Free Again

849 Words
Lucas is dead!" Albert continue mixing the French tea Peru made for him. He added a cube of sugar and stir. Then took a sip and nodded in satisfaction. While his guest pace worriedly in front of him. "I heard the news, it all over the internet. I knew he wouldn't last long, having a whole lot of weird and creep things in his house. What do you expect?" He replied his guest, his voice low and authoritative. "He did cause his death" Peru responded with a nod. “We warned him. Didn’t we?” “We did try our best.” Albert shrugged and chugged down the tea. “Getting to love the taste every time you made it.” Peru smiled and glanced round the house. "Is Linda home?" Albert lean into the chair sipping his coffee. "She has gone to the prison". Peru exhale, taking a seat close to him. “What do you want to talk about?” “I think he might be released anytime soon.” Albert dropped the cup, with his gaze fixed on him. “You have to do something about it, he gonna ruin you Albert...” he continued saying words as if it was an incantation. Whispering them in his ear. Albert Shut his eyes listening to the voice admits nodding to every word. “Now back to Lucas..” he leaned away, as if nothing happened a while ago. And they never had that conversation. “Lucas?” “Of course Albert...” he paused his lips and moved closer. “Haven’t you thought about what or who killed him.” Albert raised a brow at him. "He wasn't killed by any of those weird stuff but by someone.." he glance around again then lower his voice "A girl". Albert eyes dart to him. " which girl?" "The girl in his basement " Albert eyes grew wide. " The only problem is that we didn't get to see her face since her hair was covering them." "how on earth did she kill him?" " She tore his flesh with her fingers and dug them into his heart and pulled it out and...." “Enough Peru.” Albert looked away “The way she killed him, gave me creeps.” He rubbed his hands down his shoulders. "What if she comes for us?" Peru asked "What do you mean?" "I think she saw us that day in the basement with Lucas she might have heard what we said in the basement that's what am scared of" Albert rubbed his temple totally confused. “Give me another tea.” Peru nodded and stood up. Making another tea as he required. "And Anika?" "She's still missing". He buried his head on his palm. “She’s escape I think. She lost an eye.” “Here” He gave him the tea. He gulped it down at once and exhaled. "She’s mute right?” Peru returned to his seat. “Yeah, she can’t speak.” "That’s much to our advantage then.” He turned to Peru. “We’ll find her and kill her.” Peru eyes gleamed. "Kill her!" ****** Linda waited patiently till the prison door opened and he tread lazily towards her. She sprang on her feet her heels clicking on the floor, she pulled him in a tight hug. "Linda" he drawled. Pulled away from her and take his seat. "You should call me mom" she scolded with a eye roll. She sat, facing him. Smiling softly she reached out to him but he drew back from her reach. "Stop doing that" she reached out again trying to clasps her hands on his but he lean back. "Why are you here?" He questioned sounding as rude as he could be. She turn away, pulling out an handkerchief from her clutch bag and dabbed her eyes with it. "I brought you good news" she turn to face him. "Good news huh?" He puffed irritably. "I don't know why you keep doing this to me" "So what's the good news about" She sniff and blew her nose into the handkerchief. Staring at the stoic face he had on. Suddenly losing her confidence. " Linda" he taps his slender fingers on the table and paused his lips. "I am your mother" "Never said you weren't" he almost snapped at her. Linda look away and was welcomed by peering eyes which made her twitch uncomfortably in her seat. Then she turned to him. "The good news is, you're getting out of here" she announced and smile weakly at him. "Wwhat" he spurred. Linda nodded. Severally. "Linda" his voice was low and his face has fallen. "You have grown so much and I miss you" she wipe the tears that was streaming down her cheek with her thump. "It been five years" "I know.." she nodded again and lean closer. " That's why I hurried down here to tell you" "Linda" his voice quaver Eventually she clasped her hand over his giving it light squeeze. She smiled sweetly at him. "You're gonna be released!"
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