The Hybrid Princess

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A female human wolf shifter, she has grown up in the human world with a heart full of love but in poverty. She finds out after her grandmother's death that she is not alone, and not broke. She moves to a secret society hiding in a town, in the valley of a mountain of wolf shifters, being welcomed as a descendant on her uncle's side of the family. A side that she has never met. As the walls close in, and she feels like she is really in a prison, she finds out she is not only a wolf shifter but a vampire princess. When she tests both sides with a fancy diner party, the vampires seem to be the better side. She opens her vampire side with the help of a dashing vampire prince, and adapts quickly to the new lifestyle and her new powers. Her past comes back to haunt her when she finds her mate. When he finds her, her life is on the line and he does what is needed to save her. Will he stay and accept her as she is now, or will he reject her not being able to get over her lifestyle now?

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A heavy set older man held onto a wooden stake tightly, he was facing a tall slender, well dressed man. He was tired of always having to defend his property from these vile creatures. He had built a highly sophisticated security system to keep these creatures off of his property, but his defense system had not been able to keep this one out. The pale well dressed man was the King of vampires. He was on a hunt for his granddaughter. His favorite human wife ran away when she was pregnant. He had found them many years ago and just watched them as they struggled to survive. He approached them once to try to help, but his stubborn wife refused him, and by the next night she had disappeared again. So when he found them again he just watched from a distance. He watched proudly as his beautiful daughter grew up intelligent and strong despite the poor conditions that her mother forced upon her. He was horrified when his daughter started dating a filthy dog. Even more so when she became pregnant with his child. He lost track of the family after that. He had recently felt the death of his wife, and with the death of his daughter years ago. He needed to see his granddaughter, no matter what type of hybrid she was, he wanted to make sure she was ok. So he approached the filthy dog family that had made his granddaughter. It was a last resort, to find her. This one was the only one of the family that he had been able to locate. He had to go through a troublesome uncomfortable security set up just to talk to this dog. Robert, just put the stake down, there is no reason we can not have a civil discussion. I did not come here to cause you any harm. I am not putting this stake down in front of any nasty vampire! I do not care how well you dress and who you say you are! You things bring death and harm to anyone you come close to! {Sigh} I told you exactly who I am. I am just looking for my granddaughter, the first born daughter of your brother. She does not need any of you vile creatures in her life! We have set her up to have a wonderful life! I’ll not let you go anywhere near her! Oh yes. So wonderful that if I am not mistaken, she now has no mother, or grandmother. Which means that the child has been left completely and utterly alone in this world. You are doing a great job of taking care of her. The heavy set man jumps at the vampire screaming “you are a liar”! The arm with the stake is grabbed and the forward motion stoops immediately. The arm dislocated from the body. The vampire sinks his teeth into the neck, he rips the head off of the body, and throws it to the side. What a waste. He could not even feed off of him. The blood was contaminated with illness. He likely saved the dog from a slow painful death. Unfortunately, this confrontation had gotten him nowhere. He still did not know his granddaughter's location or well being for that matter. He turned and ported away. A crumpled decapitated body laid bleeding out on the ground. An arm still holding tightly to a wooden stake. My name is Josie Marie Dodson. I am 17 years old, and I am a Hybrid Wolf Shifter! I live in the human world. I do not know much about wolf shifters. I have healthy thick long brown hair always pulled up in a tight high ponytail. My eyes are big round brown with golden swirls in them, there’s a natural black liner around them, so I just wear mascara. My cheekbones are high with a natural blush. My lips are full and pink, I just wear lip gloss on them. I am addicted to lip gloss! I am tall at 5’6”. Skinny with a flat belly. My skin is very tanned. I keep lotion on it so it is very soft and smooth. I do not have any scars, but I have one birthmark on the left side of my neck that looks like a dark red Crescent moon. I love to run. I guess you could say I am addicted to running as well. I am a black belt. But I stopped my lessons after receiving the belt, and refused the offer to teach. I love to be around new people, but do not make friends. I get uncomfortable when around the same people for long. I do not want anyone finding out my secret. My wolf Clara is in my opinion large, but i've never seen another wolf to know. Her snout is five feet off the ground. She has very soft fluffy black fur. She is quiet most of the time. But she gets riled up easily if we are confronted with an asshole. Which is why I stay away from lots of people. I have better control of her now, but the world is full of ass holes. I have just become used to staying on my own. She is happy in her den. That’s what she calls my bedroom. When we are there she chats up a storm. She also gets mad when anyone comes into our den. So most of the time if someone does come to the house, I keep them in the sitting room only. I don’t cook. I eat a lot of take out. Burgers and steaks are my favorite things. Pizza not so much, but I can deal with all meat when I have too. I only drink bottled water. I guess I am a little ocd about it. It has to be unopened when I get it. I love a very clean house. I love to read. I hate television. They are heavy and dusty so I don't even own one. If I am not reading I am usually outside sunning. I love flowers, so I always grow a flower garden. I guess I should give a little story of how this hybrid came to exist. As told by my mother Tammy Laurie Dodson, and my gamma Betsy Ann Dodson. “A very important full blooded wolf shifter found out he was mated to a not important poor human. The mate bond was so strong he could not stay away. He courted her and mated her, but he did not mark her. They were very careful not to get pregnant. He told her that hybrid children were not accepted by the shifter world, and were usually killed. One day the important shifter came to his mate and said that he was being forced to take a wife that was acceptable to his position. The human was heart broken. She decided that she would try to get pregnant. Without telling him. She stopped taking the pill, and made sure to stick pins through condoms. He visited her two more times. It worked and she did get pregnant. But by the time she knew she was pregnant he had stopped coming to see her. One night she had great pains. She thought she was losing her baby. But she did not. She also no longer felt the pull of the bond to her mate. She did not understand because he had never rejected her, in person. The pain must have been a rejection because the bond broke. When her baby came it was a beautiful baby girl! She loved that girl with all her heart! With her mothers help she did her best to raise her daughter. When her daughter was four, the mother found out she was very sick. When the daughter was five the mother passed away from cancer, and went to live in heaven. The little girl then was raised by her gamma. After her mother passed away she started to receive secret gifts. Wildflowers, necklaces, and a huge stuffed wolf. Her gamma did not know where they came from but she always gave them to the girl. They were very poor and the girl only had what was needed. So these gifts let her have some extra nice things. The girl took very good care of these things. She had a scrapbook of dried wildflowers, a box to keep her necklaces in, and her stuffed wolf named Mr. Blackie sat on her bed and soaked up all her tears that she shed. The girl was extremely intelligent. Some say she was gifted. But when she was ten she started hearing a voice in her head. It was very hard for her to not talk back loudly to the voice in her head, and her school was complaining. They thought she was mentally ill. So the gamma, knowing that the child was not crazy that it was her wolf, pulled her out of school and started homeschooling her. At age twelve the girl graduated high school. Then at age thirteen the girl shifted into her wolf on the first full moon after her birthday. It was painful! The gamma did not know how to help her. But the wolf form caused a lot of damage to the house. Sometime around this time the father showed back up. The girl was not home. He told the gamma he had heard that his mate had a child. The gamma said yes, a beautiful girl. He asked if the girl was a shifter like him. The gamma was scared he would take her so she lied and said no she was human. The father left an envelope for the child. He said to give to her if she shifted into a wolf, or on her eighteenth birthday. In the envelope were a few things about wolf shifters, and how to live in the human world as one. There was also information about a trust fund set up for her when she turned eighteen. In the letter there was information about putting a cage together, and making it strong enough to hold a wolf. The gamma got a cage. From that point on the girl had to be in the cage during the full moon. The gamma was sad to have to do this. The wolf was not dangerous, just big, and if allowed to run through the house a lot got broken. The wolf had beautiful, solid black soft fluffy fur. The gamma always made sure to have food and water in the cage. They had to keep the cage a secret so they only stayed in places with basements. At age sixteen the girl graduated college with a masters in business. Shortly after that the gamma had a heart attack and passed away. “ Now we come to today. It has been a month since my gamma passed and went to heaven. My gamma had left me everything she had, but it was not much. I had sold a few things, and managed to pay rent. I got a job as a waitress, but the pay was very little. The good thing is the restaurant lets me eat a meal before each shift. So if I worked double shifts that is two meals a day. I knew I was not going to be able to stay in my home much longer so I started going through the house, packing, selling, or throwing out things. I found the envelope from my father. I took it to a local lawyer. He said he could try to set it up where I got an early allowance from the trust fund. But it would take a few months. In the envelope was a letter from my father. The letter gave me his bullshit excuse why he could not be there for me, and some information about being a werewolf shifter. Through all the papers and the letter his name was not mentioned at all. So I continued to go through the house. By the time the lawyer got back to me there was not much left. But between the job, and selling things I was still in my home. The lawyer had set it up where I would receive one thousand a month till I was eighteen. So for six more months, I would be able to pay my rent. Then I would have access to what was left in the trust fund that the lawyer said held two million in it. Putting myself in the cage was hard. But I was old enough to know I had to do this. Getting the days off was not hard since I basically worked two shifts every day, but those three out of the month. About two months later when I came home a man was sitting on my steps. Hello. Are you Josie Dodson? Yes. My name is Garrison Sanders. I am a lawyer for your late Uncle Robert Lee Gettingson. I do not have any family. You must have the wrong person. No. I am sure I have the right person. This uncle would have been on your fathers side of the family. I do not know that family. Here. He left you everything he owned. It’s a lot. You might want to look over these papers before refusing. I take the envelope. Ok. Here is my card. Call me if you have any questions. Ok. I will. Thank you. I go into the house and throw the envelope on the table. I’m exhausted, I just want a shower and a bed. Sleep did not happen. My mind kept going back to the envelope. So I got up and headed to the table. The papers said he left me property which includes a cottage fully furnished in a place called Sandersville Tennessee. A truck. Membership to a privately owned town called Sandersville. A trust fund to become available at the age of eighteen in the amount of five million. His current bank account is available immediately, which holds approximately one hundred twenty five thousand. Included was the banking information. Please sign acceptance forms. Lawyer will pick up. In the morning I called Mr. Sanders to let him know I have signed the papers. He said he would be by at 3:00pm. I called the restaurant and gave notice to quit immediately. At 3 pm exactly a black suv pulls up and Mr. Sanders gets out. He takes the paperwork, and hands me another envelope. This is all the information that you need to know about Sandersville Tennessee, and your membership to Sandersville. Welcome home little wolf. Then he turns around and leaves. He called me little wolf! He knows what I am! I go into the house and sit down. I opened the envelope. There’s a couple of printouts from the internet about the town. A couple pictures of the town. Some pictures of a property with a cottage and of the cottage inside. Then a thick folder that is the membership information. Basically, with the membership comes an identification card, which is already here with my picture on it. The card has a strip on the back like a credit card. This card can be used at every store and the diner inside of the town of Sandersville. As long as the card is used there will be no cost for any items. There is a yearly membership fee, and mine has been paid for fifty years in advance. Holy crap! I’m rich! In two months, I will have two trust funds. I have a home and a truck! I just have to get to it! I read about the town. The town of Sandersville was built in 1907. Sits on private property owned by the Sanders family. The Sanders live at the top of Sanders Peak. The road through town is the only way up to Sanders Peak. The town is considered a private area. Members only. Membership usually only passed down through family. The members of the town either live in town or on land divided up on the mountain. They are very private and keep to themselves. They are known to take care of eachother. The members have never asked for any assistance from neighboring towns or the government. The actual population is unknown but believed to be around 800, according to private club membership records. Visitors are not welcome without prior approval from Damion Sanders. Security around the town and the mountain is strictly enforced. Things to know about Sanders Peak at night. Sanders Peak is home to a pack of large wolves that are most active at night. There are also reports of animal kills not caused by wolves. Wildlife federation suggests that no one be outside after dark without proper means of protection. I called the lawyer's number again. Hello Josie, how may I help you? May I go ahead and move, or do I need to contact anyone for approval? You are already cleared to move in. Thank you Mr. Sanders! You're welcome Josie! Ok! I need a car! I head out over to the nearest bank. I give them the account information that was given me. After about thirty minutes they confirm that I do have access to the account. I take out twenty grand. I then go to the used car dealership and right away I find what I want. A 1994 Jeep Wrangler. It is fully loaded Electric Blue, black tinted removable windows, jacked up! After some talking I gave him ten grand. So I have ten grand left to get to this town. I go fill up the tank and get a prepaid cell phone. I drove home. I get out some old maps and write down my route to my new home. Then I go through the house and decide what I want to take. The next morning I load up the five boxes, and one suitcase that I have. I buckle Mr. Blackie into the passenger seat. There’s no one to say goodbye to. So I just started my adventure.

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