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Juliet Wembley opened her eyes and realized that she had been reincarnated into the body of the main female lead of her most hated story ever! Romeo & Juliet.

She felt like strangling herself and dying again when she thought of the plot.

They think your stupid plot will hold me down? Dream on!'


Watch as Juliet kicks her dearly beloved Romeo to the curb and navigates her way through the strange world she finds herself in.

Die for the scum Romeo? Never!

Juliet felt very confident in her plans.

It was just that who could tell her why this world was so different from the Romeo and Juliet settings she was aware of?

Mages? Monsters? Holy Light Church?

Juliet couldn't help wondering if Shakespeare had gotten the story wrong when he made it.

And what was up with the Holy Light Battle Prince?

Why does he keep looking at her with love-struck eyes?

[Juliet]: Hello? I'm on a mission for survival here, okay?

[Prince]: Well... I'm also on a mission for survival too. So… without you, how can I live?


Juliet just wanted to cry.

Why did these men instantly link death and love together?

Did she look like Juliet Capulet to them?

She gritted her teeth and cursed angrily.

Dammit! The heavens were too unjust!

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Why Me?
Juliet opened her eyes and was utterly stunned by the sight before her. Eh? Where was she? The room she was in had beautifully crafted wooden chairs, dressers, paintings, rugs and also foot stools within it. As well as an elaborate white draping canopied bed at its center. The entire scene was indeed awe-striking, as everything looked like it had just been ripped out of some fantasy movie. But who would believe that? She was almost about to close her eyes again when she suddenly heard the unmistakable sounds of birds whispering away. No! This was too lifelike to be a dream… or did she finally die and come to heaven? If so, wasn't heaven a little bit of a disappointment here? Juliet's eyes flickered from shock and confusion when she struggled to understand her current predicament. Only after looking at her hands did she tremble in shock. Whose hands were this? It was definitely not hers. (°_°) Blink. Blink. Juliet didn't know whether to laugh or cry. It seems like she had transmigrated into the body of someone else. . Her, Juliet Wembley… was the last daughter of the famous Wembley family back on earth. Her family was super-wealthy, and they could afford to buy anything for her. But ironically, even though she had all the money in the world, she had still been bedridden on numerous hospital beds her entire life. Growing up, she never had fun or lived her life like the other children her age would. And the older she got, the worst things became. At the age of 26, she wasn't even allowed to have an ounce of fun due to the severity of her illness. Yup!! She had a one-of-a-kind illness that was reported to have never existed back on earth. So for sure, she became a lab rat for most of the doctors, scientists and researchers. Well… all this was just so that they could find her cure. But Juliet had never been genuinely optimistic about the matter. Deep within her soul, she knew that death was slowly creeping towards her direction. And the only reason she felt sad was when she thought about her family. They had invested billions into finding her cure, spending sleepless nights in endless sadness when they thought of her predicament. At least now that she was dead, she wouldn't be a burden to them anymore. Yeah, she had lived with them for 26 long years. And even during her death, she had still hoped and prayed that they would get over her soon. She loved them too much to see them fall into despair. A single tear rolled down her pale rosy cheeks when she thought of them. 'Mother…. Father… brother…. Thank you for taking care of me throughout these years.' . Juliet, who had been thinking of how much she would miss her family, suddenly froze when she felt a sharp protruding pain forcefully pierce through her head. Ahhhh!!! Instantly, memories that didn't belong to her began to submerge within her consciousness. I'll go! Wasn't this her family? The parents and family members of the original owner looked exactly like hers. "_" Erm... Would it be wrong if she said that she wanted her last goodbyes back? More than ever, Juliet was now very unwilling to become the original owner after assimilating the memories of this body.  F***! How could she be her? How could she be Juliet Capulet? Oh My God! Just kill ehr now! Juliet almost fainted in rage. Of all people to transmigrate into, why her? Why couldn't she have been reborn as someone else? Dammit!  The heavens were being too hateful towards her. One should know that as a 21st century girl, even though she had lived her entire life within the hospital, she still knew about the story of Romeo & Juliet. And yes. In her eyes, Juliet Capulet was an i***t!!! . She, who had been death bound and bedridden all her life, couldn't understand why people who could walk and run about freely, would make such stupid decisions and choose to end their lives so quickly over such a man. That's right. She had something against Romeo. Firstly, analyzing it from a logical point of view, the entire play starts with Romeo saying that he would crash his enemy's party just to see the love of his life, 'Rosaline.' And he said and swore it out so dramatically too. Ohhh!... But when he got to the party, what happened? He switched sides just because Juliet was prettier than Rosaline? Hmph! So how was that love? A man who could profess his undying love for another a few my it's ago, just switched up like that, and you expect her to believe it was love? Please! No matter how she looked at it, Romeo was definitely a scum man! And to make matters worse, from the story's plot-line, didn't he stalk her and end up jumping into her backyard as well? In addition, didn't he also try to climb up her balcony too? Hehehhehehe! Juliet sneered in disdain. She wasn't claiming to be any genius or something… But didn't all these things warrant for numerous lawsuits to be filed against the scum man? What if he actually got in and violated her and got away with it? What if he ended up k********g her too? What stupid were people talking about here? For all these reasons, apart from him being a scum man, he was also a stalker, a p*****t and who knows what else. . The more Juliet thought about it, the more she didn't feel safe in the room. She couldn't help taking this matter very seriously. 'Should I get iron bars across the balcony? What about getting more guards around?' Juliet looked at the balcony door further away and shivered even more. Lying trough. It seems like she had come into a world where criminals could just roam around freely. And now that she was Juliet, then wouldn't the plot force her to die too? Juliet couldn't help looking heavenwards dramatically with fake tears in her eyes. Oh my God! Why me? (:T∆T:)

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