Chosen For The War God In Isolation


After the war that took place, the god of war, who is known for winning any battle fought, went into isolation after he ended up with anger killing the most important person in his life, his sister, to stop the range in him from unleashing his might on some innocent people.

He never had the intention of harming anyone, but a powerful god that can manipulate the mind was able to use him in unleashing his anger; everyone despises him for trying to take innocent life instead of fighting for them; his sister paid the sacrifice just for him to get back his self and to block the manipulative god from his mind.

He has been in isolation for year's, and everyone thought he was dead and slowly forgot about him being their war god.

The Manipulative god is still searching for the War god chosen bride who can bring him out of the place no one knew about finishing his task and killing the bride in the process.

Now, who is the chosen bride for the war god in isolation?

Will the manipulative god we have no idea about find her and carry out his plan?

Will the chosen bride be ready to accept her fate?

Lastly, what if she finds him but refuses to leave his isolation to save the very people who never wanted him again?

Too many questions going on in your mind, right, well let's find out as the story proceeds.

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A New Suitor
      Writer pov In the early days, the different god, seen in the human flesh, was mighty and did all they can to prevent their subjects from evil. They never had a powerful one to fight a war for them, not until Zeus gifted a god name Ella a brave and strong daughter called Ariel. She had the powers in her hands to stop any calamity and possesses the power of wisdom, but still, not all war was she able to conquer.  Ella got pregnant the second time, but many things happened during this period that her lover Aaron, the god of wind, had to stop her from coming outside the walls. She grew this temper and anger always, ready to unleash her wrath when provoked, no matter how minor the issue is. This was unlike her; her powers can harm the people because she grew excess capabilities as the baby In her womb started growing, the more he grows, the angrier she gets that Aaron had no option than to chain her with his daughter and his power together why they invited the god of eyes. The god of eyes checking on her told them what gift they were blessed with, "The child Ella carries in her womb is indeed mighty, none like him, dangerous as well, a god that was once forgotten for his anger has blessed her with a gift, when he is born, he will win all battles, and no one can ever stop him neither will he lose battles. He will make a mistake in the future with this same anger, Ariel will die to save him, but an unknown god that I can't even see his plan will want such powers to go into exile. A bride needs to be chosen by Ariel in her dying breath as a human for him; only her can be his calmness and strength, choose wisely, Ariel, with your wisdom, for if your choice is right, he will return from isolation to fight out the evil god." It was time for Ella to deliver, terrible lighting took place, all humans had to be indoor for they thought it was about rainy. She bore a son who looks cute and innocent; Aaron was told to hit his love when the child was taken to see the baby's reaction. The baby's eyes were reddish in anger, also had lightings, and the sister had to calm him down. At age 15, Travis grew very angry when he noticed his mother Ella got worried about the attack of their people and how they won't fight, for they know losing the battle will always take place. He grew furious and attacked the enemies and defeated them all, and Ariel, hearing this was proud of her brother, and they all named him the " War god," and Zeus gifting him a sword. Since then, he fought all wars and always ended up winning. Some were able to relate his traits of anger to the god of Hermes that was known for range and anger as well, who also got blessed by Zeus. After the departure of Travis's parents to their immortal world, Ariel was left to direct his brother's part. Till the faithful day, he killed his sister, and Ariel chooses a bride immediately with her powers as the god of eyes instructed. She cried for she knows her brother will turn his back and be in isolation for good, but she hopes the bride she chooses will find him quickly before he forgets who he is. She detected a manipulative god in her brother's mind, she would have survived, but she sacrifices her human self in the process to make sure she got rid of the manipulation in his mind with her last strength, for Trevor to be himself. Trevor was back to himself, seeing his sister lifeless with his sword; he cried in pain; she is the most important thing he got in life. Many people wanted him out for good, and he decided to leave without turning back or listening to Zeus despite the signals he got. He kept on walking till he felt he was far away from everyone; he went into isolation and kept on mourning his sister for years. People gradually forgot about him being their war god; some thought he was dead. Still, few years after his departure, the people were back in s*****y and ruled by the manipulative god that broke from prison in exile to take back everything the god has been protecting to be his subjects but desperately waiting in search for the war god chosen bride. * * A small village that lived in unity and harmony but had a crazy rule, every lady that turned 22 must get married; if she refuses, she will be f****d and be paired with a match. They believed this is the only way for them to increase rather than maidens to remain single for long. There was someone called Leah, a pretty damsel, she is as lovely as a flower, even some of the people call her flower. She is the most beautiful lady in the village, and everyone is gradually waiting for her to turn 22 for them to try their luck in becoming her husband. She has a close friend who everyone calls drunk for he behaves so stupid, and she wonders how possible it is for Leah to relate with him. His name is Lux.             Leah "A beautiful day it is, what a beauty it is..." she finished singing, and her friend Lux started clapping saying. " Amazing, beautiful," he continued clapping when she stopped him. "Enough, aren't you supposed to be with the men farming now?" she asked him with a frustrated face. " You know they don't want me around; they think I am abnormal; I decide to help my friend in any of her duty," he said, smiling foolishly. "OH damn, as if you can even lift a bowl, have this" I gave him some flowers as I continued humming my song, getting more flowers as Lux helps me in holding them, and I know he was getting bored already. He said to me," Aren't you excited? You are turning 22 soon." "What's there to be excited that I will be getting married?"   " Are you not excited, Leah," he asked trying to tickle me, and I yelled at him "I can't just get married to someone I don't know because of some stupid tradition; I am not getting married, and no one will force me until I have found true love and the one who loves me in return, then I can get married," I said to him demonstrating. "But still, you don't have feelings for anyone in the village, but I heard best friends end up together, you like me right, you can choose me, and I promise to be a good husband except you want them to force you to marry someone you might not even like." He boasted to me. I wouldn't say I like this village; when I turn 22, if I refuse and they still decide to force me into getting married, I am going to escape and never return until I found someone I truly love. I feel like crushing Lux now for even thinking I like him and reminding me I turn 22. I heard mom called my name and Lux said," Let's go; seems the delicious soup your mom prepared is ready."  "Lux, you disgust me; just keep your distance." Mom called again. I was shocked when I got told a suitor is here to ask for my hand in marriage. "Mom, I have not yet turned 22, and you are accepting a suitor already; I am going to give him a piece of my mind now." To be continued... Who do we think is Leah?. I hope she is not going to tear the suitor apart?. Please, your comments are critical; thank you.

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