The Billionaire's Obsession

age gap

Book 1 of 2. The second book is titled The Billionaire's Weakness.

To some, Las Vegas is known as the city of sin. For Quinn Taylor, it was only meant to be a temporary home while she was in college getting her nursing degree. Until the one night when she was introduced to Lianna, the infamous madam with the most exclusive clientele. After making more in one night than she had in the past two months, Quinn becomes one of Lianna's girls. One night Quinn meets Dominic Randazzo, a well-known entrepreneur who is rumored to have Mafia ties. It turns out that Quinn and Dominic have more in common than they know and secrets start to be revealed. Remember, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Excerpt from book:

I hopped off the counter and walked over to Dominic. “Aren’t you a little overdressed for a pool party?” He had on dark blue jeans and a black t-shirt and black Timbs.

“I’m not staying for the party. I have other things to do.” He moved towards me, closing the gap between us. He placed his fingers on my shoulder and slid them under my bikini strap and slowly started moving his hand up and down.

The minute I felt his touch my breath quickened and my stomach clenched. What the hell was happening to me. I took a deep breath before I spoke. “So then what brings you here? I know we’re scheduled to see each other next weekend.”

“I … I just wanted to thank you for returning the paperwork as quickly as you did.” He held my eye contact but removed his hand so he was no longer touching me.

“There is no reason to thank me. I wasn’t given much choice in the matter. But, you’re welcome." He nodded his head and gave me the briefest of smiles.

“I know that’s what you’re telling yourself but I can see how your body reacts to me. I felt it that night in Aquino’s suite, and I feel it now. I can read your body like a book.” To prove his point he lowered his head and I felt his lips brush against my ear and neck. I felt my body betray me as the moan I was trying to stifle escaped my lips. He removed his face and looked me in the eye. “See, told you so.”

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Chapter One
I looked out the window and watched all the neon lights pass by me. I was in the back of a limo with three other girls and all of us were on our phones. We were not friends, I don’t even know if you would call us co-workers. It was rare when a group of girls would be requested, normally we only ever saw each other if Lianna hosted an event at her home. And even then, the parties weren’t for us to socialize. We were the entertainment.  I saw the Bellagio fountains and knew we were almost there. I finished off my glass of champagne and put my phone back in my purse. Our limo pulled up to the valet and Mike came around and opened our door.  “Ladies, listen up. Tonight you are heading to the Spa Tower. This is your key to the Chairman Suite. Some of you have met Mr. Aquino before, but for those of you who haven't, here's how it goes. Aquino host’s a private poker game here every three months that is invitation only. You girls are their company. You will be the eye candy, get them their drinks or whatever until it’s time for them to socialize. If anything goes wrong you call me and I’ll come up. If I don’t hear from you I’ll see you all back at the car, six sharp. Any questions?” He asked while making eye contact with all of us. “Ok then, be safe and have a good night.” The four of us made our way through the casino towards the elevator that we needed. On the outside, we looked like four young girls who were just returning from dinner or a show. We were instructed to wear a black dress that was sexy, but not slutty and black heels. By looking at us no one would be able to tell what we were here for. We walked into the elevator and Genevive pressed the button and then inserted the key card which granted us access to the top floor.  “Have all of you met this guy before?” Danya asked. I turned to see she was leaning against the wall in the corner of the elevator. She was one of the newest girls that Lianna had hired. I could tell from how she was carrying herself that the unknown was making her nervous.  “He’s actually a nice guy. I’ve been to the last two gatherings he’s had. I haven’t seen him or his guests get out of line or be too crazy.” I said, giving her a reassuring smile.  “Aquino is cool. The fact that he always requests a group of us should reassure you in and of itself. There is safety in numbers. Enjoy it. It doesn’t happen often.” Genevive had been with Lianna longer than the rest of us. She was a lot more jaded than most.  The elevator opened and we exited into the private hallway. Genevive went to open the door but first, she looked back at all of us. “Danya, just follow our lead. Everything will be ok.” She placed the key on the pad and when the light turned green she opened the door. Aquino always stayed in this suite and I can’t say that I blamed him. If I had money like that I would stay here too. I loved the room they called the solarium. It wasn’t very private since the walls were glass. But it was a great place to escape for some peace and quiet. Plus for a hotel room, this place was huge. It was at least three times bigger than my mom’s house.  We walked down the hall to the conference room. The butler was just exiting as we were about to walk in. “Good evening ladies. Always a pleasure. I just finished getting everything set up. If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to call.”  We walked into the room one by one and lined up against the glass wall. In the middle of the room was an oblong card table. The dealer had his back towards us and Aquino and his three guests were heavily focused on the game. We stood there and patiently waited for this hand to be over. I glanced over at Danya and she looked like she was going to be sick. Please don’t let her throw up. She looked over and made eye contact with me. I purposely took in a deep breath trying to remind her to breathe. Thankfully she caught on and I saw her exhale the breath I don’t even think she realized she had been holding.  “Damn it, Torres, that’s your third win in a row. Looks like we all need to up our game here.” Aquino stood up and walked away from the table. He was an older man, I would assume in his early fifties. He kept himself in decent shape and was still somewhat attractive. His hair was mostly grey and he had dark brown eyes. He had a thick Texan accent that helped him lay the charm on thick.  “Hey there girls. Y’all look so lovely tonight. Gentlemen let me introduce you to our guests for the evening. This feisty ginger is Genevive and next to her is pretty Penny. Moving down the line we have Quinn for the win, I’m still trying to think of a better nickname for you darling. My apologies. And this young lady, I’m afraid I’ve never had the pleasure to meet before. What is your name honey?” Aquino asked while placing his arm around her shoulder. “Danya.” Thankfully she managed to speak without letting it show how nervous she had been earlier.  “Dainty Danya. How does that sound?” I smiled at Danya. That was actually a perfect word to describe her. She was super tiny and almost reminded me of a ballerina. “Girls these are my guests for the evening. That man right there who was sitting next to me is Bill, to the right of him is Enrique or Ricky as I call him and then on the end there is Dominic.”  As Aquino named off his guests I made eye contact and smiled at all of them. When I made eye contact with Dominic though he held it for much longer than the rest and he didn’t return the smile. I was not someone who was easily intimidated so if he wanted to continue to look at me I would continue to do the same. He was a very attractive man, with dark brown hair, green eyes and olive skin. He was younger than Aquino, maybe late thirties or early forties. Just by looking at him, you could tell he was all business and I was surprised he would even be in this type of setting.  “Alright ladies, we’re all good here for now. Enjoy the suite, drink, eat and whatever. We will holler if we need anything.” Since we were excused for the time being Genevive and Penny made their way towards the bar and Danya followed me to the living room.  “Isn’t it weird that there is a fireplace, I mean it’s Vegas.” She said while taking a seat on the couch. “You haven’t lived here long have you?”  “Is it that obvious? I’ve only been here for about three months.” “It can get cold here in the winter. In the summer we all blast the AC so the fireplace is good for ambiance. It sets the mood.” I grabbed the remote and turned on the fireplace to show her.  “Wow, you did that like a pro.” “Isn’t that what we all are? Pros?” Genevive said while walking into the room with Penny following behind her. I rolled my eyes as she handed me a drink. “Well, all accept Quinn of course. She’s the one with the plan.” I looked over at her and she gave me a smug smile. This is why none of us were friends. “Most of us have goals Gen. As far as I know you are the only one who is planning to be with Lianna indefinitely. So try to keep your bitterness to yourself.” Penny said while taking a big sip of her drink.  “This is why you won’t see a lot of socializing among us whenever we do happen to be together,” I said, giving Danya a wink.  The four of us spent the next few hours mostly in silence. Every now and then we would be asked to bring the men something and we took turns doing so. The last time I went in it was almost 4:30 am and it looked like their game was just about over. Instead of walking back to be with the girls, I decided to head into the solarium. The AC was starting to get to me so I turned on the fireplace in here and then stood at the window and looked down at the strip. From right here you could see the fountains and the Eiffel Tower. Being up here was like being in another world.  “Thinking of jumping or enjoying the view.” Said a deep voice. I jumped a little since I hadn’t heard anyone come in. I turned around and it was the man we were told to call Dominic. I quickly composed myself and unlocked the window. I slid it to the side, showing him just how little they actually opened.  “It’s a good thing I was just enjoying the view because not even my head can squeeze through there.” He walked up to me and handed me a drink. Thankfully it looked to be some of whatever Genevive had made earlier so I knew it wasn’t too strong.  I looked out towards the living room and saw that the girls had already been partnered up with the other men. As I expected Aquino had set his sights on Danya. He usually chose the new girl if there was one.  “So Dominic, are you in town for business or pleasure?” Now that he was standing near me I could get a better look at him. His clothes were expensive and from the way they fit his body, they were probably custom made. He was muscular and very tall. Which surprised me because he appeared to be either Italian or Greek and generally they were of more average height.  “Business. How many of these gatherings have you attended for Aquino?”  “This is my third time. I’ve worked for Lianna for almost a year.” This man was impossible to read. Usually, you could tell what kind of experience the guy was looking for by how they approached you. But all this man did was stare at me and never once did he change his facial expression. “Do you have fun at these types of parties?” “Mr. Aquino has always been nice and accommodating.” If he wanted to be stingy with his words then so would I. I heard noises coming from the bedroom next to us and figured that the other men had started to make the most of the little time we had left. Well, screw it, this is what I was here for. I put my drink down on the small table next to me and placed my hands on his chest. “Tell me, what is it that you are in the mood for tonight?” I felt him tense the moment I touched him. He looked down at me and for the first time, that I had seen, he smiled. “You are a confident one, aren’t you? Most women would be too intimidated to make the first move with me. Whether they are being paid to or not.” I felt him place his hand on the small of my back. “You don’t know who I am, do you?” “Even if I did, you would still just be a man. I’m not like some of the other girls who get caught up in the image that the clients portray to the outside world. Unless you're planning to cause me harm, that would be the only reason I’d be afraid.” My words caused his eyes to soften and he ran his finger along the side of my face. I don’t know why but my body reacted to his touch. This was definitely not normal for me.  “Baby girl, I only hurt women when they’ve given me no other choice. You’d be wise to remember that.” His eyes turned dark and something told me that he was telling the truth.  Before I had a chance to respond his lips were on mine. I felt his tongue lick along my bottom lip almost demanding to be let in. I opened my mouth and soon his tongue found mine. I felt his fingers tangle in my hair as he pressed me harder into him.  Out of nowhere he broke our kiss and took three steps away from me. I was left breathless, another thing I had never experienced while at work. I stood there watching him and was not sure how to proceed. I saw his eyes roam over my body and finally settle on my face.  “I should’ve accepted Aquino's f*****g invitation last time, then I could’ve had all the paperwork in order.”

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