Silas Harrison's Ex-Wife.

second chance

Falling in love and marrying Silas Harrison was like a dream come true for Maria Wayne, but that dream comes crashing when he unexpected divorced her - leaving her miserable. Now after four years, a divorcee Maria working in two places to support herself and her father. Everything was already strenuous for her when her ex-husband and now her boss came back to her life. 

Things will get ugly,

The truth will be revealed,

Old sparks will come new.

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Chapter One
Maria Wayne THEN “The number you have dialed is not responding at the moment. Please try later.” I tsk and end the call yet again. I tossed the phone on the bed and leaned back. I sighed and stared at the coffered ceiling. I have been trying to reach Silas for more than two hours now but, he isn’t responding. I mashed my lips together and stood up on my feet. Something is off with him. Silas has changed – he doesn't act like the same man I married a year ago. He doesn’t talk much either – all he does is work. He comes late from office and then locks himself in the study room for hours. In the beginning, he was just a few hours late but, now – he hardly stays at home. It was two past thirty in the morning and he isn’t home yet. I am determined to talk to him tonight. For the past few weeks, Silas and I aren't communicating much. I have to talk to her before her clouds between us get thicker. I stepped out of my room and silently walked down the stairs. The only source of light was the big chandelier hanging up on the ceiling. Since it was really late – no one was in the house except for me. I shivered as my bare feet touched the cold floor. I grabbed my gown and clutched it tightly around my body. It was really cold in New York. I switched on the lamp that was resting on the side table beside the couch. I sat on the couch and let it sink me in. I folded my arms around my leg and covered my cold feet underneath the long gown. I sighed and rested my head on the couch. I closed my eyes and went down the memory lane. I remember it was the month of February when I got married. I chuckled as I remember how badly I was shivering in my white strapless wedding gown. I also remember how Silas offered me his coat when we were riding to our house. Our marriage will complete its first year in a couple of days. It feels like tomorrow when Silas and I got married. When I fell in love with Silas – I didn’t think that we will ever get married. I always used to think that when why a successful businessman would ever marry a girl – who is invisible to the world. But, our love was too strong to care about the social class differences. A small smile lit up on my face as I recalled the time when I met Silas for the first time. It was when I used to work at a café in Midtown Manhattan. I used to work as a server. It was honestly the best job that I had. It paid me well. It covered the expenses of all the household necessities. It was where all the rich people used to come. The environment of the café was pleasant. I first saw Silas during the second week of working there. He ordered something and I served him. He was the first people who smiled and thank me. Almost all the diners there wouldn’t even spare a glance at their servers but, Silas was different. I won't lie – I had a little crush on him when I first saw him. With his sea rover – blue eyes that sparkled with mirth over a friendly smile, manful gritty stubble, hawkish nose, half-dome cheekbones that sat above an oaken jaw, dashing personality and dishy physique – who wouldn’t drool a little over a man like that. But, the crush soon converted into love when I came to know the perfect looking man. His respecting and delightful nature made me fall for him. We first communicated through words after a week I noticed him. He would come almost every day, sit on the same table by the glassed wall and order the same spicy salmon with caramelized onions. That day, when he came – I acted a little over-efficient and brought him his usual order without asking him. He chuckled as he looked at the dish resting on his table. “I was in a mood of burger, actually.” His words made my cheeks burned from embarrassment. I gulped and lowered my gaze – I was too embarrassed to even look at him. I cursed myself for bringing out his order without his permission. “I am sorry, sir – I thought, uh – I am sorry.” I apologized to him. I lifted my gaze to look at him as I heard him chuckle. “Please, don't be sorry. It's okay.” He smiled. I frowned as I looked at him. “You – you are not going to complain about this to the manager?” I asked. He shook his head, “No. Why would I?” His reply made me smile, "Thank you, sir.” I honestly thought that he would complain about my over-efficiency to the manager but, he didn't. “Silas." He said. I knitted my brows together, “Sorry?” “My name is Silas and please call me by my name,” he said. That was our first verbal conversation. When he came the next day, I asked if he still needs a burger and he said yes. From that day on we would greet each other almost every day. We always exchanged smiles whenever our eyes meet or when he would catch me staring at him. One day, I didn’t go to work as my Papa was ill and he had no one with him to take care of him. After my elder brother, Leonard went to Afghanistan without even informing us – my Papa’s health worsens. He already blames himself for my mother’s death. He says that if he wouldn’t have left his job then – he would have enough money to save my mother’s life that passed away from cancer two years ago. When the next day I went back to work, my co-worker Denis told me that Silas was asking about me yesterday. When he came to the café that afternoon he asked me about my father’s wellbeing. “How did you know that I didn’t come to work yesterday because of my father?” I asked him. He smiled and pointed behind me. I twirled around to see, Aaron – another co-worker of mine serving food to the diners. I looked back around to see Silas smiling, “I may have bribed him to tell me.” He shrugged. I laughed, “You know that bribing is wrong, right?” I said to him. “Nothing is wrong when you are doing it for a right purpose.” He answered. My cheeks flushed. I mashed my lips together and smiled, “So, what would you like to have today?” I asked. Few weeks passed and Silas and I become great friends – maybe more than just friends but, none of us said anything to each other. We went out for a walk, we had a coffee together – nothing too fancy. When I was with him – I felt like he was a businessman. He was always very friendly, always cracking jokes and making me laugh. He was perfect in my eye. I remember it was mid-October when my Papa was again ill – like before I had to take off from work that day to take care of him. “You didn’t have to take off, Maria. I am okay.” Papa said to me as he coughed. I looked at him and he smiled. He always says that whenever I take off for him. “I will get you some soup,” I said to him. He sighed and nodded. I smiled and went into the kitchen to get some hot corn soup for my father when the doorbell rang. I left the spoon in the pot and wipe my hand from a towel before walking towards the door. I unlocked the door and opened it to be shocked. My eyes widened as I saw the person standing in front of me. “Oh thank God, after knocking three wrong doors – I finally found the right one.” Silas was a little out of breath. He had a fruit basket in his hand. I was surprised to see him at my apartment. I never thought I would ever see him standing at my doorstep. “Uh – what are you doing here, Silas?” I asked him bewilderedly. “And how did you know I live here?” I asked him. The corner of his eyes wrinkled, “I might have bribed someone again.” He said guiltily. I chuckled and shook my head. That was the first day he ever came to my apartment. He was there to see my father. He stayed for an hour before he left. After he left Papa started asking me questions about him. He was concerned as well as happy about me but, I was confused. What we really were? Good friends or something more than that? For me he was something special but, I wasn’t sure what I was for him. I snapped out of my thoughts as I heard footsteps. I sat straight and turned around to see Silas walking in with his head down. He looked tired and exhausted – it wasn’t new to see him like this. He has been like this for a couple of weeks. Whenever I ask him what the matter was, his reply is always the same. He is busy in the office. I stood up on my feet and walked towards him. He stopped and lifted his head up and met my eyes. I frowned as I stared back into his red shot eyes. “Silas?” I whispered and put my hand on his shoulder. What worried me the most was the reaction I got from him in return – he backed away. I gulped and tried to ignore the pang I felt in my heart, “Silas, what happened to you?” I asked him concernedly. His behavior was worrisome for me. He has been distant for a couple of weeks but, he has never behaved like this. “You.” He gritted out. “You happened to me.” He slurred. He was drunk – again. “What are you talking about, Silas?” He chuckled and walked nearer to me. He stopped just inches away from my face. There was a hint of alcohol in his breath. I crinkled my nose and took a step back. “How much did you drink, Silas?” I asked him and then looked at him from head to toe. Few buttons of his shirt were undone, his tie was missing and the cuffs were undone as well. His hair was messy and he had bags under his eyes. I frowned when I saw a bruise on his left cheek. I stepped closer and lightly brushed my thumb over the bruise, “What happened, Silas? How did this happen?” I asked him. He sneered and pushed my hand away from his face. “Don’t act so innocent.” He snapped. “You trapped me in your fake innocence once. I am not going to fall for it again.” He hollered. “What are you talking about, Silas?” I asked bewilderedly. “Why are you behaving like this?” I asked him. “I hate you so much.” He gritted out as his eyes filled with tears. I hate you so much. These five words were my worst nightmare. These five words were enough for my heart to drop in my guts. A tear escaped my eye, “You don’t mean it.” I said – more to make myself believe that this isn’t true. “I mean it.” He said. “God, I hate myself even more for loving you.” He yelled out. “Tell me? Why did you do it? What was it, huh? You didn’t enjoy the s*x or was it money? Wasn't I giving you enough money? Tell me, dammit! Why did you do it?!” he screamed. I closed my eyes. No, I wasn’t really. It is just a nightmare. Silas can’t talk to me like this – he can’t treat me like this-this isn’t real. This is just a nightmare. I reopened my eyes to see him glaring at me. I stared into his eyes. It all felt too real to be unreal. I was confused – why was he doing it? Why was he asking me such awful questions? “What did I do?” I whispered. He sniggered and shook his head, “Unbelievable. You are so unbelievable.” He said. I looked at him bewilderedly. He clenched his jaws and glared at me with so much hate. The same eyes that once looked at me lovingly were now staring me with so much hate. “Pack your bags and get your cheating self out of my house.” He said sourly. “Go to your lover – maybe he will be able to give you what I couldn’t give you.” He added. I don’t know how to describe the feeling I felt. I couldn’t express how hurt and shocked I was. My lover? Why is he saying that I cheated? – I wasn't sure how to react to him. I was numbed. After a few seconds of taking everything in – I dared to speak, “What are you talking about, Silas?” I asked him. “I didn’t cheat on you. I would never do that.” I said. “Please, Maria don't try to fool me again. I am never falling for your act again. This is it!" he said sharply. “From this day you are free. Free to be with anyone you want to be with. Free from this so-called relationship.” He told him – this time his tone was missing the sharpness from it. “I am leaving you. You were never meant to be mine.” That day Silas complete broke me.

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