Debt of Desire

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When Annabelle's father passes away, her life takes a dangerous turn. Hunted by a menacing loan shark, she makes a daring choice to save herself: becoming a servant to a wealthy man. Get ready to join Annabelle on her thrilling journey as she faces the challenges of her new life as a maid. It's a story that will keep you hooked from start to finish!

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Whoa... whoa... I heard this voice screaming, getting closer and closer while I hurried my steps. I quickly found a hiding spot in the dark and tried to peek out to see who was following me. I searched the neighborhood with my eyes, but there was no one in sight. As I stood up, brushing off my only office outfit, I suddenly spotted a shadow approaching me. I froze for a moment as the person finally spoke, "Hey, do you really think you can escape us forever? We'll always find you," the guy said, laughing like a maniac. I took a few steps back, counting in my mind, "1...2...3..." and then I made my escape. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, but sadly, I got hit on the head by something sharp, and everything went black for a minute. "What should we do with her now?" the first voice asked, but I was too weak to run away. "That's up to our boss to decide," the second voice concluded, as I felt a tight rope being wrapped around me. A little while later, they threw me into the trunk of a car, but I think I passed out before the car even started moving. So, after a few hours, I woke up to a bucket of water splashing on my face. Ouch, it hurt like crazy! I slowly opened my eyes, but everything was so blurry and I felt super dizzy. I had to close my eyes a couple more times before I could focus. Finally, I managed to open my eyes wide and saw this guy sitting with his back towards me. I couldn't see his face clearly, but there were two other dudes standing nearby. Then, one of them had the nerve to say, "Since your dad's gone, do you think our money will just disappear too?" Ugh, it made me so upset, and I couldn't help but burst into tears. I pleaded, "No, that's not true! I promise I'll pay you back, just give me some time." But the guy on my left chimed in, telling me to shut up and saying I've been making promises since last year. It was so frustrating! Then, this person who seemed like the boss finally spoke up and told the other guy to shut it. He came closer to me and asked, "How are you planning to pay if I let you go now?" He bent down real close to my face, and it gave me the creeps. I mustered up some courage and said, "I'll work my butt off and pay you back, I swear!" He laughed like it was some kind of joke and started pacing around. Finally, he walked back up to me and smacked me across the face. My hair fell in front of my eyes, and he grabbed it, forcing me to look at him. He asked, "Do I look like a joke to you?" I knew I had to be brave, so I said, "I'll do whatever you want, just please spare my life." But deep down, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was digging myself into an even deeper hole. "Wow...I like that. I have two options for you, so you can pay your loans, you can either sell your organs or go into slavery." "What?...I said looking a little bit disgusted by their demand." "Don't you have anyone to choose? then take her out of here? He told the two guys beside me." "No, please...I will go into slavery. I finally concluded left with no other choice as they all laughed." They made me sign some documents and took some videos of me agreeing with their request..."Inject her. The boss instructed as I felt a syringe injected around my neck." I felt dizzy and everywhere felt blurry as I finally dosed off?...

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