Tomorrow With You

Tomorrow With You

second chance
arranged marriage


Where is she going to this kind of night?

I decided to follow her. Me being a creep mode on.

She went outside the building, And was ready to cross the pedestrian lane. I just followed her and saw her texting someone.

She crossed the pedestrian lane, She was now standing in the middle of the two roads. The traffic light was still in Green. I was left standing in the first lane, Observing her.

She was texting yet again.

I saw a man from infront of her lane, The man seems a bit off, And I saw it. He was wearing a black cap, And a black coat. Underneath the coat he was holding a silencer gun, Pointing straight to Monique's direction.

Everything around me go slow.

Monique was still oblivious that the danger was infront of her.

There are so many cars, Passing by.

"Monique!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

I saw her, Slowly turning to face me.

Her face.

That's the only thing I kept my focus on while trying to run to her.

Avoiding all the cars.

I heard so many horns blowing against me. But I kept on running. Running closer for her.

But it feels so slow. Everything is so slow.

She looks at me like she didn't know what I was doing.

When I came near her, I hugged her and turn her around.

That's when I feel it.

The sudden burst of pain shoots inside of me.

But I didn't flinched.

I stood still, Hugging her so tight.

"Dino? What are you doing?" She asked. Oh, baby. I almost lost you again. That's what I want to tell her.

"Just hug me for five minutes. And don't be loud. Don't protest. Just hug me." I replied to her that I felt like I was also gasping for breath. I don't know how long I will be able to endure the pain I'm feeling, All I know in this time is that it's not safe for me to let Monique go. Because anytime soon she can be shot by the gunman.

She hugs me back, So tight.

Then she flinched.

."Din... Dino?" He voice is shaking. She must be touched the blood.

"What is this?" She stood frozen.

"Ssshhh.... Be quiet. He must still be here. He may shoot again, This time... He will make sure it was you." I breath in pain.

She hugs me tight and snuggle her head on my chest. Crying.

"Oh, God. Dino. Oh, God." That's all she can say. She was crying silently but full of misery.

"Im fine." I examine to look at the surroundings and I can't see the Gunman anymore. But I still need to make sure.

"Let's walk, Casually back to the company and don't let it be known that I was shot. Okay?" I asked her. She just nods endlessly.

I hug ber shoulder as we walked back to the Company. Still protecting her. She just bent down and trembled with fear. I struggled to walk even though my eyesight was spinning. Just a little bit, I told myself.

When we entered the company I fell to the floor. And all I could see was blury, I saw her screaming and screaming. Crying hysterically. I hold out my hands to her I want to tell you not to worry. I'm fine. I can no longer feel the pain because it hurts more to see her like this. Scared, Helpless and alone.

And it all went black.

***Content Warning***

If you are looking for a Book that is about Fairytale, Romcom, Typical Romance and Clichés. This is not the book for you.

This Book contains, Dark, Twisted and Tragic romance.

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