Crimson Mate

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weak to strong

I have never understood why I'm not worthy. I have always respected all members of the Ruby Moon Pack. I even accept the horrible treatment of all the members, even the pups.. I only want to be happy. I want to be loved, protected.. I want my mate. I'll be 18 on the next full moon, hopefully He'll save me.. Hopefully he will take me away, away from all the abuse, the savage beatings, the unwanted physical contact.. Hopefully.. he'll want me. Who am I kidding? No one would want me. Eleanor, Ruby Moon's personal pet, their personal slave, their reluctant s*x toy.. their dirty, sorry orphan that was found abandoned. Hell, my parents didn't want me.. but maybe..

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Nightmare and Daydreams
Ellanore's POV What am I running from? I'm not sure but I have to keep moving! I'm afraid, my wolf, Mira, urges us to keep moving. Something is gaining in us. Faster, oh my goddess, I have to move faster.. What's happening to me? Everything's so heavy.. I can't move my arms!! Bang! I am jarred from my nightmare by the floors sweet embrace. I am tangled up in my sheet, the only thing permitted on my bed besides my hand me down pillow. I look up once my vision clears from hitting my head on the floor and the small wooded night stand next to my bed, and notice the time on my alarm clock. It's 3:54 am. It's always 3:54 am when I awaken from these nightmare. I used to have bad dreams every now and then but lately as I get closer to my 18th birthday, they Happen more often. Oh, well. Goddess only knows what it means. Like everyday I turn off my alarm, quietly make my bed with my sheet, followed by a very quick, cold shower, as I am only permitted hot showers on special occasions in the Omega bathroom. I change into my clean outfit which is a dingy white t shirt, and a pair of black pants, and hand wash the other set in the sink and hang them up to dry for tomorrow. I quickly make my way to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for all the members of the pack. We are a pretty large pack, with 70 members give it take. I know everyone by name, I am required to bow my head to everyone, and address them all by name. Failure to do so will be a beating, starvation, extra chores, no sleep privileges, or a combination or all of the above. I have seen alot of punishments. I have every stage and color of bruise on my body. I am 5'4" and I weight less then 100lbs. I am very skinny, not attractive skinny, but borderline sickly skinny. I do not get to recieve medical attention or even sympathy when someones hurt me to badly. I'm more of a thing than a person. I don't matter.. Today, I tell myself, is going to be a good day. Luna Marie and Alpha Bryce have been blessed with their first pup last night. Today I will prepare her favorites. Maybe, just maybe everyone will be kind to me. Maybe I will be permitted free time in the garden. Oh how I miss the sun... With that thought I start making her strawberry cream cheese filled French toast, bacon cooked to perfection, a fresh fruit medley of strawberries, pineapple and blueberries, and of course fresh biscuits and gravy with sausage patties, Fresh Squeezed orange juice, no pulp, and fresh brewed coffee with sweet cream. I made sure I made extra and set the tables up for the pack to come in and eat whatever they liked buffet style. I plated Luna and Alpha's breakfasts and beverages and delivered them to their rooms. "Ella, do you think we will get to run today?" " I sure hope so Mira, it's been ages. We need a good run" "Hopefully Luna and Alpha are in a good mood" "I hope so, the moon goddess blessed them last night with a little prince, so let's hope so. " I knocked on the door, "Luna, Alpha, I am here with your breakfast" " Enter" replied Alpha Bryce. I bowed as I entered their room. "Good morning, Luna, Alpha, I hope you slept well." "Why would you care how we rested? Hurry and leave the tray and be gone with you" replies Luna Marie. "Eleanor, your Luna is a little tired, long night last night, but your future Alpha is here and strong and healthy. " "Congratulation Luna, Alpha." I couldn't help myself, I stole a glance up. I looked at the new born in the Luna's arms. Before I realized what had happened I felt a very sharp hit across the face. "Who have you permission to look at your future Alpha? Who do you think you are? Get out of my sight!" I scurried away from my now angered Alpha. I was so frightened I accidently ran smack into his Beta Jay. "I'm so sorry!" I say through tears. "Not as sorry as your going to be!" With that I was shoved into a vacant room we use for special visitors. I fell to the floor. As I look up I hear the door lock. Not again.. "Here, now, on your knees" I knew better then to argue. I get down as instructed. "Open your mouth b***h!" I hate this. He unzips his pants and tells me to grab it. I do it. "Girl, you know what to do. Now do it!" I reluctantly start to lick the tip but it wasn't fast enough for him. He grabs my head and shoved the entire thing in my mouth. It hurts my throat as he thrust relentlessly in my mouth. I hate the taste of it.. I can't breathe. I start to cough. and have tears in my eyes. He stops. "Drop your pants!" he demands I'm scared. he has threatened to stick it in my lady parts before but hasn't. I beg him not to. He pushed me over and before I can push him off or ask him to stop he pushed my face into the bed and shoved his entire member into my ass! I'm screaming, but it's muffled in the covers as if any would help. I pray he stops and I feel him trust real hard and I know he finished in me. He gets off me and looks at me. "Next time I will have you. I will be the first to test that p***y of yours. " I'm in shock. I'm ashamed. I know I had no choice but I want my mate to be my first. I stay in the room and calm down for a few minutes. Once I'm able I head out to start my chores. The rest of the day was eventless, just excited news for the future Alpha. As expected I didn't get to go for a run, I never got to leave the pack house. I finished my chores about 9pm. I'm sure but I'll be healed in the morning, one perk of being a wolf. I pray to the moon goddess to send me my mate, to save me. I lay in my cold bed, chilled by the late fall air and wrap myself in my sheet. "Good night Mira" "Night Ella." Under the dim light of the fall moon we fall asleep, dreading what tomorrow could bring.

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