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Humanoid godforsaken creatures wish to enter the karmic cycle but the Dead God, who is the guardian of creation, considers them abominations and throws stones of fire at them on the ladder of ascension.

Baek-Mok, an angel, decided to let them in if they win his tournament.

The loathsome creatures have a slight hope in the world of the living and the dead.

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PROLOGUE Into the coliseum they immerse themselves; In the Beal Pyramids they pray, the dead god's bloodthirsty sword slays the goddess in white, Assabani's head rise from the sands . They go up and up the arena, there is nothing to do, only one could do it, only one climbed the top, the fight constantly goes on and off. Balami, the twelve-legged sidereal greenish spider was the last one to be defeated, but the earring of the goddess shone and a storm of fire and brimstone arose. A cheerful and haughty man entered the maternity. He was wearing an elegant white cashmere suit, dark glasses and a cane with a curved handle. He walked the halls singing a song he made by himself: Oh, Burundi, Burundi, as an abandoned woman you are, oh, Burundi, Burundi, forgotten daughter of Africa. He entered an operating room to watch a woman giving birth. "Excuse me? Are you a doctor?" the doctor in charge asked. "No, I only came to see this child being born, and I assure you that the child she will bring to life will be ugly, but very ugly." "Sir, if you are not a doctor, could you please, leave the room?" said The doctor. “Why should I leave this room? I want to witness the miracle of life, although this miracle will not last long." “Who let this drunk man come in?” "Doctor, don't get mad at me. I promise not to bother you, but I guarantee you'll need my help." "Miss Seraphine, please, please, can you call security?" "Security? I'm security." "Miss…" the doctor motioned for the nurse to go call the nearest guard. "Oh, my God! What is that!" One of the nurses gave a sudden scream in fear, taking several steps back. A small, white, elongated, viscous body without feet fell to the floor. "Is...is that a worm?" asked the doctor stupefied. "Very well doctor, time to do my job." From the front of the worm emerged a small humanoid head. It tried to say a few words. "Birds...a light, the sand, I was...in the sand." “You are not supposed to be here, creature, you traveled a long way from the Arena.” The man in white pulled out a dagger and plunged it into the humanoid head. “What is that...and is talking.” Said very surprised the same nurse that screamed seconds before. "There are some beings that never had to be born." The man in white quickly passed through the wall as if he were a spirit, arriving immediately at a hut, where an old woman was sitting, looking down into a hole filled with dark, murky water. "You saved him, woman. You saved all of them. I already finished off one, and the other couldn't make it, but a third one is missing, a third one you took in as a son." The woman turned to look at him: "This one you want to kill was born with certain defects in his body but he is a person of the third plane, don't do anything to him." "I have already decided, but I can't do anything either, none of them won fairly, they must die." When you attacked me with the sword I could see many things, my soul was divided but it came back together. I have seen doors, steel doors filled with light." "Your son, where is he, woman?" "He has decided to walk, to walk in the course of life, a course that you will also take." "I, take the course of life, again? Woman, I have already taken the course of life and death many times and I have defeated both." "Everything that is born, dies, and is born again. Look at this little worm." She took the animal and showed it to him. "One day it will be a terrible monster that devours many." She put it in the hole full of water and in a short time it dried up but the worm was still alive. The woman instantaneously rejuvenated and vanished, leaving only her white flowered dress on the floor. "Do you want to see what I saw, dear friend?" her voice was heard like the wind. "Just tell me where your son is, woman." "Woman? I am your goddess." "My goddess? Being in human flesh, living in the desert, ate up your mind? That worm is guilty of your madness? You are not at all, my goddess?" "I am Assabani, the woman who became a goddess, only to become a woman again and give birth to a being you tried to destroy." In front of the man in white, rose a large door of hard opaque metal, one or another electrical discharge went up and down from it. "I didn't come all this way just to see doors." He hit the ground three times with his cane, violently, and the visions disappeared. Behind the man a dark butterfly with yellow stripes materialized and attacked him by stinging him on the neck. He grabbed the animal and tore off its wings, threw it to the ground and repeatedly jumped on it. "I wasn't going to let you murder me a second time, that's your punishment for raising your sword against me, little by little your powers are going away, you will wear a belt of skulls to remind you to start the karmic cycle." "You can't do that, I can't go back to the cycle, I already beat it, I...I will not start all over again." "you can get rid of the cycle, but you will have to do something for me, and it just so happens that it will be of interest to you as well, I think you will need in time, some help." "Of interest to me? Some help?" "There is a fourth, you know him very well. The one that took my pendant that day you attacked me. He is staining the streets with blood, streets of blood in a world of concrete." "A world made of concrete? What do you want from me, Goddess Beal, goddess Assabani?" The man in white got to his knees, fell to the ground and convulsed.

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