My Possessive CEO


With the death of her parents, and the exhaustion of her part time job, Sarah decided on getting a job as a secretary for the CEO of a worldwide known company. What she didn't know was that her boss would turn out to be America's most eligible bachelor, and one of New York's most known player.

Damien Reaves is one of the most powerful man, and CEO anyone could ever come across. He is known for his excellent bussiness managing skills, his charming looks, not to mention his skills in bed, and his continuous list of women. But he is also cold hearted and arrogant.

When a short woman, with a fiery attitude step foot in his office for an interview, he couldn't help it, but to have a possessive feeling over her, wanting her all to himself, making sure no one else could have her.

Now Sarah finds herself trapped in an invisible cage of emotions, feelings, lust and love, all because of her new boss, and his possessive hold on her.

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Chapter 1- "No way"
*Sarah's pnt. of view* I woke up to the sound of my alarm, and realized what day it was. I quickly jumped out of bed, and hurried to the bathroom to get ready because I only had one hour left to get ready. I followed through with my morning routine, and went to my closet, deciding on a brown pencil skirt, a pink blouse, with a brown jacket. I then hurried back to the bathroom, and looked at my reflection, I decided on just applying mascara, eye liner, and chap stick. I looked at the clock, and cursed myself because I only had 30 minutes to get to my interview, and I couldn't risk being late. I dashed out of my apartment, and quickly hailing a cab. I provided the address, and payment on spot because I didn't need any delays, whatsoever. When I entered the lobby, the receptionist sized me from head to toe, sending me a mean look that I instantly brush off. I flashed her a fake smile and said "hello, what floor will the interview be taking place? " She scoffed at me and said "top floor." "Thank you." I replied with a tight smile, guess someone woke up on the wrong side of their bed today. I stepped into the elevator and pressed the button with the highest number, and waited patiently for the elevator to reach my destination, yet, the higher the numbers went, the faster my heart began to run. When the door opened, I was once again met with another receptionist except this one smiled at me genuinely. "Hi, I'm guessing you're here for the interview, just take a seat among the others, and good luck." Spoke the receptionist, as she ushered me to a waiting room, with a kind smile. "Thank you. " I smiled. I arrived at what seem to be a waiting area, filled with girls, all dressed in tight short skirts, blouses that reveal a bit too much, and all caked up with make up. I thought this was an interview, not who can dress as the sluttiest secretary. Guess I was the only one who received the memo. As we waited, each of the women in the room were sizing each other, as if noticing the competition, I couldn't help but smirk at the snarky looks sent my way. Every 20 minutes a girl would be called into the office with a smile and they each came out looking either flustered, pissed off, embarrassed, or in a daze, and some were just rude. The number of the women, narrowed down, each 20 minutes, until it was only me, and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. "Ms. Sarah? " called out the receptionist from earlier. "Yes." I answered, waking up from my daze. "He's ready for you." Explained the receptionist, with a small smile. "Ok." I replied, than quickly added, "Thank you." I picked up my purse, and headed towards the double doors, before I opened it, out of respect I knocked. "Come in." A deep voice barked from the other side, causing me to pause for a moment. I drew in a deep breath and quickly opened the door, I scurried into the doorway, and quickly closed it. I turned around, and my breath got caught in my throat. I found myself face to face with none other than Damien Reaves himself. Sitting in all his tall, handsome, mouth watering glory. Well ok I'm over exaggerating, but he is definitely something to see. I straightened myself up, and headed towards his desk, I sat down at the chair facing him, I handed him my portfolio, and placed my purse next to the chair, then I sat up straight, clapping my hands neatly on my knees. I looked up to find him staring over my portfolio. As he read it, I took the chance to shamelessly check him out. He had sandy blond hair, that reached his shoulders, and framed his face perfectly. He had a nice square jaw, five o'clock shadow, with nice plump pink lips, and some gorgeous hazel eyes. No wonder those other women dressed to impress. Damien is one of the most handsome bachelors available, and I can understand why they were sizing out competition, but they didn't have to size me out, I mean I have curly brown hair that reach my lower back, my round brown eyes are my most prized posession, I have nice plump lips, and decent body type with curves in all the right places, but my height makes people, especially men, underestimate me. "Ok" came his deep voice, that seem to snap me back to reality "tell me, what is your name?" He asked with a serious tone. Is he blind? I wondered, as I stared at the attractive man facing me. "Sarah." I replied curtly. "Your full name." He pressed. "Are you blind or just plain stupid?" I asked. "Excuse me ?" He replied, sounding more angry than surprised. " I mean my name is in fact printed on my resume, did you not see it or something ?" I stated, trying to keep myself from rolling my eyes. He chuckled then said "oh I saw it, but I want to here it from you. First, and last name." "Sarah Brew." I said, at the mention of my last name, my heart tightened, as memories tied with my name flooded in my mind, and I tried my best to block it because I needed to focus on this interview. "Well Sarah, it says here that you've had two part time jobs, which one you go fired from and the other you quit, both all together last week. Wanna tell me about that?" Shit! Why did he have to ask me that ? Oh well no point in lying. "Well sir, it's like this, see I had two jobs right ? And lately I've been fed up with my 1 annoying boss, and my other pervert of a boss. So boss 1, the annoying one fired me because I stabbed him, and boss 2, I kneed him in the balls, and quit right after, because he threatened to fire me if I didn't do the deed with him. Any questions ?" I finished with a smile. He looked at me bewildered then said, "No that'll be all. Well actually, be here tomorrow, by exactly 9:00 am, earlier is accepted, later than 9 Is unaccepted. Thank you, good night, and see you in the morning." He dismissed me. Umm ok then. "Thank you so much sir." I replied with a big smile, and exited, I waved at the nice receptionist. "See you tomorrow" She smiled, as I entered the elevator. Well, looks like I got the job, except I'll be working with a hot playboy, Damien Reaves, oh well, I can handle myself. With that thought I exited the building, and headed to my house.

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