Reincarnated Into the Forgotten Mate of the Alpha

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A New World
Looking outside seeing the rich pinks and purples across the evening skies reminding me that I am not in my world. The TV was on the news as background noise talking about the state of Illyria, I looked over to the large flat screen seeing a report about recent rogue attacks on the Clear Lake Wolf Pack. It had been a week since being brought into this novel, it was one of those cliche werewolf novels that you would read online, I had been reading it before I died. I remember finishing another 16 hour shift at the hospital even though I was already sick. I had taken more hours to fund my fiance's lifestyle. All I wanted was to keep him happy, I had never had a family or anyone to really care about me until him. That is what I had thought at least until I got to the house walking up the stairs and hearing the moans of him and a woman. “f**k, you’re so hot Arianna,” he groaned. I froze hearing that name, it was the name of my best friend. “Hotter than Lilith?” Her voice giggled. “Yes, baby,” he panted. “You know she is just our atm!” I didn’t bother to confront them, something I will always regret, but I instead went into the spare room, crawled into bed crying and just wanted to get my mind off of things and pulled open this novel. The problem? I wasn’t the main character. I was the forgotten mate of the Alpha; Elora Sparrow, who was only mentioned in one line of the novel. She was excommunicated to the far annex of the pack property when the Alpha found out they were mates. She was a slave from a long forgotten pack that never got mentioned. The Alpha never accepted her, but instead found a chosen mate which is the female lead in the novel. The only mention was how they found her dead in the winter of 2024 after being alone for 5 years. It was currently September 2023, I had a year until I died. I pulled out an old journal that had Elora’s slow descent into madness from loneliness. Letting out a soft sigh and writing out everything I had remembered from the book and how to get out of this mess. The annual fall ball was coming up and this is the time the Alpha introduces his chosen mate to the pack as their future Luna, and most welcome her with open arms due to just forgetting about Elora. That was a thing that was never really explained in the story, just how easily everyone forgot her. I peered around the room, it was well furnished and had plenty of supplies delivered once a month. Though I heard the wolves that deliver the supplies saying that they didn’t know for whom it is for and that many assume I am a witch. It was obvious whoever had the budget made sure Elora would have no room to complain about being mistreated even leaving a large sum of money yearly though it looks as if she never used it. If I wanted to survive I needed to get out of this house and out of this pack. I pulled on a pair of black tights with matching black skirts and an oversized blue cashmere sweater top and a pair of black boots. I sat in front of the mirror and smiled. Elora was a beautiful woman, soft pink lips with lavender eyes and silver hair that shined like the moon. I grabbed the debit card that was still in the envelope and activated it with the cell phone I found stored in a drawer. I didn’t know if this was going to be a story of fixing this character's life and then getting to go home or this is now my life and I have to make the best of it, either way I needed to make sure I didn’t die. I made my way out of the house and onto the path to the road. “Seline are you there?” I whispered. Seline was Elora’s wolf, since taking over her body I had not heard from her. I could feel a presence there, but she would not talk to me. It made sense I wasn’t the soul she was bonded to. “I’m going to get us through this Seline I promise.” The snow crunched under my boots, this world seemed to like the colder elements. Even fall had snow though the trees still had their beautiful autumn colors. I smiled while enjoying the environment of this world, it was lovely all around. I moved off to the side hearing the sound of cars coming up and then zooming past me before one of them stopped just a short distance ahead. My body tensed up, this would’ve been my first time interacting with someone from this world and I didn’t know how to act. The car was a matte black audi i10, it reversed up to me and the window rolled down. It revealed the Beta of the Scarlet Moon Park. His name was Nova, he has tawny skin with brilliant white hair and ice-blue eyes. He was a big man standing 6’3” with a lean build but powerful and daunting. “Y…Yes,” I looked at him and gave a polite smile. “ID?” He held out his hand. “I live in the house on the end there. I was just going into town to buy a dress,” I answered, not knowing the need for ID. “There isn’t anyone that lives there, I would know,” he chuckled. “Well, I do. Go check if you must. It's not locked, but I really must go if I want to make it back before dark.”

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