the first time they had been too eager to even get into bed. After their confession they just couldn't hold back and Bright had simply flipped Win over and had his way with him then and there on the couch. It was a miracle that neither Ayesha nor Ukrit had woken up – Win wasn't used to having to stay quiet until now and Bright had been the one who had to remind him. Pushing two fingers into his mouth worked wonders and always made Win just that much more docile than he already was. The second time was when they finally had enough strength and fell into bed – this time they managed to take it a bit slower than the first time, but only because Win really was trying to take it slower and also tried his best to keep quiet – which was so f*****g hard, especially since Bright just knew how to make him scream and how to grind his hips down to make Win's toes curl. His a*s was still a bit sore and he felt the kinks in his lower back as he shifted against Bright, but he really couldn't care less about it, not when he felt the hard, hotness of Bright's c**k moving between his legs – the velvety skin caressing his own and made him shudder whenever it would press against his perineum or his balls. The friction was just enough to turn him on even more and it drove him mad, the continuously slow t*****e of Bright moving his hips against his own. His arms had by now tightened around his hips, pressing his chest flat against Win's back and his hot breath tickling the side of his neck. Win's soft moans grew harsher, panting out between small gasps as Bright blindly reached for the lube that was still somewhere on the bed. After a short moment of fumbling, he finally found it and made quick work of putting some of it onto his hand, warming it up, before he pulled back a bit again and spread it evenly onto his d**k. Bright hot skin was immediately back against Win's own – the thin sheen of sweat that was already covering their heated skin made them move against one another easier. "Slip it in.", Win nearly didn't recognize his own voice – it was low and broke off into a moan at the end of the sentence as Bright pushed himself into the tightness, a low moan rumbling from his chest as he f****d Win slowly. Win already felt his eyes roll back in his head and his toes curl – this was different from all the other times they had had s*x; they never had taken things as slow as they had now. It was different and even though Win really loved it to get f****d hard, he felt something new when Bright rolled them over and pressed Win down into the mattress with his full weight. They stopped for a moment, foreheads pressing against one another and kissing deeply – Win had thrown his arms around Bright's neck to push him even closer against him, and Bright had hitched up the other man's legs over the swell of his a*s to feel him even deeper. Bright slowly started to roll his hips again – their lips still connected only to break apart for air for a moment. Win's head was spinning, and he felt collecting between them and it should be gross, but it really wasn't. It was hot and steamy and everything Win had ever dreamed about when he thought about making love with someone. Bright's weight on top of him pressed down so deliciously – his d**k was trapped between his stomach and Bright's, the head getting dragged between the muscles at every roll of the older man's hips. Win couldn't keep still – his hands grabbing at every millimeter of skin he could reach – back, neck, shoulders, a*s, thighs – it didn't matter, all that mattered was Bright's hot body on top of his, his hot breath and pants against the side of his neck and the sharp bite of his teeth against his collarbone and n*****s. The way he grinded his hips, making the head of his pulsating c**k glide over his prostate again and again – he had to bite down on Bright's shoulder to muffle his moans. The pleasure started low at the pit of his stomach – it was like getting drunk, the first few drinks creating an even buzz, the excitement, the happiness washing through your body making you happy. The more it went on, the more intense this buzz grew – the more his head started to skin, and his thighs started to shake. Precum was already leaking from his c**k, but he didn't dare to put his hand on himself – he couldn't anyways, too busy holding onto Bright for dear life. Win started to toss his head left and right, not knowing what to do with his limbs as the pleasure spread through him – it was maddening. It was like was dancing between the line of not being able to reach their high and it is crashing through them. Win felt Bright's lips on his throat again, wandering up to his lips until they kissed again – tongues caressing one another. It was hard to breath that way, but Win loved it – loved the closeness he felt, the heat between them. He felt every single muscle of Bright shifting against him, the way he flexed his muscles to cause both of them pleasure, the way his breath hitched as Win's muscles tightened around him even more. He felt the all too familiar pull of his oncoming o****m – he quickly let go of Bright's back and took one hand of the other man in his own. Their lips parted as Bright continued to thrust into him, their breath mingling and their eyes vulnerable. "2gether.", Win didn't know who whispered it, but it made him come alive – he nodded, looking directly into Bright's eyes as they finally stumbled over the edge, clinging onto one another as their o****m washed over them. Bright couldn't hold himself up anymore and fell onto Win, but he didn't mind at all. His arms immediately wrapped around him, pressing their overheated bodies against one another. It felt like his whole body was on fire, high on love and he felt like he was flying. Bright wasn't much better – he was holding onto Win tightly, burying his head in the crook of his neck and inhaling his scent. Win felt the huge smile of Bright's lips against his skin and he pulled him into another kiss. He didn't know how much time passed until his nerve endings finally stopped buzzing, but he embraced every second of it. When they finally pulled away from one another, it wasn't long until they were kissing again – slow and passionate and filled with all the love they shared for one another. "Good morning." Bright's deep voice send another shiver through Win's body – god if they continued like this, they wouldn't make it out of bed that day at all. "Good morni- ", Win was about to lean into another kiss, besotted smile on his lips as suddenly their bedroom door got yanked open and Ukrit came crashing into the room. "Daddy! Bright! Good morni- " "Ukrit! Don't go in there, they are still sleeping!" He didn't know how Bright reacted as fast he did, but he immediately wrapped them up in their blanket – covering their still very much n***d skin from little Ukrit, who had just barreled into the room, and an overly worried Ayesha, who was chasing after him. "But I hear noises and- " "-and we will now go and pick up grandma, how does that sound?" Ayesha quickly ushered Ukrit out of the room, only to turn around once she was sure that the little one was out of sight and glared daggers at Win. "Okay, I get it. You two are happy and still in your honeymoon phase – but for the love of god, can you just keep it in your pants when you guys are here?" – Win only now noticed the huge bags under Ayesha's eyes – "you nearly caused a lifelong trauma to your own son, I am not going to be the one explaining the bids and the bees or in your case birds and birds to a five-year-old!" Win felt heat rising to his face as he tried to hide behind Bright, but the older one was trying to hide as well – as much as he loved Ayesha, right now she had that crazy look in her eyes that made Win's skin crawl. With a loud bang, she slammed the door shut behind herself and marched off with little Ukrit. Win and Bright could only gap at one another, before they heard the front door slam shut. He didn't know what he should say now, but one look at Bright was enough and the couple broke into a fit of giggles. "Oh god, your face – you looked like you were about to s**t your pants." "Can you blame me? My sister almost caught me having s*x, and now she is definitely going to glare daggers at me for the rest of the week – did you see the bags under her eyes? This is all your fault!" said Win as he playfully nudged Bright. "My fault? I am not the one who moans so loudly they probably woke up the neighbors- " "I didn't hear you complaining last night when I- " "Sssshhh! Don't say anything you will only turn me on again!" "You get horny just looking at me." "-and that is a bad thing?" "nah, that's just the best." Bright got a pillow to the face for that. They continued to play around like children, teasing each other and throwing pillows at one another for the next ten minutes or so – until their legs were finally strong enough to carry them to the bathroom. They took a quick shower and got dressed – not even five minutes later Ayesha came back with little Ukrit and Grandma Metawin. Bright got roped into making breakfast for all of them once again and while Bright got scolded by his mother for messing up the pancakes and her showing him how they were actually done and Ukrit making a mess on the table and Ayesha desperately trying to clean up said mess, Win could only lean back watch them all with a huge smile on his face. This was how life was going to be from now on. Bright trying his best as he always did, Ukrit being a little tornado filled with giggles and Ayesha trying her best to fulfil her duty as protective aunt – and Win couldn't wish for anything better than this. This was his little best world, and he loves being in it. -*~*'¨¯¨'*·*~ T H E E N D ~**'¨¯¨'*·~****** what are your thoughts on this story? Which was your favorite part? And how did you come across this story? And do now the important part. This maybe the last story I would be writing for now. And for Just Us, I think I would come back sometime to update a bit now and then, but this is all guys. I don't know what's going on in me, I have recently lost all the motivation to study and I keep coming back to w*****d, asianfanfics and read a lot and lot of stories. I have been escaping the reality, and so now reality has hit me so hard that I keep failing in my subjects, which I have never gone through. this is a really tough phase for me, and this story was something I enjoyed every bit and piece bcz I know this was gonna be one of my last for the year 2020 before I take a good break. hope u people can understand me, and yeah i would sure be coming back in 2021, with many more good stories and completed ones :) Love you so much people ❤?
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