In Love With a Bad Boy


5 steamy bad boy erotic short stories all in one book!

Story 1: Seducing Danger

Story 2: You're Not So Badd

Story 3: Hotter Than Fire

Story 4: The Lone Wolf

Story 5: Undercover Fire

Warning: These stories contain explicit s*x details and are for mature audiences only. 

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Seducing Danger Chapter 1: Seductive Preparations
SEDUCING DANGER CHAPTER 1: SEDUCTIVE PREPARATIONSTESSA HAD BEEN DRIVING ALL day, anxious to reach the final destination of her lengthy trip from New York to Miami. And she’d finally made it, pulling up to the small, one-storey house she’d be renting for the next several weeks. It had taken her quite some time to locate her objective, the man she’d come all this way to find. And now all she had to do was find him. And kill him. Well, she would first determine whether the man was worthy of such a fate, but it made sense. And if he wasn’t the man she was looking for, he would know who was. She was certain of it. She wouldn’t have gone to all this trouble if she’d believed otherwise. With quite some effort, she’d managed to get herself a fake ID to use for the rental of the house; the same identification she’d used to procure a weapon for her task. And now armed with a curve-hugging, little black dress and a pair of stiletto heels, all she had to do was run into him casually and seduce him—as soon as she figured out where to find him. Sure, she’d been able to figure out that he was in Miami, but Miami was a big city, and it had taken her weeks to narrow down her search to a few choice locations. And first on the list: The Atomique—a bar a half-mile away that he was known to frequent with some regularity. And being a Friday night, there was a decent chance she’d find him there tonight. She unlocked the door and dropped her suitcase on the dining table as she made her way around the house to become acquainted with her surroundings. For a house, it was small, but bigger than the one-bedroom apartment she’d lived in the past several years. It didn’t matter though; she didn’t require a great deal of space for what she’d come to do. Her tour of the house complete, she grabbed her luggage and towed it along to the bedroom down the short hall, tossing it on the bed and retrieving her seductive costume from inside. A quick shower and she was dressed, surveying her appearance in the full-length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. She hadn’t worn anything so ridiculous in her life. Though, it wasn’t ridiculous exactly, just nothing she’d had occasion to wear even once in her twenty-four years. The soft satin grazed her curves without clinging to them obscenely; the hem fell to just past mid-thigh; and the neckline was low enough to reveal the upper swells of her breasts without making her worry she might fall out if she bent over. Perhaps she should have invested in something tighter…shorter…something that said, “Take me home and screw me now”. The dress she wore seemed only to whisper it coyly, enticing observers with just a hint at what secrets laid beneath. But there was no time to go shopping—even if she had the cash to replace a dress that had cost more than her entire wardrobe. She’d been practicing her flirting skills on the trip to Miami; she’d just have to rely on those and hope it was enough. She ran a brush through her long, dark hair, added a touch of mascara and dabbed her cupid bow lips with a silken, red gloss that made her pout near-irresistible—even in her own assessment. She then walked back and forth across the house in her heels—just to make sure her weeks of practice hadn’t been for nothing. Satisfied she wasn’t going to fall over or make a fool of herself, she grabbed her purse, checked that the gun was tucked neatly inside, way down deep in the bottom, and locked up the house behind her. This was it. She just had to hope that the universe was on her side and the guy showed up.

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