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LISA SANTIAGO Today should have been our one year anniversary, but instead, it would only be remembered as the day I got abandoned by that jerk, Adrian. Abandoned at the hospital when my pregnancy test came out positive.      I was sure he had chickened out as the weight of responsibility must have been too much on his busy shoulders.     If I had been told twelve months ago that Adrian wasn't who he had posed to be, I wouldn't have believed it. He had been so perfect—too good to be true. And I had stupidly fallen for him.     Just how cruel is life? The first time I had actually fallen head over heels in love with a guy, it had turn out as a huge disappointment.     Now, I was not only seen as an i***t by my mates but also as an embarrassment to my father. He must detest me now. Out of all his children, I had been his most-loved and he had bragged and boasted to all his mafia friends about his perfect daughter.    Hmm, I guess I wasn't so perfect after all.      Regardless, that wasn't the time to think about my father's shame. I had to consider myself and the new being growing in me. To hell with anyone who would try to convince me to do away with the child as I was sure as hell not doing that. It wasn't my child's fault that his or her father happened to be a jerk. The fault had to go to me for not seeing Adrian for who he had truly been... A f*cking liar. A pretentious cheating scum.     The door of the hospital ward opened and my father walked in, his bodyguards positioned at the entrance of the room.     His tall and intimidating figure hovered above me as he glared at me like a vulture staring at dead meat.     "Father," I said, completely flushed with embarrassment.     He held his hand up. "Don't call me that."    My eyes stung as warm tears welled up in my eyelids.     He shifted his gaze from me and looked at the floor instead. "Why, Lisa?"     I had never seen my father so emotional and I was certain that he was trying his best to be strong.     Unfortunately, I had no reasonable nor comforting answer. So, I went for the truth, despite how foolish it was. "I loved him, father." A heavy tear drop escaped my eyes and I quickly wiped it away before my father could see it, if there was one thing my father hated, it was displaying weakness.     I couldn't afford to show weakness as it would only add salt to his wounds.     "You loved him?" He scoffed. "You, foolish girl!"      "I'm so sorry." I said, reaching out to hold him but he pulled away. "I messed up so bad."     "Mantén tus disculpas para ti mismo!!" He yelled, slamming his fisted hands on a polished cabinet which now had a visible c***k on it. "You got yourself into this mess, so fix it. Till then, don't ever call me your father. And that bastard you are carrying isn't a member of my family."    "Alright," I said, giving up on defending myself. "So be it."    Breathing heavily, he turned around and began walking away.    "But father, I want you to know that I'm truly sorry for disappointing you and for bringing shame to our family." I said, struggling with my troubled emotions. "I am sorry."    He stayed put for a moment and then stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.     "May God not fail to punish you, Adrian." I cursed under my breath.    The room's door opened again and my elder brother, Andrea walked in.     He sat on the only chair in the room and crossed his legs sedately. Loosening the button on his raven black suit, the shiny revolver tucked in his jacket came into view.     I chuckled as a tear fell freely from my tired eyes. "Don't tell me you're here to kill me."      The hard frown on his face didn't alter.    "So what are you waiting for?" I asked. "Shoot me, I totally deserve it. Shoot me, Andrea!!"      He rose up from the chair, pulled the gun from his jacket and to my surprise, he gave it to me.     "What!!" I exclaimed.   "Kill that bastard when he shows up." Andrea said, vibrating in anger.      "But-t..." I began.  He cut me short. "But what? Do you still have feelings for him?"    I swallowed hard. "Uhm..."    He shook his head in disappointment. "You're even more stupid that I thought."     I wiped the tears on my pale cheeks. "I don't want to, but... I can't help myself."     The scowl on his face softened as he let out a sigh. "No matter how you feel for him, you should know that the only way to get your life back is to kill that bastard. If you do so, father will forgive all your sins and I too."   I remained mute.   He patted the gun in my hand and smiled. "He deserves it anyway so kill that bastard."    He walked out of the room and left me suffocating in my thoughts.    I hated Adrian, but could I actually kill him? Could I raise this gun and kill the man I had fallen head over heels about four months ago. A man who I had trusted more than anyone, could I kill him?    Yes, I could. He had betrayed me, disappointed me and shamed me and my family. He deserved it.      I rested back on the bed, clutching the revolver to my chest while I cried to sleep.                                       
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