Chapter 1

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* My name is Denai Bendali (Den- ay) and I am from the Westward Pack. Yes I've been called 'deny' by a few wolves mispronouncing my name. Who knows if by mistake or on purpose but it never bothers me I just correct them and keep talking. I have long dark, kinky curly hair that comes to the middle of my back and longer when straightened. My skin is dark brown and my eyes are olive green. (I know what a combination) My eyes are the only things that I got from my dad besides my rank as Gamma. At 5'5 I am the perfect forehead kissing height. (At least that's what my crush tells me) He's never physically kissed me there, but in my dreams he has. I guess dreams don't count because if they did we'd be mates by now and also with a litter of pups. My father died a few years ago and my mother died when I was a baby so I live alone. I have no memories of her because it was so long ago. I only have pictures and the older members of the pack tell me that I look just like her. I have so many memories of my father, he was amazing. (Simply perfect) Even now that he's gone, I still get gifts from him at our door for my birthday. It's usually flowers and a card of beautiful encouraging words, but last year I got a dress and one other year a necklace. (I miss him so much) Everyday I pray so hard to the Moon Goddess that my mate will be the kind of wolf my father was. It was hard on me at first, but I got so much support from most of the pack that I felt guilty for moping around. I just started holding it in until I got home, to cry my eyes out in peace. I still cry, but not as much and not as often. I have learned to remember the good times and they always bring a smile to my face. I don't really talk to a lot of people these days, because, I work a lot and I've started working even more since my dad is gone. I mean, I love my pack, but they don't compare to him. We all pretty much get along here, because, our Alpha is serious when it come to bullying. We do have some cases, but it isn't as bad as other packs and it's immediately stopped. If not there are consequences, because here we are not judged by rank, you must prove yourself in order to hold a position. Our pack warriors are among some of the biggest and toughest in the states, even though, we aren't the largest. Mostly everyone is expected to stay in form, that is, unless you are the Luna. My dad never had me to do rigorous workouts, but he did have me take private fighting lessons up until he died. No one knew about the lessons because they were in our back yard. (I guess he didn't want me to get hurt, because I'm not the biggest wolf in the pack) I never asked my dad if they were meant to be secret but I never told anyone because I was too busy living life and I'm not sure if he did. I doubt that I would ever have to use any of the stuff that I was taught anyways. Although, I have been thinking about training again. I just don't know when, so for now, all I do is run laps at the training grounds. The thought of training definitely doesn't have me motivated. I would also need someone to tell me what exercises to do. (But on the upside I always get to see Dean and his beautiful smile) Just seeing his curly red hair and brown eyes bring a smile to my face. From afar he looks nothing like his parents, but up close besides his hair, he's his dads twin. I don't know a lot about genetics, but I always wondered how two blondes had a red head. They did a great job because he is gorgeous, but it seems odd. (I guess I'm a rarity too) The dark brown skin of my mother and my fathers eyes. I used to wish that I looked more like him because those that weren't from this pack would stare at us. He had dark brown, straight hair and he always had a tan from training outside with the warriors. I got over it because I saw that there are so many people that look a lot different than their parents. The important thing is that there isn't a lack of love and support from one another. I was headed to work, like everyday when I kick a package at my front door as I step onto the porch. It's not my birthday, so I, have no idea what it is or who it could be from. I don't have time to open it, so I just put it on the kitchen counter, then I head off to work. I park and wave to the security guard on duty as I walk up to the employee entrance. The company that I work for keeps track of our pack records, and I, am the general manager. My job is to make sure that everyone else does their jobs correctly. It isn't difficult because once someone is trained they already know what to do. Me and a few other wolves, just look over all of the paper work to make sure everything is correct and that there aren't any mistakes before filing. (We have very good eyes so we hardly ever find anything wrong) Sometimes after work I hang out with a friend or two, but I mostly like to be at home alone, usually, reading. My friend Maggie usually drags me to the mall, to get something to eat, or to a bar. I don't have any best friends, but I like to think of everyone in the pack as my friends and family. Since Maggie and I have worked together for years we're closer than everyone else at the office, so that's why we hang out more. "Goddess woman, you're always the first person here and the last to leave," "Go out and do something to get your blood flowing," says Nelson my assistant. "Walk around the parking lot or something," he says when I don't come up with an excuse. "I already have enough excitement in my life when Maggie drags me with her," I say finally coming up with something. "No you don't, because, you still just sit there while she enjoys herself," "But I do enjoy spending time with her," "Just find a hobby that gets all of your limbs moving," "I guess I can train at the pack training grounds" "Yes that would be great for you, but be careful," "Start off slow," he says with a caring smile. "I will definitely be careful" (And if I'm not Dean, will help me) "Are you just thinking of going to train to watch Dean or are you actually going to train?" asks Areta my wolf after Nelson leaves and I go back to working on my computer. "I guess I could ask someone for help," "Possibly Dean," I reply with a smile, just thinking of him holding my hand and deciding to walk around the training grounds with me instead of training. "Denai I need to train," "Your parents gave you good strong genes, but I need to always be on my game so that I can protect you," "I'm fine Areta, we barely go anywhere," "But what if a threat comes to us,?" "Do you really want to take a chance and put your life in the hands of someone else and be a damsel in distress,?" I think for a second. "Well what do you have me for,?" "Am I just your conscience that you don't listen too,?" "I'm sorry Areta I didn't think about that," "I never wanted to offend you," "You are strong and brave, I just want Dean to like me," I say as I shrug. "You're beautiful, I'm sure he already does'' she says, now sounding calmer.
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