The explorer

non-hunman lead
small town
another world
alien contact

Meghan Thornton is a girl who would love to explore the world and has been quite adventurous in her life.

As an explorer, she's determined to find out more.

But what happens when she's given the opportunity to explore the world above her? will her exploring instinct kick in and she goes or will she stay with her family because of a new threat.

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Chapter 1
"hey Meg" Lily says coming up to me. I motion for her to keep quiet as I wouldn't want to have a lion chasing us for dinner We were in the wilderness so we had to be careful as this wasn't our territory where the animals are used to us. Either way I managed to sneak out with my cat for safety purposes. Yeah the cat could do lots of wonderful things like sniff out danger and meows when it senses someone nearby. it was totally prohibited to explore with animals but I couldn't leave my cat behind "I spotted smoke coming from the other side and it shows signs of life at that part" She says in a hushed whisper. I wouldn't call it a whisper because she has a high pitched voice. "Lily we can't" I say seriously knowing very well that she's going to argue with me nevertherless but instead she keeps silent as well continue our journey. I know she's trying to give me the silent treatment cause she always does it when she doesn't get her way. Its so cute really but I'll never tell her that. I think about it for a while and then after I decide to allow her to take me to the place where she saw the smoke. It wasn't a long journey from where we were but since we had moved a tad bit in front, it was a bit long and by the time we arrive lily is panting. "Damn girl we've not even covered half of the journey but you're already panting. Gee lazy girl" I taunt her and she looks at me baffled. yeah take that girl We arrive at the place where the smoke was but we find it empty. Hmm this is surprising but nevertherless we continue checking around the area until my cat begins clawing at my hands. Gee what's wrong with her now. I put her down thinking that maybe she wants to search for something but instead she runs and hides in her carry bag. Its really weird and its not like she has done it before so I assume she sends something dangerous. I motion for Lily to escort me and we continue in front until we spot something vibrating on the ground. Astonished, I look around searching my surroundings when my eyes land on a- a space ship?? Then I look closer at the thing that was vibrating minutes ago I run and pick it up. It was something a bit circular but with some green lights motioning upwards. I don't give it a second thought though because the space ship suddenly crushes sending off a powerful wave that sends me flying and my back hits the tree hard I manage to get up successfully and resort to search for lily. " Lily" I call out but no answer. I try again but instead of silence, I hear someone wincing. I immediately run off to that direction and that's when I spot Lily on the ground with her leg under a big rock. I help her get up but I don't think she'll manage to move because the rock has broken most of her bones and her loud sobs didn't help either. I tie her to a tree and then get up to go and search for some herbs the space ship long forgotten. It doesn't take me long to find the herbs though it was kind of difficult since I had to cross a river but I got them nonetheless. I make it back only to find someone hovering over Lily and she had passed out. I grab a stone from the ground and put it in a sling and whoosh it had hit the target. I tiptoe to where lily was and push away the body of that person and begin nursing Lily's wounds. After I made sure she will be fine, I dragged the body of the stranger up to some other tree and tied it up strongly. The stranger had on a body suit and a mask that left no body part outside so I couldn't figure out who the person was but either way I had to be careful. I grabbed my knife and started cutting off the piece of cloth that was covering him but gosh was it hard my knife was almost getting broken. I instead went for the mask. It wasn't hard to remove but as soon as I began lifting it off, the stranger grabbed my hand bad threw me away. How was the stranger so strong. The person continues advancing towards me with an intimidating posture like a beast going for its prey. I look at my side to check if lily is Okay and when I see that she's till passed out, I grab my pocket knife and throw it to the stranger to distract him but what happens next shocks me. The knife hits an invisible something and it bounces back heading straight for my head and I couldn't help but freeze. I close my eyes when its almost and wait for it to hit me but it doesn't. I open my eyes searching for the place where it had pierced on my body but I found no wound. I look up only to find the stranger flicking it in air without even touching it. Is this person serious. I've been exploring since I turned 5 but I've never experienced something like this before. I've been bitten by a crocodile once but even the feeling of fear I had them cannot be compared to the one I'm feeling right now. The stranger looks at me for sometime before directing his body towards lily who's passed out yet we are in a difficult situation. I don't blame her really but u just hoped that she could wake up. It would be hard for me to do anything if she's passed out. The stranger makes a move to go up to her and in panic, I scramble and throw myself at him and the person clearly didn't expect the move so we fall down with me getting affected more. I stand up and the stranger looks at me like he's examining me and I feel selfish conscious because I'm covered in dirt, my hair is in a half pony tail with some of it sticking out. The stranger flicks his hand up and words form in the air at his simple action. I stare in awe wondering where on earth this person is from. I don't know when or how but I pass out after that action..

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