Can't Fight the Spark

enimies to lovers

A young female werewolf is the last of her bloodline after her father and brother are killed. She is the only one with Alpha blood left and is put in charge of her pack. She is young and confused and has to navigate a world that she never thought she would be a part of. Then she finds the worst mate she could.

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The Four Packs
In the old lush forests of Oregon there is a secret. A secret that the trees have helped hide for years. Throughout the wilderness there are small, but prosperous. No one would know by looking, but those towns served as the homes to packs of werewolves.  To the outside world the packs were old and established families that lived in resort towns.  They owned a lot of business and companies and the land the towns were on. Humans visited from time to time but didn’t know the true nature of their surroundings. The residents knew though and followed the rules and a hierarchy. Much like monarchs. However, unlike the old monarchs who only claimed to have a divine right to rule, the alpha of  a pack did. Every alpha was stronger, bigger, and had more abilities than the average wolf and the lines were picked by the moon goddess. The moon goddess considered all werewolves her children. She was a mother who cared about all her pups. Like all mothers she wanted what was best for them. So, not only did she pick those worthy to lead, but she made a wolf to match everyone. Humans would throw around the term soulmate, but to wolves it was literal.  When the wolves moved into the area the divided into four packs. They split the land into four distinct territories, and each pack claimed a territory. They might not have been the best of friends, but they respected each other.  The pack that claimed the Southern territory was the Silverpaw pack.  The Silverpaw pack was one of the packs that had integrated best in human society, They owned various companies and properties and resorts throughout the pacific northwest. The money helped keep the pack strong and together.  The Silverpaw pack had a reputation and being slow and steady. Since they were slow to anger and to react, some other packs found it hard to truly judge their strength.  In the east lived the Frostmoon pack. The Frostmoon pack also had business interests in the human world. But unlike the Silverpaws they mingled with the humans more.  A lot of them went to human schools and colleges. Many of them worked in technology and the Frostmoons owned a research and development company. The Frostmoon pack was a fun pack. Some said they weren’t disciplined, but they always thought it was important to balance their lives. Werewolves had an extended life span, so they needed to enjoy it.  The North was controlled by the Whitestone pack. They were pretty unknown by outsiders. They were reclusive and only left their lands when necessary. Their alpha resented all the “modernization” of the other packs. He thought that they needed to go back to their old way. The times when wolves depend on themselves and their instincts. According to him, relying on technology and interacting with humans had weakened them.  He didn’t want to fight or go out of his way to hurt humans. He just wanted to stay as far away from them as possible.  The Bloodclaw pack controlled to the West. The Bloodclaws were a vivacious and violent pack. They always hit first, and asked questions later, if at all. They considered themselves strong, but thought they could always increase that strength.  They were always looking for ways to make themselves stronger. Their alpha was power hungry and once he gained power he was unwilling to give it up. They owned a few businesses here and there but made most of their money in clubs. The clubs looked perfectly legal to the outside, but for people in the know the back rooms and basements hid their secrets. Alphas had absolute control in their packs. Ruling was in their blood and was their right. Wolves that were bound to them would obey any order they were given. However, when the packs had been formed they recognized a need for some kind of oversight. Especially with how the packs interacted with each other.  That was why the original alphas had created the council. The council that all wolves in the region were sworn to. The council was made up of a former Luna from each pack. These Lunas proved themselves to be fair and wise, but lost their mates. They still wanted to be active in pack life, but not as a dowager Luna, so they vowed to protect the peace and safety in the region.  To make sure the Lunas stayed neutral, there were three men who also sat on the council. They were large and powerful and could take down even alpha werewolves if needed. No one really knew where they came from, and at this point they were all too scared to ask.  The council only got involved when it was necessary.  However, whenever they were needed they ruled with an iron fist. In the past some alpha had tried to stand up to the council and fight against their ruling. It never ended well, and those wolves were often used as an example to the rest of the packs. For generations the packs lived in peace. They might not have been working together toward anything, but they weren’t fighting. There was the occasional argument,  but those were solved with discussions. The discussion  might have become heated sometimes, but they never turned violent. But that peace couldn’t last forever. The Bloodclaw pack wasn’t happy with what they had. Their alpha, Christopher Jackson, wanted more. He wanted more territory, more money, more wolves, more everything. His members were against it, but that didn’t stop him from forcing them to attack the Silverpaw pack.  The Silverpaw pack didn’t just roll over for the Bloodclaw pack. They fought back, but they had been caught off guard. When all  was said and done, the Silverpaw alpha, James Swift, along with his two sons, Connor and Will, were dead. The Swift men had all died trying to defend each other. But they were outnumbered, and they fell.  Alpha Swift and his two sons died, but they left family behind. James and Connor both had their mates. For a while the pack was hoping that Connor’s mate was pregnant and would give him a son. They were hoping that the alpha line would continue through his pup. But after a few months they were forced to admit that wasn’t the case.  The Swifts may have lost their alpha and his son, bu James left behind a child. His 18 year old unmated girl named Cecily.  In the aftermath of the attack, the Bloodclaw pack tried to claim dominance over the Silvepaw pack. However. They were met with resistance. The Silverpaw pack fought back and refused to submit. Their Luna Carla even threatened to call her father’s pack from Washington to come help them defend the Silverpaws. Everyone hoped to avoid an outright war. So the council stepped in. They demanded that both alpha families meet with them to receive judgement.

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