Children Of The Apocalypse: Gates Of Blood

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Trevor and Reign were getting married in secret when the world decided to end, dropping a metal beam on their heads and killing them instantly. A forbidden love that was tragically ended before it even had a chance to begin. Now two new souls from different times in 21st century earth wakes up in their bodies, with the memories and emotions of the deceased lovers. And to make matters worse they woke to a world suffering from beast tides, zombie hordes and alien invasions. The two unlikely married couple would have to navigate this new brutal world, whilst learning the intricacies of the only tool that can ensure their survival.....the system.

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Waking Up
Rubble shifted as Trevor pulled himself up, his head ached like someone hand taken a hammer to it, but considering he could still feel the silent drips of blood as they trickled out of his head, his feelings might not be too farfetched. He coughed, the air was dusty; filled with the scent of plaster and cement and flowers and ash, and then blood. It was hard to properly reorient himself with how weak he was feeling, but beyond that, what really threw him for a loop were the new memories dancing within his head. It was like waking up from a lifelong dream to realizing everything you’ve ever known had been nothing more than an illusion. He was Trevor now, he couldn’t even remember the name his parent had given him on earth, sure he remembers them, and their faces and the warmth of their love, but of all his memories the only thing that mattered right now was that he was Trevor Alexander. Bothers was no contest of wills or the problems of trying to understand who and what he was, everything was just even and normal. But he still felt like an onlooker in the body of another, in his body. Trevor Alexander is 22 years old and the shamed student of a language professor. The same. Processor he had gotten pregnant, causing a massive scandal between the college he attended and the family she answered to. Society pretty much kicked their ass as there were strict laws to 'coupling' on Dimant. And sure punishment made them lose their baby and social standing, but both student and teacher had decided to stick with ach other to the end, which brought him to his current predicament. It was hell all-over, he was under a pile of rubble, and while he could move a little, he was feeling claustrophobic. This was his wedding hall, and if this was his wedding hall then, it stood to reason that she had to be somewhere close, so simply put, where was his recently wedded wife. “Trevor?” The voice that called out to him forced him to turn his head back, and there she was, right next to the corpse of the priest that was moving for some reason, though given that there was a cross on top of him, his erratic movements could be understood. But as for why he was considered a corpse; more than half his face was caved in, the fact that he was moving was weird but Trevor couldn’t focus on that, and neither could Reign. His name was the first thing she said the moment she became coherent. Everything on her body hurt, though the worst pain seemed to be coming from her right leg. She looked down at it and noticed it was trapped under the massive cross along with the body of the Priest. There was pain, and a lot of it too. But all she could do was frown as Trevor picked his way towards her. For Reign she knew something was wrong, sure there were memories, but for a former marine, getting blown up on a mission and waking up in another body and world could be pretty disorienting. And while there were memories to fill in the game, most of which left her disgusted about the society and the choices the previous Reign had made. She still felt a little detached and even worse was the fact that she let a kid get her pregnant. That was a mistake she couldn’t really tolerate and would happily say Reign got everything that came her way, except of course loosing her unborn child to strict and ridiculous population control rules that was just a propaganda and a way for the strong to rule the weak. But above all else, this life was now here and she was married to her mistake. Reign saw Trevor pause, obviously he had just seen the same blue screen that showed up in front of her with words on it. She could even see a tiny bit of a shimmer in front of him, proof that reality was a little bit more different than it seemed. Trevor walked closer to her and opened his mouth to say something, but he couldn’t, Reign did not know what was wrong with him, but honestly she’d rather not deal with the kid finding out that the woman he married has already been replaced with someone else. “Its okay my love, calm yourself. I’m stuck under this cross and it seems my right leg is a little crushed, I’ll need your help with this okay?” her voice was calls me gentle, and in a dainty manner that Reign didn’t recognize, at least not in this world. Trevor nodded his head, his dust covered dark skin developing goosebumps as he tried to ignore the moving dead body under the cross. He looked around and found a beam that he could use as Leverage to lift the cross up. He was nervous, he was a wreck and he was scared, and all of those was just do that this woman, Reign; wouldn’t find out the man she married was long gone. He focused his attention as he dragged the beam and placed it under the cross, there was already a body under it, and the part of the cross where her leg was caught under was close to the head. He heaved, ignoring the small gasp of pain she released as she hastily pulled herself from underneath the cross, and then Trevor let it drop down, smashing the Priest once again and spilling dark red blood and brain matter everywhere. Shocking as it seemed, all Trevor and Reign could do was look at each other as those words floated by, and they contemplated just what to do with the f****d up situation they had just been thrown in. Safe to say the world just got a little bit more interesting.  

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