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"Fuck." I put my hand over my mouth while he held the area, his face going blank as he winced in pain. "I'm so sorry. s**t, you need to sit down." I tried to lead him back into the house but he was in too much pain to move. I slung his arm over my shoulder and he tried to resist but I pinned it down and left him back to the house. He was groaning and I just knew I'd lost my job. First, he'd seen me perform and now I was going to make him dickless. When he was seated on the couch, I looked around the room, "is there an ice pack or something I can use to make you feel better?" I sighed, "I'm really so sorry." "It's fine." He groaned the words out, "just leave me alone for a minute-" "Dad?" Bianca came downstairs and looked at us. "What have you done to him?" She snapped at me, noticing the look of pain on Frank's face. "It's okay my love." Frank faked a smile, "excuse us for a moment, okay?" Bianca glared at him for a second before going back into her bedroom. "I'm really sorry." I sighed. "It's fine." He stood to his feet, "I'll be okay in a few minutes, don't worry about the paint, worry about watching her properly, don't let her do anything to hurt herself or my house. I'll go prepare for work." He left my presence and went into his bedroom to change. My phone beeped in my hand and I saw that it was a text from my boss at the bar. 'people loved your performance last night and want you on tonight again, will pay you five hundred dollars if you can spend one extra hour.' The text from her read. She knew I would never say money to extra cash. Frank came downstairs after a while and handed me two hundred dollars, "for the week. You'll only be around on Friday and that's it for this week." "Thanks." I nodded and put the money in my purse, feeling something lock in place in my chest as he turned to leave. "How's your um- How's..." I couldn't place the word right. "My d**k? It's fine." He shrugged and opened the door, "be careful." I didn't realise I was holding my breath until he was gone. This felt so wrong and I tried to snap out of it. It was okay to admire a fine man and Frank was definitely hot as hell, nothing more to it. "Bianca!" I called for his snake daughter, "come downstairs." "What do you want?" She snapped at me when she finally showed up. "What do you want to do?" I forced a smile, trying to get involved with her. The house was still clean from yesterday so there was really nothing left to do. "Nothing, leave me alone." She scoffed, sitting on a sofa and finding her hands across her chest. "Why don't you like me?" I sat beside her, "I'm just trying to help okay?" She didn't respond so I stood to my feet, "fine then but I'm still in charge here, you aren't leaving my side for one second okay?" * Once Frank's sister showed up, I hurried to the bar. Yvette was my stylist today and she was already waiting for me backstage with my costume for tonight. I didn't mind revealing clothes but even I thought this was extreme as I took the two set piece from her. "What? This thong can barely keep my p***y from view? Have you lost your mind?" "Not my problem, it's what I was ordered to give to you." She shrugged, "we can make it work." I heaved a sigh, strapping on the sleeveless pink starfish bra and putting the lace thong on. There were matching pink high heels with knee length straps waiting for me and I put them on. A make up artist winged my eyes heavily and caked my lips with bright red lipstick and gave me some gold bracelets, earrings and necklace. "You look like a f*****g goddess," she commented when she was done with me. "Thank you." I smiled at her. "And now we introduce, your favourite dancer, Jane Wilden." The announcer on stage called. "That's me." I smiled sheepishly. The other performers changing in the room were all glaring at me. They were just jealous because they paid for the body I had so effortlessly. I went on stage and the crowd went wild as always. This time around, there were three male dancers on stage. I was lost for a moment because I hadn't choreographed any of this but I couldn't show that. Why would my boss put me in such an uncomfortable position without letting me know first? As if it wasn't scary enough, I spotted Frank on a table right in front of me. The guys were in tight boxers and they were all so tan and muscular, they looked like the same person. The song started blaring from the speakers and one of them came in front of me, holding my waist and pulling me closer to him, we started to whine to the beat of the song and another dancer came behind me to join the rhythm. They gave me my solo performance, dancing behind me in unison. I did a full split and twerked hard. It was going fine until one of the dancers held me from behind and whispered in my ear, "twerk on me you whore." I forgot where I was for a moment, stood upright and slapped him across the face. There were unison gasps or yells of amusements blended as one sound and I stormed off the stage while the music kept going like nothing has just happened. I didn't bother to put my clothes on, just kept ignoring the calls from the other workers as I left the bar through the workers' exit. Once I was outside, I buried my face in my hands and started to cry. "What's wrong?" A deep voice I knew all too well called from behind me. I quickly wiped my face before turning to look at Frank. I couldn't hold his gaze. He took his jacket off and wrapped it around me. "Thanks." I forced a smile. "That guy up there, what did he say to you?" He frowned as if he could judge that it was the root of my problems. "It doesn't matter." I sighed at him. "If you still have time, should we get a drink?'" He asked me. "I know you're trying to be nice but it's okay you don't have to trouble yourself for my sake, it's fine really." I assured him. "No, I insist." I thought he looked like a god before but his smile was so heavenly, I couldn't hold it in, I returned the smile and nodded in response. We went into the bar but sat at the far end, watching the other performers. "I thought you were so good back there." He commented, breaking the silence that had ensued. "Thank you." He ordered a bottle of beer and I willingly took the first shot. I needed something to get all the troubling thoughts out of my system. "Why are you even here?" "A man needs to catch a break sometimes," he shrugged, "yesterday was my first time here." "Hm-hm." I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed. "I hope my daughter was not too much trouble today." He raised one eyebrow at me and I only shrugged in response. "Should I order another bottle? You keep gulping so much down at once, you look like you really need this." He said. "If you can." I nodded. I was starting to feel so much lighter and none of my problems seemed to exist to me anymore. Dan, my money issues, everything was gone. * I didn't know how much time had passed but I knew I wanted to throw up, maybe I did but my memory was hazy. "Frank." I remembered calling him as he lifted me in his arms for some reason. It was all darkening so fast, "you're hot as fuck." I said and leaned forward to plant a kiss on his lips.
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