chapter 1

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Elsa is a dead woman or at least she will be if she doesn't stop calling me "what! I swear if it's not something important I'll..kill.." " dude chill Jesus..." Elsa laughed and I cursed underneath my breath i swear I'm gonna kill this girl " but I'm very serious right now what I'm about to tell you I pure hot gossip girl and very important" she squealed at the end making me roll my eyes "so Jake Newton asked me out yaayyyy.....and I kinda need a lie and also..... please don't say no... a professional make over " I could literally see her smiling. I let out a very long groan this girl will be the death of me " and who is gonna do the make over ? And let's not even get me started on who you're gonna use to lie" I said as I got out of bed *yay Elly you've successfully woken me up * . " aww common we both know what I'm talking about what about a lesson or a tutoring session or ....urmmmm oh! What about a night vigil huh?" Elsa said with a whole lot of hope in her voice. "well chill dude I'm not using the church to lie and your parents won't buy the tutor s**t anymore you've used it like a thousand times and it's not like I'm lo that smart so ... Bye I'm hanging up right now I need to pee " " but you can pee and talk " " I don't want to " " but.." "Byeee..." With this I hung up and went to the bathroom . I ended up taking a shower anyway and got back into bed yeah I'm a very lazy person and I need sleep don't judge me it males people grow. 'Bang bang' someone kept banging on my door oh God when someone finally decides to get a decent amount of sleep the person me can't even sleep in peace. I got out of bed ready to kill as i opened the door.. " Dude wassup" Elsa walked into my apartment all dressed up smiling like she just won a lottery and just like that, I knew I was about to be annoyed " please don't tell me " .... "Yhup."Elsa said popping the p "I told them that we have an online tutorial and I needed to be here very early so we can read after the tutorials.. You see the tutorial s**t always works out" She smiled as she made her way to the kitchen to make herself only God knows. I shook my head i didn't even know what to tell her so I went followed her to the kitchen. Elsa aka Elly has been my bestie since the 8th grade. When I moved to Oaktown I didn't know anyone and didn't talk to anyone until I met Elsa she was sassy, blunt and was classified under the mean girls but little did they know she was a geek in disguise. We first met in the library when we bonded over some books and our love for Anime. From there we became inseparable and that was when I started becoming more opened. Elsa taught me alot she helped me realize a lot of things which really boosted my self esteem. Elsa is very pretty and I think her parents named her that because of her piercing blue eyes and bright blonde hair that sometimes looks yellowish white under the sun.. well now she dyes her hair white to match her name the more I guess when ever I ask her why,she always tells me frozen baby. likeeee.. " omg .. Jake just sent me a heart emoji " she squealed so loud I swear my TV kinda cracked. " urmm.. So??" I asked obviously in interested in her love life with Jake what so ever "So... It means I might hookup tonight duuhh" she rolled her eyes " well you always do" I said which I know sounded kind of rude..but she woke me up from my sleep she is behind my rudeness " I'm slightly offended but I,won't let you ruin this for me so...common help me do my facials baby girl" she tried to give me her best puppy eyes. " urrgggh fine " . Five minutes later I'm done with her make up and she's set for her awesome **internally gagging** Date with Jake f*****g newton. Yeah its obvious I don't like him and also obvious I'm a make up guru I don't mean to brag **wink wink**. "You should totally come lyna this will be amazing I mean he can invite Henry and this can be a double date what do you think " Elsa squealed Jesus does this girl want to make me deaf?. " Nope I'm not going with you besides I have somewhere to be " I shrugged. " you're always busy lee( yhup that's my nickname given by my and only Elly) where do you even go too?" " omg look at the time Elly your date would be really mad won't he? I mean you're 10 minutes late hurry up would ya." I stood up holding out her purse. " shoot! I didn't even notice thanks Lee bye see ya by 4am I hope" with this she rushed out and within a minute she was gone. I laid in bed for 10 minutes or so doing nothing just laying in bed looking at my ceiling which was covered in glow in the dark stars well my wall was also covered in them. Why you may ask, well because I love to feel I'm always outside like I love the felling of being able to think just by looking at the stars. I stayed in that position for a while that I didn't notice I was gonna be late. I immediately stood up and got ready for my some what amazing night.
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