Moonlight Waltz (COMPLETED)

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She is like a wind - light, airy, fleeting, but she can change into a fiery and destructive storm - a yokai, Japanese demon and a personification of the moonlight. She doesn't want to hurt anyone, just dancing every night on the sky and shining like a light is enough for her to be happy. She is lively & curious like a child but when someone wants to hurt her or loved ones she will do everything to protect them.

He is like a stone - standing firm in his resolutions, fulfilling the tasks entrusted to him without batting an eye - but there is a force that can break his hardened heart. A hunter of supernatural creatures, the best one. Fast, powerful, not showing his emotions. He does his job diligently but with one rule - don't kill the innocent. But also awfully lonely, avoiding others since he believes it's the best for everyone.

Somehow those 2 are crossing their paths and it changes their lives completely... But in the background there is also a new danger arising - a powerful force that wants to wipe out the whole humanity - and to defeat it our hunter and a yokai will have to join forces.

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~ Prologue ~
The dark night came. Most people exhausted by a whole day of work were just falling asleep. The lights were slowly going out and sounds of TV or conversations were fading. Streets covered with darkness became deserted. But for him the work just started. He walked through the streets of the city in his long, black coat under which he had two guns; crossbow and arrows with wooden blades, good for vampires; and a big sword made of silver which he used mostly to fight against werewolves. But today his order was to find a demon who was prowling in this seemingly quiet neighborhood. Having his reliable guns, charged with special silver bullets filled with holy water, he walked on the dark street listening carefully. In such a perfect silence he didn't have to search for a long time. He finally found it. The creature was a few metres from him, in a narrow passage between two houses. When he found two glowing green eyes of the demon he took one of the guns from under his coat, pointing it straight that way. With the free hand he touched the protective amulet he got from his only friend, priestess, and he unlocked his gun. Demon jumped on him, showing his true form - it looked like a giant snake with eagle's wings and claws. - You know what? You're ugly as hell.- he said while pulling the trigger. But his opponent protected himself from the bullet with a swift movement, flew a bit up and knocked him down with a heavy kick to the stomach. He got up soon and out of anger started shooting almost blindly, hurting the demon's left wing which made it fall on the ground. He wanted to end it but then something came fast before his eyes, pushing him with enormous, inhuman strength on the nearby wall. With dissatisfaction he recognized a familiar face of the other hunter who disturbed him already many times. The mysterious intruder leaned over the demon, stabbed it's heart with his sword and from the creature's chest the blinding red light came out which was consumed right away by the intruder. - Who are you and why are you messing up my work?- he asked the stranger while getting up and coming to him. - My name is Gaijin.- answered the stranger.- And I'm not messing up your work. I'm also a hunter but I need demons souls to live. You won't understand it, for you it's just a profitable profession.- he added, hiding his sword. Then he went away, disappearing into the darkness.                                ~~~~~~~ The night came. Moon and stars appeared on the sky, along with her. She was happy being able to go out to be on the sky. Over-protection of her mother, goddess of stars, was sometimes annoying. If it wasn't for her father, yokai of moon's magic, mother would have follow her everywhere anytime, neglecting the responsibility she had to take care of stars. In her beautiful, airy white dress she walked on the sky, shining her light on Earth. She felt so carefree being able to walk like this from east to west. Unfortunately her peaceful night have been disturbed again this month. Almost shot by the hunter's arrow she went down from the sky, standing eye to eye with the attacker. He had a professional crossbow and special arrows made to kill demons. The hunter attacked again but she amazingly avoided another arrows. In one moment from the innocent girl she transformed into a dangerous demon. Blinding light was shining from her body and her dress was waving in the wind, surrounding the hunter, pulling him into the vortex-like tornado. Avoiding next arrows she used them against the guy, immobilizing him right away, then took his crossbow and arrows, throwing both away. At the end a girl leaned over him. - Who sent you?- she asked but the hunter didn't answer.- Well... Tell them to leave me alone. I'm not a dangerous demon, I'm not hurting anyone so there's no need to get rid of me.- she added resigned, releasing him. The man walked away slowly into the dark night. The girl watched him for a while and when he completely disappeared she came back onto the sky.                                       ~~~~~~~ Hidoi returned home battered and angry. His only friend, Miko, opened the door and quickly let him in. He threw his coat and weapons on the floor in the corner of the room. - What happened?- asked Miko, clearly worried, making him sit down on the couch in the living room. - It was a demon from 3rd Circle. Damn strong motherfucker, I think it broke my ribs.- he answered putting a hand on his chest. - You were lucky to survive.- Miko scolded him, touching his chest gently to check the ribs.- Two on the right and one on the left so three in total are broken.- she stated, then went to her room and came back soon with a small box. - What is that?- asked Hidoi, looking suspiciously on the box. - Ointment which will help your ribs heal faster than usual. I know that as a half demon you regenerate quickly but in such a serious state it would take at least half an hour.- said Miko a little offended by his suspicions gaze.- I wouldn't poison you, silly.- she added, changing her tone to more playful.- I'm your friend and from what I know, the only one you have.- - Yeah, I know... I'm sorry.- Hidoi apologized repentantly, immediately calming down.- But you know very well how I am.- he send her a gentle smile. - I know, I know.- she laughed quietly while setting the bones so they would heal properly. Hidoi clenched his teeth feeling the ribs pain flowing through his whole body. But it ended quickly when Miko put an ointment on his chest. - Ok, now you have to stay here and don't move too much for a while.- she spoke after finishing her work. - Thank you for taking care of me but most of all, that you can handle my tantrums.- said Hidoi, holding her small hand delicately. - You're welcome.- Miko smiled brightly.- Oh right, about your tantrums... You haven't told me yet why are you so angry. It certainly wasn't because of the demon you hunted today. You were getting rid of worse creatures, and not once or twice.- she added looking at him questioningly. - I met that hunter again.- answered Hidoi, underlining the word "that".- This time I was able to talk with him for a while. His name is Gaijin and he feeds on demons souls.- he sighed. - Oh...- Miko thought about it for a while.- It seems that Gaijin is a demon from the last circle. They're feeding on their brothers, which is why they are highly despised by other demons.- she informed him, getting up from the couch and walking to her room. - Come to think of it, we are similar to each other.- said Hidoi, which made Miko stop halfway and turn back into his direction. - In which way you're similar?- she asked surprised and a little angry. - I'm also despised by everyone. Both humans and demons. I'm half-breed so I don't belong to either of these races.- he explained with a sad expression on his face. - What are you talking about, Hidoi?- Miko scoffed at his words, sitting back on the couch next to him, then she put her arm around him like a mother.- I'm with you. Besides you're isolating yourself from people.- she reminded him. - I do it to save myself from suffering.- Hidoi slightly pulled away from her.- If I want to be a friend with a human I would have to tell eventually who I really am. I don't get old and regenerate fast.- he explained again. - And that's the problem?- she asked. - No, not really. People's reaction to my confession is the problem. Before I got to know you all of my friendships ended because of the fact I'm a half demon.- he answered, rancorous. - Hidoi...- Miko held his hand worried. - I can feel that my ribs are healed. I'm going to sleep now.- he said harshly, snatching a hand from her grip. Then he stand up, grabbed the stuff from the corner and went quickly to his room, closing door behind him.                                  ~~~~~~~ Miko Negai was a priestess and wardress of the Elements. From the God himself she got a Soul (or Energy), Water, Fire, Earth and Air, the Elements that God used to create everything, including humans. She was controlling them so they won't destroy what had been created with their help. Miko was born in powerful magician family. When she became eighteen, the Lord called her to service. She met Hidoi while being already 450 years old. He was younger than her by 160 years so no wonder that Miko treated him almost like a son. Regardless of the many rumors made up by their neighbors, Miko and Hidoi weren't a couple. He was so introverted that even if he had any deeper feelings for her she would never know about it. Besides, Miko was already engaged - her fiancee's name was Asariel and he was an Archangel commanding a squad fighting with demons. Because of his mission they were seeing each other every five to ten years. They never had enough time to organize even a smallest, humblest ceremony. That's why in Miko's eyes there was always some sadness lurking, even when there was a big smile on her face. She was never talking with anyone about that longing tough, even Hidoi. Sometimes Miko was lost in thoughts or cried at night. Observing her, Hidoi knew she was suffering even while being seemingly happy. Miko's eyes were always showing her true feelings. But he never tried to comfort her because no words or gestures would make Miko more happy than meeting with Asariel. When Hidoi went to his room, Miko was sitting for a while on a couch in the living room, angry on herself for starting such a sensitive topic. Although she couldn't predict it would go so far, but still blamed herself. - I hope that tomorrow Hidoi will be in a better mood.- she sighed, getting up from the couch and went to her room.                            ~~~~~~~ In the morning Hikari came back underground where she lived with her parents and other yokai, forgotten a long time ago by humans. Now there was only one God surrounded by his angels. All the other supernatural creatures became a myth. - You're finally back, sweetie.- Hikari's mother, Megami, greeted her at the door. - But Hikari can come back in the morning, she can't be here earlier.- her father Fushigi spoke up, sitting on an armchair and reading a newspaper. - Can't you understand that I'm worried about our little girl?- Megami looked at her husband outraged. - Mother, I'm already an adult, I can take care of myself.- said Hikari and went to her room. She fell asleep instantly to rest before another night. Hikari was travelling through the whole sky visiting all countries, even the smallest ones. You could say that every night she was going on a trip around the world. Sometimes, while watching sleeping cities and villages she wondered how they look during the day. Hikari was curious about humans and their life. Unfortunately, the night was her time so she couldn't make her dream come true which made Hikari feel unhappy. Like most of the yokai, she wasn't pleased that humans seemed to completely forget about them. Almost no one believed in their existence so every day's work became boring, sometimes even burdensome. When Hikari rested a little she came back to the living room and sat on the couch, next to her father. - Where's mother?- she asked seeing her absence. - She went to her friend, goddess of the wind.- answered Fushigi lifting up his gaze from the newspaper. Hikari sighed, looking down on the floor. It was a moment of blissful silence that she liked so much. One of not many moments without her mother's chattering. - Father, why humans don't believe in our existence anymore?- she asked, finally breaking the silence. - Well, they have other gods now, and I'm not only talking about the religious ones.- answered Fushigi, putting the newspaper on the coffee table.- For them money or power can become a god, sometimes even the other powerful human. There's no place for us anymore.- he explained.- People are forgetting about their roots, always chasing after something... And obviously it works against them, but oh well...- he sighed.- That's how they are.- Hikari became sad hearing her father's words. Humans behavior was upsetting for her even though she knew how weak they are. But from that moment Hikari wanted to get to know their life even more.                            ~~~~~~~ In the morning Miko was woken up by knocking on the door. She got up quickly, put on a robe and went out of her room to open. How surprised she was seeing that a guest was Meijin, an old Hidoi's teacher. Miko met him only once before but clearly remembered his face. He was an ancient Japanese priest, who thanks to the meditation and magic achieved the immortality. Through centuries he also learned martial arts, becoming an invincible ninja. No one knew his real name so everyone called him Meijin which meant master. Hidoi didn't liked to mention him since the day Meijin left him after teaching everything he knew. - Good morning Miko.- Meijin greeted her, sending a bright smile. - Good morning.- she answered giving a slight bow and let him in. - I wanted to visit both of you and see how my student is doing.- he spoke up when they was in the living room. - Well, I understand that you're interested in Hidoi. When his mother died he was just 10 years old. You took care of him and teach a lot.- said Miko, bringing the guest a cup of coffee.- But Hidoi is still upset...- she added, sitting next to him on the couch. - Well, I already guessed that my behavior hurt him pretty bad. I know how Hidoi may feel but he needed to learn how to live alone.- said Meijin, sighed and then drank a little bit of coffee from his cup. - It's been almost 400 years since we've seen each other.- Miko changed the subject.- What was happening with you during this time?- - Honestly I haven't done anything more than fighting.- he answered with a pale smile.- I was travelling through both Americas and in Europe, getting rid of vampires, werewolves, demons and other dangerous creatures.- Meijin added, putting a cup on the table. Suddenly, wakened by the sounds of conversation, Hidoi came out of his room. Recognizing his old master, he gave him a hateful look. - Why the hell is he here?- he asked Miko with voice full of anger. - I wanted to see you.- Meijin answered instead.- Also, I would like to talk with you privately.- he added, getting up from the couch. - Alright.- agreed Hidoi.- But after that you have to get the f**k out of here.- he noted, taking the guest to his room.

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