Just for him

friends to lovers

"Everyone has something to say about me, whether it's that I'm nothing but a slut or that I am only after the money, I'm not any of those things. But I'll be a slut, just for you."

Jane is striving hard to make ends meet but she meets something deeper, and it comes with a big c**k too. The only problem standing in her way? He's her boss and she has a boyfriend.

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"f**k me harder, daddy." I moaned, gasping as my boyfriend rammed his c**k into me, thrusting in and out. "I'm coming." I cried, feeling at peak pressure. We released at the same time and he went into me at least two more times before lying on the bed beside me. I attempted to get up to my feet, but he held my hand back, "where are you going Jane?" "To clean up." I furrowed my eyebrows at him. "But we just got started, come on, wait another round with me." He whined but I only shook my head at him. "I have to go to work, I shouldn't be late again." I stood up anyways, heading into the bathroom and ignoring all his calls for me. I rushed my bathe and went back into the room to put on a white floral gown, packing my brown hair into a bun on top of my head. "You barely spend any time with me." He complained. "Don't start with me this morning Dan." I tried to hold back from frowning, "I'm not leaving you to hang out with random anybodies, I'm going to work." I couldn't believe his lazy ass was complaining when I was the only one working to provide for us. "It's barely eight o' clock." He argued, still lying there lazily. "Well unlike you, some men leave their homes very early to work and they need someone to watch their children, I get paid to do that, I'll talk to you later Dan." I frowned and walked out of the room. He had pushed the words out of my mouth in the first place. I took a taxi and headed for the house I'd be babysitting at today. * "You must be Jane." A blonde man that looked like he must be a body builder said when he opened the door for me. "I am." I nodded, trying not to be distracted by all the tattoos he had on his body. "Come in." He let me in and I widened my eyes at how much of a mess had been created here. His daughter was sitting in front of the television, not caring about my presence. "I'm Frank." He introduced himself as if I'd not found out about him before taking the job to babysit his daughter. "I usually work till late at night but my sister will be here by seven thirty to take over so you can leave by then." He said and I nodded in understanding, glad about that because I had my shift at the bar where I performed tonight. Frank gave me a list of things to do and not to do with his twelve year old and said his goodbyes after introducing us to each other. "So, what do you want to do." I asked the girl when we were finally alone. "Leave me alone." She glared at me and stormed upstairs to her room. "Alright." I shrugged to myself, "as long as you don't break anything or hurt yourself in there." I called behind her, not really caring that she didn't want to interact with me, I didn't like children anyways. I settled down to clean the room even though it wasn't a part of what I was being paid for. There were a few texts from Dan apologizing shout his behaviour from earlier and that was expected because he was dependent on me for money and living. Ever since he lost his job, he was more of a burden than a blessing but he had no one else to go to. I made lunch after cleaning their house and got Frank's daughter to eat it forcefully. When it was almost seven, I began to check my phone to see if there would be any texts from any stranger that wanted me to open the door. The bar I performed at was only two streets away but I still needed time to change. "Are you my dad's new girlfriend?" Frank's daughter, Bianca spoke to me for the first time. "I'm not." I quickly shunned her. While I would like to be with a man that looked like Frank, I was still with my boyfriend and I wasn't the type to cheat. A knock came on the door and a plus sized woman walked in. "Aunt Celine." Bianca shouted in joy, "I'm so glad you're here." She hurried to her side. "You must be Frank's sister." I shook hands with her, wanting to leave as soon as possible. "Yes I am. Frank's told me about you, was she too much stress?" She raised an eyebrow, patting Bianca's head. I shook my head, "I'll see her tomorrow." I said and left, hastening my steps as I went to the bar. I changed my clothes backstage putting on my fishnet leggings over my panties and wearing my black bra that only covered my n*****s from view. There was a cheering sound from the audience when I showed up. I took the dildo waiting for me on the chair and began to suck on it, mimicking a blow job, knowing exactly what the crowd wanted. I swung my hair over my shoulder and began to twerk to the beat of the sound, cupping my boobs in my hands and making flirty expressions. The men went wild but it was an all see no touch program. I continued to perform an hour, earning the most of tips. When it was time for the next performer to come on the stage, I headed backstage to put my clothes back on and receive my money from my boss. I'd made a total of one thousand, two hundred dollars tonight and that made me feel like the luckiest woman alive. I was going to wave a taxi over when a man in front of the bar stopped me with his deep voice. "Nice performance." I looked over my shoulder to see Frank standing there with his hands stuffed into his pocket.

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