Heading Out on Vacation

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Melania's point of view– I'm looking forward to a great summer. My high school graduation is over. With all my friends, my parents take me camping. Please let me clarify, we don't camp out. Well, not all of us. For friends who need curling irons/straight irons and mirrors for makeup, they need a hotel. Guys like roughing it, and they can do that. All of us females stay in a charming hotel and the guys go to a nearby campground with lots of trees. Before going camping, I have errands to run. The first thing I need to do is go to the doctor. Considering I've been seeing the doctor with excruciating pain in my joints and bones for over two years, you would think I'm a hypochondriac. The doctors have run tests on me many times and asked me if my parents or anyone else had bone pain. Since I was adopted from an orphanage when I was a baby, I just shrug my shoulders. At least in the past, I saw a psychiatrist occasionally. When I was sixteen, I went to a quack who didn't help at all. As for my issues, I said I handled them and wasn't hearing my voice in my head anymore. It's not something I've ever told my friends; I don't want them to think I'm weird. Things would go from being trendy and athletic to weird and nasty. It's not happening. At the doctor's office, they ran tests on me again and told me they have no idea why I'm having these pains. As my crazy voice says, embrace the pain and become who you're supposed to be. The voice is weird and annoying, like I said. Right, but how's that supposed to work? I can show you how the voice answers. Response to myself: Not happening! As soon as I got back from the doctor's office in my beat-up Camaro, I opened the heavy door. The door had to be kicked open with my feet. After I hop out of the car, I run inside and grab my bags and bikinis; I'm excited about getting out of town and meeting some hot guys. Men here are built like Greek gods, my friends tell me. At the moment, I don't want a boyfriend. All I want is someone to take me to the movies and play in the pool with me. My life is planned. I'd like to become a veterinarian; I love wildlife like wolves, bears, and foxes. My life can't be slowed down by anyone. There will be no babies for me. Being a stay-at-home mom was great for my mom. As well as biological children, she had adopted kids. There were twelve of us in my family. The fact that my father is a nuclear scientist meant that my mom could stay at home and take care of us. When I walked up to the porch, I could smell Jessie. Yes, it's weird, but I have dominant senses. The people around me have a distinct smell to me, and I can hear a long way away. The smell of Jessie is like sweaty socks and coconut shampoo. I like his looks. He's not very smart, but he's great for kisses and movies. He's 6'2, has dark black hair, stormy blue eyes, broad shoulders, and plays football. Jessie walks up to me and places his empty arm around me, kissing me despite carrying a duffle bag. As a result, I pull away and tell him he's welcome at the campout, but we're just friends. Storming up the stairs and opening the door, I told him we weren't boyfriends and girlfriends. Our relationship started off fine, but then he suddenly became possessive when men talked to me; he kicked their butt, so I ended it. My problem is getting him to accept my wishes. Jessie is short for me, I'm 5'11, and I like guys in the 6'4 to 6'6 range. Though I'm on the La Crosse team, I'm the star player due to my speed and coordination. There's a nearby university where I'm going to camp. A scholarship came my way from La Crosse. There's nothing better than being near the woods and wildlife. What more could a girl ask for? Trying to fit everything into two family-sized vans that fit 10 people in each looks like a mess of scattered chaos. It was important to me that my parents put Jessie in the van I'm not in. After putting together my bags, I threw them next to the van. My dad and older brothers tied the luggage on the luggage racks. Happy to have my family in my life, my brothers are linebackers and stand in front of me to keep the attention away. I've never searched for my biological family because my family is the greatest blessing in my life. The pain in my bones and headaches never stops, and I have a constant nagging voice in my head. According to the therapists, I probably ended up in the orphanage because of traumatic circumstances. Those cuts and gashes were from someone who wanted me dead when they found me at 5 years old. Even my nightmares about that night are gone. I don't remember anything that happened to me that night. One of my earliest memories is hearing monitors beep in the hospital when I was five. As the other girls tried to drag me away from the van, I jumped in the front seat, calling shotgun. Considering I'm stronger than them all, I can't get pushed from the front. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard. Hope you have better luck next time. Then I squirt them with a small squirt gun I have in my pocket. Every morning, my mom makes sure we have orange juices. She puts herbal vitamins in to keep us healthy. I don't think any of us ever get sick, except maybe my dad occasionally. We don't get sick or injured, and if we do, we heal fast. It's possible dad doesn't take mom's orange juice like he should Once everyone gets in the vans, we start our adventure into a world of luxury for the girls and mosquitoes for the boys. They've got mosquito repellent on hand, thankfully. Even though it was a 10-hour drive, we didn't care. There were a few younger kids who moaned and kept stopping to go potty. I, however, am not. Swimming and hiking in the forest nearby were two of my favorite things to do. My gaze drifted dreamily out of my window as trees floated by. Having to stay near the hotel was a must since we were on a freeway in the forest. After scanning the trees and seeing deer peeking out from behind shrubs, I spotted something else; it was a Pure Black Wolf. Our eyes locked when the wolf looked at me. There was something so beautiful about him that I wanted to take him home. Following the van into the forest, I almost thought he understood what I was thinking. It's just me being crazy and I turn my head to see if we're at our destination. We turned down a road and there was the most beautiful hotel, shaped like a palace. Mother smiled and nodded. The valets park our cars, take our stuff to the two suites we reserved; the boys go to the campgrounds. I thought, "I'm going to love this." We had the valets park our cars and take our stuff to the suites. I got out of the car and heard that annoying voice asking me to investigate the trees. However, this time she didn't order me, so I turned around and saw that handsome wolf again. He had been following me, had he not? That thought was dismissed again, since there were a lot of chips and candy inside the van. The first thing I did was smile at the wolf and wave at it; I'm not sure why I did it, but I did. What surprised me even more was that it seemed to acknowledge my wave. Another reason not to settle down with anyone is that one of these days I'll be so loony that there's no recovery. We all walked to the hotel entrance with my mom, sisters, and friends. Putting my arms around my friends, they look at me cautiously. They're always apprehensive about what I'm going to do next, since I play pranks. Earlier, I told you I had great eyesight and hearing; my mother was at the desk. Standing near the elevator, I heard the clerk mention our family's room number. Laughing so hard, I yelled at my friends and sisters, "I beat you there, first DIBS!". As the door closed, there was a ding. My ears picked them up moaning and asking each other how things were, since I already knew what room they were in. Snooze and you lose, I always tell them. That's not totally true in my case, they don't need to know.
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