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"Shit." I widened my eyes. I would normally not care but even though dancing got me so much money, I needed the extra cash from babysitting and Frank just saw everything I did. I felt the heat rush to my cheeks. Without thinking twice, I waved a taxi over and got in not uttering any words to him. I'd seen him as the type of man to want to go home to his daughter with every chance he had. Why was he here tonight? * I got home to find Dan in the kitchen, making dinner. "Hey baby." He called with a smirk. He was shirtless and wearing his tight green boxers. That was his way of telling me he wanted to f**k me soon. I groaned internally because I was exhausted from today's work and just wanted nothing but to lay in bed. "Hi." I picked a chicken nugget piece from a black tray and munched on it. My house was a one bedroom but I shared it with him even though I covered all the bills and living in New  York, rent was hell. But it didn't matter because Dan treated me so well when he had the money for it. He held my waist and pulled me closer, kissing the nape of my neck, "how was work today?" "Fine for the most of it, I-" I traced off because his lips had gone down to my boobs and he was now kissing my n*****s. "Dan," I backed away a little, "look, I just want dinner, a shower and rest. I still have to babysit Frank's daughter until he can find someone else to watch her full time." "So what? You're a nanny now?" Dan scoffed at me, banging his hand against my marble counter. "First you dance naked for all these men like a damn slut, now you won't even let me f**k you because of some b***h whose house you have to work like a maid!" He was starting to raise his voice. He gripped my shoulders hard, "your body is f*****g mine okay, we are in a relationship and I can f**k you whenever the f**k I want." I tried not to flinch, "I've always babysat, this man is paying me way more than anyone else has ever, why won't you understand?" I closed my eyes and added, "and I do not dance naked, I'm a performer, they only watch me, they can't touch me." "f**k that shit." He snapped. "You're hurting my shoulders, let go." I glared at him and he took a deep breath before agreeing to. "I'm going to bed, have dinner by yourself." I announced and stormed into the room, ignoring his calls for me and my grumbling stomach. I buried myself under my sheets and cried to myself, first off my mom wouldn't talk to me because I chose not to go to college, Dan and my younger sister were the only family I had left at this point and he was making me feel this way. I had no idea when I cried myself to sleep. * The next day, Dan was out of the house before I woke up. I put on my most decent clothes, a blue sweatshirt and baggy jeans, leaving my hair down and wearing the most minimal make up when I made my way to Frank's house. I took a deep sigh in and knocked on the door. It took a minute but Bianca opened up and her face dropped into a frown when she saw me. "Who's it honey?" Frank called in the background. Bianca didn't respond, just stormed off, leaving the door open for me to walk in. Frank was in the kitchen, making coffee, without his shirt. His chest and torso were covered in tattoos as well and his jet black hair was in messy spiral curls around his head. His muscles distracted me but not as much as his black sweatpants did. I could feel my body tensing as I thought of how heavenly it would feel to lean against that hard chest. I shouldn't be thinking these things though, I have a goddamned boyfriend. "You're early." His deep voice made me flinch out of my thoughts. "Um yeah, I had some time on my hands so..." I didn't want to explain how I just wanted to escape the choking walls of my house. I hoped more than ever that he wouldn't bring up anything that had to do with me being at the bar last night. "It's good you're here, come, I want to show you something." His voice was authoritative, I wanted to bark yes sir after him. "What's that?" I raised an eyebrow, following behind him as he led me to the garden. My question was answered when I saw splashes of paint on his truck. "Fuck." I gasped. "This happened yesterday, under your watch." He studied me as if he was waiting for me to give him a proper explanation. "I tried okay? But your daughter I'm sorry is a f*****g lunatic, she's nothing like Dexter's son." Dexter was his friend whose child I'd babysat once and he had linked us up. "I pay you to take care of things in my absence, I don't expect-" he began to say but I cut him short. "I'll fix this okay?" I scanned the garden and my eyes landed on a hose, "look I'll hose it off, soak the paint up and then scrape it and everything is back to normal." I said, heading in the direction of the hose. "There is no need for-" he was arguing but I shook my head, adamant and not caring to listen. "I insist." I said. I tripped on what resembled a garden gnome and almost fell face flat until I held the object closest to me. As if the world was against me, it happened to be his crotch and I'd squeezed tight. Frank let out a growl of pain as my fingers rammed into his c**k through his sweatpants.
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