Book 3 - Romancing The Mafia ✔

second chance

Leo was disappointed with Emilie for finding her way back to her Russian Lover. He thought he had real feelings for her.

That all changed when Amber decided to slipped her way to his life one night, and took care of him after Emilie ditched him.

He noticed that he was instantly hard, as Amber yelled on her phone barking mad to the other line. Her poised stature, and her motherly attitude was making him confused. She was undressing him, to make him more comfortable. She act all non s****l, while giving him a real boner.

He thought he was drunk. Until he still felt the same way, the morning after.


Amber had too much on her plate. She never considered having a relationship with anyone anymore. Not since she was pregnant and left by her lover.

That's when her life revolves around her baby, her friends and her work. She's very loyal to all of them, she just couldn't and wouldn't be in a relationship anymore.

Steamy s*x, consentual s*x, all kind of s*x she loved. Just as long as there's no relationship involved. She learnt that the hard way.

Now that she had her life running on its course, would she risked it for what could be the love of her life?

Will Leo fight for her love?

Will Leo have more insecurities?

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This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order: 1. The Mafia Entanglement 2. Between the Mafias 3. Romancing the Mafia 4. The Mafia Bride 5. My Possessive Mafia Never in my life had I ever felt so worthless. Erick ditched me once I told him I was pregnant, and that he was going to be a father. Just like that, we had been together for three f*****g years. "Are you sure it's even mine?! Look I'm not ready for this, you said you're careful, and you're on the pills. I don't want to be responsible for your mistake Amber. Just do something about it. Look maybe we should stop seeing each other for a couple of weeks. Then we will see what will happen. I'm not ready for this..." That was his reply. I was devastated and teary, the hormones didn't help either. "Oh f**k you, Erick!! Get out! Get the f**k out of my apartment! Take your things and don't bother coming back! We are done! Find some other chick to f**k and playhouse with. I'm f*****g done with you!" I threw him a pillow. He was dodging it and quickly gathered his things, while he muttered crazy b***h. I was slumped to the bed. Crying my heart out, holding on to my belly. "We're good little one. It will be me and you now. We can do this. I will love you. We don't need anybody else." Two hours later, I moved out of my and bed finding all Erick's things were gone. He had moved out. Feeling the loneliness and the quietness of the apartment, I sighed. Walking across the living area, I went to the kitchen and started making my brunch. But before I could even manage finished cooking it, the foul smell of the battered eggs made me gagged. I ran to the bathroom, and pour out my morning tea. I cried holding onto the toilet seat and dropped myself to the bathroom floor. Wiping off my tears roughly, I slowly stood up. "We're doing this little baby. We're doing this. Please be good to mommy." I patted my still nonexistent baby bump. I finally managed to ate one whole sandwich. I smiled to myself and started opening my emails. Then I quickly showered, and get ready for work. I spent the next fifteen minutes looking at all the short skirts and short flimsy dresses I owned. "These were the things that got me into trouble. Definitely need to redo my wardrobe." I muttered and finally chosen my flower knee-length skirt that made my skin looked beautiful. Owning my own flower shop, meant that I have more work than others. The work started from my home, then it carried me as I answered all my emails, while walking to the shop two blocks away from my apartment. I know what people said about texting while walking. But it seemed like I need more than twenty-four hours in a day, to keep up with my work. The love of flowers came from grandma, she introduced me to gardening when I was little. Not that I love gardening, but I love flowers. I was not a girly girl, but I like the strength that it symbolizes. How they can grow beautifully, in the most unkempt area of the garden. "Morning Jane, yes I'm already on my way. I'll be there in twenty. Why don't you open up, and I'll bring us, our lattes." I hung up at my assistant. It has been a year that I had Jane as an assistant. The flower shop was growing, I was busier than ever. I managed to get contracts with several building management and wedding organizers. I had five workers under me already and was constantly on my phone. This baby was as much of a surprise to me, as to that f*****g dickhead Erick, that I cherished and loved for three years. I was suddenly teary, as I recalled all the time wasted for him. "Amber, one hot coffee latte and one hot earl grey tea latte. Your orders are up." I was brought back to reality, as the barista called out my name. I took our lattes and walked the rest of the block to the flower shop. My grandpa helped me out, with the start-up funds for the shop. I couldn't stop thanking him for that. But since my parents passed away in an accident, when I was a baby they were all I had. God! How am I going to explain my baby to them? They will be disappointed in me for sure. Opening the door to my shop, I plastered my sweetest smile I could conjure. But Jane saw right through me. "Oh my god...He f*****g left you didn't he? That stupid dickhead! s**t! Look, don't you worry boss. I got you. We got you. I will get all the boys to help out around here. You don't even have to lift a single flower. You just make sure that the baby is healthy." Jane was the assistant, that I actually liked. I had gone through several of them, in the last few years. I hired her, without any hesitation when I saw her bruises. I didn't ask her any questions and hired Jane right away. I kept on giving her assignments and kept her busy. One morning, after a week of working there. I finally offered her the loft above the shop for her to live in. When I found Jane sleeping in her old ford, outside the shop. Jane turned out to be a hardworking and loyal employee, and now she's moving up the ladder by being my non-judgemental friend. "Thank you Jane, and here's your coffee." I hugged her and wiped my tears away. "I will take all the help a could get. I just need to gather my courage, to tell my grandparents." "Oh honey, they love you to death. They would do anything for you. They will be surprised. But I'm guessing they will warm up to the idea of having a great-grandchild." Jane winked at me, making me laughed. Jane was right. By lunchtime, I mustered up the courage, and tell them about my pregnancy. They were actually showing more rage towards Erick, rather than scowling me for getting pregnant. "My sweet little daisy. I'm sorry you have to go through this without a partner. But we will help you. We will support you in any way we can." My grandma hugged me tightly in her arms. "Ron, honey. Why don't you take her to the porch? I'm preparing our tea and cookies." My grandpa gave me the warmest hug making me shed my tears. "I'm sorry grandpa. I'm sorry if I let you down." "Sshh... Now, Amber, this is not your fault. This was meant to be. God wants you to be blessed by this child. Now, your grandma and I will have the privilege to raise the baby with you." He gave me the sweetest smile and took me out to the porch, and talk about my baby days, making me laughed. 

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