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Nyx Noriega a cold, ruthless, handsome and affluent young bachelor living alone comfortably. Nyx doesnt know what love is, but adored by a lot of women and enjoys his life inspite of dangers but also admits that he himself is also a danger though. He hates the word trust because of some main reasons that made him enraged when he reminds about it.


Before Amira Madan met Nyx, her life is peaceful on their tribe. Enjoying herself helping less fortunate people and loves children a lot. Not until when Nyx entered into her life, unbelievable events came, revelations, and nightmare happened to her that she didn't expected. Simpleng tao lamang siya sa kanilang lugar kahit isa siyang prinsesa. She has this breathtaking beauty that everyone admires, purely innocent, smart, and a down to earth kind of person. But problems really challenged her for real, most especially to her and Nyx. Will she able to fight all of the difficulties that happenned to her or would she be lost and let her new life ruin her?


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PROLOGUE A LOUD SIGH escaped from Nyx when he almost broke the pen on his palm by just finishing another set of piled papers on his desk. Marami pa itong tatapusin dahil this month will be very busy because of some matters on his private life, and yeah of course that includes his mom's decisions and plans for his own life tsk. Habang patuloy ito sa pagpipirma ay bahagya itong napaangat ng tingin sa kaibigan na nakaupo sa kabilang sofa at inaasar siya nito ngayon. He just only give him death glare because that's the only thing Nyx can do right now and has no time to play any games. Bago pa man nito naibalik ang sarili sa pagpiperma ay nahagip ng kanyang atensyon ang puting folder sa kanang bahagi ng lamesa na kanina lang ay hinatid ng kanyang secretarya. Pelayo's case huh? Nyx set aside his papers that he was signing earlier and tempted to check the folder. His forehead suddenly creased by reading the content and drop the folder back on its place before he went back signing to his papers again. That man. He really wants to taste a hell kind of life did he? There are people who wanted to claim or stole your kind of life. And that's your money and everything, your opulence, and yeah it actually happenned right now. But just a lowkey kind of enemy is attacking him that's what he think. "Bud I know just for your butt's sake, you need a rest or vacation atleast. Akala ko ba sabi mo easy peasy lng si Pelayo sayo?" It was Darius who was freely sitting on the sofa near in the front desk of busy Nix, and laughing his ass off as if he's the owner Nyx let out a big sigh and drop his papers on his desk harshly reason why some papers on his table fly on the ground. "Damn it!" Hindi napigilan ni Nyx ang inis kaya niya muling tinignan ng masama ang kaibigan at ibinalik naman kaagad ang atensyon sa mga papel dahil sa wala naman itong naitutulong kung hindi ay kulitin siya. Pagkatapos basahin ang natapos niyang pinermahan na papel ay napagtantuan nitong kaugnay ito sa kasong ginawa ni Jester Pelayo na siyang kinainisan niya lalo. A sudden problem in one of his hotel. Coz there are some cheap goons of Pelayo that dimwit who ransacked his place for fuckin' sake. I know he's just jealous that fucktard. Such a destitute creature! Naputol siya sa kanyang pagiisip ng tapunan siya ng maliit na piraso ng papel ni Darius dahilan kung bakit ito napaangat ng tingin sa kaibigan at pinukulan ng masamang tingin "Just get out of my sight! Aguirre wala ka namang tulong hinayupak ka" Nyx hissed Tumayo si Darius sa kanyang kinauupuan at tinapunan ng pinaglalaruan niyang lapis kanina si Nyx pero mabilis naman itong nakaiwas "You fucker!..fine aalis rin naman talaga ako, ayaw ko pang maging baliw tulad mo" Nyx just shake his head after Darius left his office. Muli niyang ibinalik ang kanyang atensyon sa ginagawa..but again he can't focus anymore. His brain is just preoccupied not just because of the hotel ransack thing, it is also because of his mom. Planning something that just made him sigh out of exasperation. He admits that he's already at a very right age to get married. But hell hindi niya akalaing nanay niya pa talaga ang nakahanap ng mapapangasawa niya tsk. Sa kalagitnaan ng kanyang pag iisip ay biglang tumunog ang kanyang telepono na agad naman nitong sinagot. "What's the matter?" "Sir the plane ticket is now ready. You're bound to leave at 3 p.m this afternoon according to the schedule, and also the papers and cases of Mr. Jester Pelayo is already filed..any request Sir?" Filed? Who filed the case..the f**k? "Who filed the cases Iza? while the evidences are still here in me how is that even possible?" Kunot noo nitong tanong sa kanyang sekretarya "It's attorney Aguirre sir" His brows went into straight line and rolled his eyes when he almost forgot that Darius is a goddamn lawyer. I mean not just a lawyer but a top and nasty lawyer that you'll ever met in your life. His eyes went to the floor and scanned the papers that just dropped earlier and just remember that Aguirre pick some of it and bring it with him. Why is it I didn't even notice that one. That motherfucking pakealamero. He dropped the call and cleaned his mess before he went out of his office still frowning like a madman. Natagpuan nalang niya ang kanyang sarili sa isang mamahaling night club na pagmamayari rin ng isa sa mga kaibigan niya at doon hinanap si Darius. "Bud! wazzu--" naputol sa pagsalita ang lalaking puro tatoo sa kanang kamay ng kwinelyuhan siya ni Nyx "Where's Aguirre!? That motherfucker stole my papers as if I can't do that on own!" Nyx spatted to the man infront of him It was Caleb Salvatore, the owner of this expensive night club, who is now confused and raised both of his hand and shook his head as if surrendering that he doesn't know a thing or anything. "Chill Nyx. I don't even know what's happening here. Damn you! let go of my collars!" Caleb hissed Nyx sighed and pushed his friend a little and massage his throbbing temples. I can't be like this again this is so irritating and frustrating at the same time Tinignan niya ulit ng masama ang isa pa niyang hinayupak na kaibigan na kuno hindi alam ang mga nangyayari. Caleb just raise his eyebrows while fixing his entangled collars. "You should be thankful to Aguirre instead of grunting like an i***t Noriega." Caleb hissed while shaking his head in disbelief. Mas lalong dumilim ang paningin nito sa kaibigan at napasuklay ang mga daliri sa kanyang buhok at napapikit sa kawalan. "You know that motherfucker Caleb! His charge is is unbelieveable and damn! I pray him to hell" Napangiwi naman si Caleb sa dahilan nito at muling napailing sa rason ng kaibigan. "Can you please calm down Nyx! You fucker. You're talking as if you don't have any golden bars and expensive stuffs for heaven's sake. Man nakalimutan mo bang Bilionaryo ka? Tanga to" He just snorted on what Caleb just spilled out about his richness. Kaya nga laging nasa peligro yung yaman niya nang dahil narin sa nasisilaw yung mga kalaban dito. But good thing they know where to place at kilala naman nila ang makakalaban nila kung sakaling may gagawin man sila sakanya for the hell I won't let them be. Pinili nitong manahimik at umupo sa counter table ng bar at umorder ng inumin tsaka niya itong nilagok at tumayo ulit handa ng makaalis dahil may flight pa ito mamaya papuntang Iloilo. "Save my payments Salvatore I have to go." sabay tapik sa balikat ni Caleb "Business?" Caleb asked. Nag kibit balikat lamang ito bilang pag sagot sa tanong sakanya. He is actually planning to visit his mom there. It's been a long time since he visited Iloilo and he is also planning to talk about the marriage thing. Hoping that it would be cancelled. HOURS HAD PASSED he is now inside the public plane. He has a private plane but he chose not to use it since he just wanted a simple ride. 'Ladies and gentlemen, please be seated. Our flight is ready for departure. the flight attendant reads after the boarding door has been closed.' Nyx opened his eyes when he heard the announcement of the head FA for the sudden departure. 'Flight attendants, prepare doors for departure and cross check. The last call of FA before the plane already arrive." Nyx raised his other brow and suddenly his eyes scanned inside the plane Somethings wrong.. He just noticed that there are only few passengers and all of them are silent. This is unsual for him. "Fuck." He cursed under his breath. He's not scared for himself. What he's thinking right now is that his mom and her safety! Nyx checked the signal on his phone and thanked that they're still on the ground, buti nalang may signal. He send private message to their household head security in Iloilo to tighten up the security also not to let his mom know about him. He then decided to put down his phone. He didn't also want to put his friends in trouble so Nyx decided not to text one of them. "What the hell are they planning. This animals!" again he silently mumbled and thinking for a plan to escape. Escape? What the hell Nyx what are you planning? To jump off the plane? Studpid. He had to think for a plan to escape here. But in the end he just decided to just wait for the plane to take off. Imagine 20 strangers versus him? he sighed and then looked at the front sit rows and felt someone is eyeing him. Sumandal ito na para bang walang pakealam at kunwari walang alam tsaka ito muling ipinikit ang mata para makapag isip isip. "Mom, please be safe." he silently uttered. He loves his mom. Hindi niya alam kung ano ang kaya niyang magawa pag may masamang mangyari sa ina nito. His dad died and Nyx is just 16 years old when he witnessed how his dad brutally killed by his own friend who betrayed him. But before his dad died, he made him promise to take care and protect his mom no matter what and even his dad didn't request it, he's still doing it. Still pretending sleeping until he felt the plane landed. Minutes passed and he began to move sideways to check his wristwatch and then outside if where he is. Good thing that its still 5 pm in the afternoon. The plane is still running and when it is already near the airport, he was surprised on where he was right now. Laguindingan Airport? What the hell am I doing here on Cagayan? Nang tuluyan nang huminto ang eroplano ay normal itong tumayo sa kanyang kinuupuan at kunwaring walang may napansin na iba tsaka siya naglakad patungong labasan pero bago paman ito maka hakbang palabas ay hinarang siya nito ng dalawang naka itim na lalaki habang nakatutok ang dalawang baril sa bawat tagiliran niya. But he just put both of his hands inside of his pockets and glared both the animal who tried to block his way out. "How dare you point your f*****g guns on me" said Nyx in a stoic tone Bago paman ito makapag salita muli ay nakarinig ito ng palakpak mula sa kanyang likuran at halakhak ng isa sa pinaka kinasusuklaman niyang nilalang. Nilalang hayop para sakanya. "Saan kaya aabot ang angas mo Noriega?" Tanong ng lalaki sa kanyang likuran. Walang pag aalinlangang hinarap niya ito at pinukol ng matalim na titig. Fucking Lucien Alarie!..ano nanaman ba ang kailangan ng hayop na to? Nyx exaggeratedly stepped forward and felt the guns tightened that just made him smirk and still calm. He's not even scared with this weaklings how pathetic. All of them versus him? not so unfair huh? "You want my money right? Why don't you just come to my office and ask for it Lucien? you coward. May pa ganito ka pang nalalaman tsk." asar nito kay Lucien Lucien just shrugged at him. Tumalikod ito sakanya at nag lakad ng pabalik balik habang nakayuko ang ulo sa sahig na para bang may iniisip na malalim tsaka ito muling humarap sa kanya. Lucien then snap his fingers while smirking and faced him. "I can do that of course Nyx. But I find this kind of set up more interesting than your suggestion." taas kilay na sagot sa kanya ni Lucien. He looked at him flatly "i***t. I can't imagine that your mind is still not developing." he spatted. Pinukol naman siya ng masamang tingin nito tsaka ito bumunot ng baril sa isang kasama at itinutok sakanya. Nyx is still calm even in that kind of situation. Kaya sa sobrang inip rin nito sa mga ganap ngayon ay walang kahirap hirap niyang inagaw ang baril sa isang kasamahan ni Lucien na tumutok ng baril sa kanyang tagiliran at pinatumba iyon tsaka iyong isang nasa kaliwa rin. Muli itong humarap ng mabilis at itinutok rin ang baril kay Lucien. But the remaining deciples of this animal became alert that almost all of them point their gun at him. "Friends don't do this Nyx right?" Asar na sabi ni Lucien na ngayon ay ibinaba ang baril at nameywang habang nakataas ang kaliwang kilay. "Friends? na hihibang ka na ba?" Nyx looked at him in disgust " What do you take me for Alarie? an i***t!?" Nyx slide release the gun in his hand as if ready to release the bullets to Lucien but only to know that the gun that he carries has no bullet inside that made him more livid. Lucien smirked "Now you think I'm that i***t?" This Fucker. Nyx started to attack Lucien but he suddenly felt the pain in his side neck when someone pricked him there "f**k!" He uttered when he felt the painful stung and the sudden drowsiness. His head is spinning right now for hell's sake! Sa condisyon niya ngayon ay sinusubukan niya paring labanan ang pagkakaantok pero unti unti rin itong napaluhod wala sa oras pero gising parin ang diwa dahil nilalabanan niya ito. Don't you dare sleep Nyx! f**k! what's with this i***t!? I'm gonna kill him! Nakayuko ngayon ang ulo nito at pikit mulat ang mata para hindi ito makatulog pero masyadong malakas ang tama ng itinurok sa kanya. Kuyom ang mga kamao nito ng nag angat ito ng tingin kay Lucien na ngayon ay kampanteng nakapameywang sa harap niya "f**k you Alarie! I will surely break all your bones in your body and wait for it you moron!" He shouted until he dropped on the floor. But before he finally closed his eyes, he heard the last sentence of Lucien that made him more angry. "You're still nothing compared to me Noriega" Lucien said before he kicked Nyx and went away. NYX SLOWLY OPENNED HIS EYES and got conscious when he felt that his surrounding is moving and just realized that he's inside the ship with 4 armed men inside this big room. He looked at them one by one and cursed seeing them with a lot of weapons. I need to do something. Tumayo ito mula sa sahig at binalewala ang naka kadenang kamay sa likuran at iminuwestra ang katawan para harapin ang nasa malapit na pintuan, pero naging alerto naman silang lahat kaya ngayon ay nakatutok nanaman ang kanilang mga baril saakin. "Where's your Crazy boss?" Aniya at kunot noong tanong doon sa kanyang harapan na kuno ikalawang boss nila. "Bumalik ka sa pinangalingan mo kung ayaw mong makatikim ng bala!" Sabi nito nang mag paputok ito nga isang beses sa paanang banda niya pero ni hindi manlang na tinag sa ingay samantalang ang ibang kasamahan nito ay medyo nagulat pa sa putok na ginawa ng kanilang lider He glared coldly to the man in front of him at sa sobrang inis nito sa ginawa sa kanya ay kanya itong mabilis na tinadyakan ng napakalakas dahilan kung bakit ito napadpad sa malayong banda at natumba kasama ang mga natamaan nitong kasamahan. Nang makakuha ng pagkakataon ay kanya namang inatake ang mga natulala dahil sa pangyayari. Gamit lamang ang dalawang paa ay malakas na tadyak at sipa ang ginawa niya doon sa loob. As he continued fighting for his life there, he just lately noticed that someone is holding a pistol and shot him in his left arm that made him stop a bit and became more monstrous when someone did that to him. "You Bastard! Are you dreaming of hell do you!?" Nyx spat while induring the pain in his arms and give the man who shot him a powerful roundhouse kick until it got unconscious. No actually all of them got unconscious because of his lethal attacks. After that short time physical combat, Nyx snapped his neck left and right before he went to the leader whom he attacked first earlier that until now still sleeping with violet mark in his right eye where he kicked him. That serves you all motherfuckers hindi niyo kilala ang kinakalaban niyo mga tangina. He then reached the key in the upper pocket of the leader's cover all uniform backwards and easily opened the the locks. Wait for me Alarie I will definitely kill you this time! He stood up and looked at his injured arm but he ignored it. All he felt right now is numbness and thirst to kill Lucien himself as he immediately transcend the way out of that room and locked those bastards inside and to find his another crazy annoying foe. Nang makalabas ito, agad niyang ipinalibot ang kanyang tingin sa loob at tinignan kung may mga kalaban pang natitira pero wala na itong marinig kahit ni isa liban sa makina ng barkong sinasakyan niya. Hindi ito naniwala na wala nang tao roon kaya pinakiramdaman nitong mabuti. His instincts told him that there are still remaining enemies here inside so he went further and went near the taffrail of the boat to scan the insides of the old ship. But suddenly he heard a long range shot. And to his surprised he was shot. "f**k!" he was just hit tangentially but intended not to shot him fully in his arm again with a bullet and finally traced if were it came from. Away from him he saw a familiar figure. It's Lucien standing firmly with a smirked on the face while holding a sniper from a far. Akmang susugurin na sana niya ito pero muling nag pakawala ng bala si Lucien pero nakaiwas naman kaagad. Habang tumtakbo ay biglang may nakabangaan ito na siyang nakapag paatras sakanya mula sa pagkakatakbo. He was definitely shocked to the core when he saw someone unexpectedly and unbelievably and it was Caleb in front of him with a serious face pointing him a gun. What the hell is happening?! why is Caleb here? mag kasabwat ba sila ng gagong yun? what the f**k!? "What the hell are you doing here Salvatore? are you two accomplice?" tanong nito sa kaibigan pero imbes na sagutin ang tanong ay malaling pag hinga lamang ang natanggap nito sa kanya. He is more confused when Caleb throw his gun somewhere and positioned himself as if ready for a hand to hand combat. "No guns will do Noriegas" Anito at sinimulang sugurin siya nito ng marahas na atake. He tried to dodge but when he was hit harshly on his thigh, he suddenly gone mad and responded to Caleb's attack. He was strangled and that made him cough. Using his other unwounded arm, he elbowed Caleb and got his chance to kick him backwards right away to separate them both. "What the hell man! what's your problem!?" Nyx spat and hold his wounded arm that is aching "If you try to attack me again I'll definitely kill you this time!" Caleb just wiped the blood in his side lips and shook his head in response. A seconds of silence in between them before Caleb speaked again. "Come on bud..It's been a long time since we both fought like this" Caleb said that made Nyx frown. "Don't play with me Salvatore and don't you dare call me that. I'm not your friend anymore you f*****g traito--" Nyx didn't finish his word when he was shot on his arms again that made him drop on the ground in pain. "god damnit!" He hissed while writhing in pain. Caleb got stunned and faced Lucien with an angry expression "What the hell! Why did you shoot him!?" Sigaw ni Caleb kay Lucien. "He's a friend Lucien!" "As what I've said Salvatore show no mercy!" After Lucien say those words he immediately come near to Nyx and whispered to him "Indure it. I don't really regret what I did to you. That's what you earn from concluding everything tho you fucker!" and after that he felt his whole body splashed on water painfully . He heard Caleb's shout but it's too late because he sank already in midst of the sea and lost his consciousness.

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