Chapter 1

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I walked into my favourite bar, Bees' Bar. Or as the most common patrons call it, Bar Bees. I had a very long month. Sometimes I start to ask myself: Why was I still at this terrible office? What did my sexuality have to do with the work I do? It was mainly the way my colleagues decided it was a great idea to only put me on easy jobs. Like putting me on the cases that are very obvious that they are easy. Where the culprit's lawyer was very lazy about defending them. Or the ones where there were a lot of clues pointing at the culprit. Which generally are the ones I'm fighting against. I went to my regular stool at the bar. As soon as the Bees saw me, they gave me my regular drink. As they worked, we started talking about what has happened recently. "They are tormenting me with the easiest cases. It seems like ever since they found out about me being bisexual, they think that I'm incapable of being able to do harder cases despite that I had the best track record for every new case I was given," after I said that Bees seemed angry. They seemed to share my anger toward my office. "They can't do that! You were, are, the best lawyer they have. They can't have you do the newbie's work when you've been there for years. It may have been a little less than 4 years since you got there, but they can't have you do the work for the new guys!" They seemed like they were going to go to my office and give my bosses a piece of their mind. I would have loved to see that. Having a small, non-binary person yelling 3 large men would have been great. Though that could have gotten me fired. Bees had told me many times that I could work for them. Though it wouldn't be great pay, I at least would have plenty of fun. I wanted to be there at the office for at least a little longer to help, even though they didn't want me to work on any good cause. After a few minutes, the barn door was opened. It seemed like a very small thing to pay attention to, though Bees seemed surprised to see who it was. "It's a new guy! He's also very attractive. Why don't you go talk to him?" "Why don't you do it? You are the bartender and owner!" They looked at me with an expression that said, 'you should know me by now. "Wait, he's coming over! Act casual." They were right, he did come over. I did my best to act casual. When I did see his face, he was very attractive. Nice, smooth-looking dark skin and what looks like straight black hair. Some of his features seemed familiar. The shape of his eyes, the shape of his nose, the shape of his lips, they seemed so familiar. That was when I remembered the drawing from ten years before, the same one I still have. "I'll have what he's having," after he said that, I was stunned. Not only did he want what I had, but his voice. It sounded, well, it sounded very relaxing yet sexy. If I wasn't drawn to him before, I was now. Part of me was surprised that I wanted to drag him to the bathroom and give him anything he wanted. "What's a guy like you sitting here by yourself?" I almost missed what he said. And to add to that, I was so entranced by him that I didn't notice Bees had moved down the bar. They gave me a small smile. I repressed an eye roll. "Well, everyone here knows that if I'm sitting here and talking to Bees, I've had a long month at work. Though I'll admit, this last month has been worse than normal. So they already know that I generally don't talk to anyone besides Bees unless I wanted to talk to them or want something from them." While saying this, this guy looked around the bar and saw that everyone was looking at us and talking about us with concerned looks. "I'm not concerned about them. I'm only concerned with you. And why you seem to want to stay away from others." I was intrigued by his concern. "Why are you concerned about me out of everyone here? We don't even know each other or each other's names!" "I'm sorry, forgive me. People generally call me Tim, but I feel like you can call me by my real name, Lucian." I was going to ask why Tim when he told me anyway. "People believe that Lucian is too out of date and ended up choosing Tim. If that was what you were going to ask." "No, that wasn't what I was going to ask," note the sarcasm. "I'm Kyle. It is interesting to meet you." "Likewise." After that, we talked for a while and enjoyed each other's company. It surprised me greatly at first. Soon enough, it ended up being half an hour and he left to use the bathroom. I had a small smile. Bees were chuckling. "Did you have a good time talking with the new guy? You seem to be happy with him." I was enjoying time with him. I reached into my back pocket and put down the drawing. "What is that? Why does it kind of look a bit like the new guy?" "It is a drawing that I made on my 15th birthday. I remembered it when I first saw him. He said he generally goes by Tim, but he said his real name is Lucian." Bees tensed a bit when I said the name. I didn't see it right then. Not until Tim, or rather Lucian, came back. When I did see it, I was confused by their reaction. Why would someone tense when mentioning someone else if they didn't know them before? Did Bees know Lucian but didn't recognize him at first? I was going to ask them later. I was going to find out sooner rather than later. Bees left again while Lucian and I were talking. We were talking for what felt like hours when it was just minutes. Before I ended resizing it, I started to feel drunk. I didn't notice the small buzz that I started to feel halfway through the conversation. We officially decided to end the talking and start some fun. Lucian did not seem as affected by the alcohol. He could have been used to having a lot of alcohol in his system, it was hard to tell. I didn't remember telling him where my apartment was but didn't question it. It didn't feel like I should have cared. Only because I felt some connection to him. I couldn't explain it, but I wanted to be with him. And this felt right. I was having a night with a man that I had just met but had some weird connection with.
Author's note
Let me know if there are any mistakes, I am not directly editing them before publishing them.
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