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I was drawing after I finished my work in Math. Today was my birthday. When I paid attention to what I was drawing, it looked like one of those stereotypical demons you may get when you search it up. I was very confused about it. Though, I guess it was good that I drew it on a piece of paper I had. I felt like I would have been sad if I had to erase it or found it erased the next day. Something was luring me to keep the drawing, which did. I kept it with me everywhere I went. Even to where I shouldn't. I didn't show it to anyone though. Part of me wanted to. I was just scared of what everyone would say. Whether was that I was gay or copied it from somewhere. For the gay part, I kind of was. I was bisexual. While being 15, some might say that I should be able to tell anyone about my sexuality. I'm sure I will eventually, but I felt like I could be abandoned by the people that are supposed to love me. Three years later… After I told them, I showed the drawing to them. They looked surprised about all the details I added to it. Then a look of realization was put on their faces. Like one that said they remembered something that happened at some point earlier. I was about to ask them when my mother said, " We need to tell you something about what you are." I was told, what I was supposed to be. I didn't believe them. I even told them that I didn't believe them. They seemed to understand that I would refuse to believe it. I couldn't have anyway. Being a part of a supernatural world was impossible. For the most part, that was what I thought for 7 years.
Author's note
This is a story that I am starting with on this app. This is mainly a story that I am developing, so if are mistakes or anything of the like in this, let me know. Feedback will help me make it better.
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