The Beauty's Revenge

female lead

Anna was the only daughter of the Acker family. Acker family is the richest family of Y City who almost has every kind of business in X Country. This is Anna's only plus point she is also a beauty queen of Y City; every bachelor of Y City admires her and is willing to do anything to pursue her. Everything was perfect until she falls in love with Victor, she loved him unconditionally but unfortunately, he only marries her for her money.

He gave her a very painful death, at the time of her death Anna prayed, "God please I don't want to die please give me one chance to at least avenge myself" she closed her eyes but, in a blink, she was awake again she looked around and felt strange.

she was in a strange room, she looked around and when she looked at herself in the mirror, she froze that was not her face, that is not her body. She was reborn as Rita Wilson.

She cannot believe God gave her another chance, she will use it wisely and make their lives miserable who wronged her.

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“Why?” In a luxurious bedroom, a girl lying on a bed motionlessly asked in a low, painful, and helpless voice. “hahaha, Why? Seriously princess you do not know why?”, a man with a gloomy face said. He walked close to her, pinched her chin hard, and said, “Four years four years I have been after you kept on ignoring me making me a joke in front of everyone.” The girl was in pain, but she can’t move an inch, her whole body is paralyzed due to the injection he gave her, a tear fell from her eyes and she said, “B but I love you”. The man laughed like a madman and stood up and took two steps backwards while laughing, “Love are you kidding me four years my love for you pure, but you never looked at me but the moment I started hating you, you started loving me. What you think you are a princess everything will happen according to your will.”. Suddenly he came close to her face, seeing his gloomy and scary face getting close to her, her heart trembled she wanted to back off, but she can’t she was helpless. “Anna Acker let me tell you, you are nothing but a s*x toy with which I played and got bored. And the thing of which I get bored I destroy it” he gave a sinister smile. “Victor”, Anna’s heartache she can’t believe the man she loved, for who she went against her father’s wish and ran with him hate her that much. “Oh, darling don’t scare her she is already dying my poor friend.” Anna’s eyes widen in shock when she heard Isabella’s sarcastic voice. That b*tch was her best friend, who took advantage of their friendship and seduced her father and became her stepmother. She and Victor are together. “Oh, what happen princess are you shocked? Poor you how can you bear the pain of lover and best oops sorry ex-best friend princess please forgive me for forgetting don’t be mad”, She said with a sad face and quickly giggled, “Aww isn’t it too much pain but don’t worry we will help you, we will kill you, so you don’t have to bear it”. Anna’s eyes were filled with hatred, she wanted to squeeze her neck but she can’t, she was paralyzed. “Sweety it’s time”, Isabella said to Victor while kissing his ear lightly. “Ok”, victor whispered then he stood up walked towards the sofa grabbed a raincoat wore it, and walked back to bed. The whole floor and furniture of the bedroom were covered with plastic sheets except the bed on which Anna was lying. Victor pulled Anna and made her sit, he sat behind her. He was wearing gloves he pulled her right hand placed a sharp fruit knife in it then he made her grip it tightly and cut her left-hand veins, Anna’s eyes widened she was in pain, she wanted to struggle but she can’t, she can only plead in her broken helpless voice, “Pl Please victor don don’t pl please”. Victor act as he didn’t hear anything and make her hold a knife in her left hand and cut her right-hand veins. Isabella was seeing this scene as she was watching an interesting film, she kneeled close to the bed, placed her both elbows on the bed and placed her face on the palms of both hands and giggled while seeing the fountain of fresh blood, “Princess remember you called my blood dirty and unworthy now look I am draining your royal blood out of your body and poor you, you can’t even move a finger”. Anna wasn’t bothered with what she was saying her all hopes were now in Victor, “Please honey I love you.” “But I hate you”, Victor said and push her away, he carefully started taking off plastic sheets from the floor and furniture and wrapping it in a small ball, then he took off the raincoat packed it and plastic sheets in a plastic bag, then he stood up looked at the dying figure, and said, “Oh, don’t worry about us no one will know we killed you”. Isabella leaned on him and said in a cute voice, “That’s right tomorrow’s breaking news will be Beauty Queen of Y City committed suicide because her father didn’t allow her to marry her lover and imprisoned her. Just think how your father will bear such news he must suffer a heart attack, oh, but you don’t worry after all I’m his wife and your stepmom it’s my responsibility to take care of him and his money.” Then she turned to Victor and said, “You should leave now the sleeping pills that I gave to Liam works only for 3 hours he will be awaked at any time soon.” “Ok honey, we will celebrate our victory after her funeral”, Victor said and kissed her lips passionately. Seeing them like this Anna’s heartache, she was hurt, sad and angry on herself, she wished in her heart, “God please I don’t want to die like a loser please give me one more chance so I can correct my mistakes ple...”, Anna breathes her last breath. Everything was black in front of her God didn’t listen to her prayers, God didn’t give her another chance.

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