The Older Brother


Dayna is outspoken, with friends who are mostly out there, loud and open bringing attention to themselves anywhere they go.

Lincoln is quiet, keeping mostly to himself and dodging anything that has to do with attention or attachment.

All that changes the day Dayna gets caught up in deep trouble and the only one that seems to be able to help, is the unwilling and annoyed Lincoln.

Suddenly, it's as though Lincoln can't shake the damn girl off.

Suddenly she's started to grow on him.

All he wanted was to pick up his younger brother from the party. Turns out he got more than he bargained for. Some of which, doesn't come with a return label.


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Chapter 1: Priceless
"And his hands are so f*****g good! I mean the way he just cupped them, so perfectly too. I never would've imagined, for a nerdy guy like him, he is good with both the double ds and the fat a*s" she moaned as she cupped her own breast lost in a daydream of her midnight snack, well one of her many midnight snacks. Lisa was curvy, in all the right places, she was the type of girl you wished you could be because she was a woman. Her curves were the curves of Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, and Bette Davis. They just whispered sex. Not to mention her beautiful blonde hair that practically spilled over in pools of curls, I always envied her for being able to rock blonde since she's a natural brunette. She's like one of those bombshell models sprawled on magazines, or those Hardee's girls on top of cars eating burgers in bikinis. Me? Im not a bombshell model, or tan like the others, in fact I hate the sun, it bothers me. No I'm not a vampire, I mean I have the long black hair that could counter that statement but I just hate sunlight. I'm not pale white, I'm just normal I guess. Everything about me is just normal. Well, almost everything, my eyes aren't normal. I have one that's blue, and another thats green. But if you didn't actually stare into them you'd hardly be able to tell. Mom used to say it was because I held the ocean and trees in my soul. It was better when Mom said it. "Okay Lis, if you keep holding your breast, Jimmy boy over there is going to pull out his Jimmy John and start thrusting it on you." Kyla stated with a deep laugh as we all turned to look at Jameson gawk. Highschool is a place where boys get to look, and girls get to show off their goods. I like to think of it as a mating pool. The cafeteria, now that's the biggest place for it all, the place we all gather to pretend that we aren't actually eye shopping for our next good f**k. My eyes got distracted from Jameson and landed to my favorite day dream. He was a hunk, you know, those tall dark and handsome guys? The ones with muscle, blonde hair and blue eyes? Oh god, those melt me to the core. "She's day dreaming about Clark again." Lisa said smirking over at me. I shook off my daydream to look to Maddi who just plopped down next to me, she looked like she had huge news, I could tell because her normally very curly ginger hair, was extra curly. "What's the gossip hun?" I popped a grape in my mouth and waited. She smiled, "Well, we're getting ourselves a new student today and DAMN is he fine." She sighed in glee. It's been a while since we had a hot new guy, he'll be laid by the end of this week. I smirked at Maddis sudden desire for the guy, "Wheres Todd?" I asked, taunting her about her boyfriend. This girl is a whole new level of unfaithful, I feel so bad for him. She laughed sarcastically, "Okay seriously though, he's so damn fine." She dismissed poor Todd.  Rolling my eyes I nodded, "Yeah yeah, of course he's fine he's a new student. All new kids are delicious. It's fresh meat!" I said as of it was obvious. Kyla glimpsed over my shoulder and gawked. "He is, so damn Fine." She muttered. Well, more like moaned, since it came out in a "heaven singing laaaa" voice. Turning my head, I glanced over to see the guy but he was alright. Tall, denim jeans, a tshirt, boots, and that sort of long hair you brush back with your fingers a million times. He seemed good enough. Not to die for, I mean he looked like a pretty boy. Yeah, he's cute. Typical 'I'm a bad boy like John Bender' kind of look. The sound of the bell ringing echoed throughout the school, and I stood grabbing my bag, slinging it over my shoulder and then pulling my hair into a high ponytail, which didn't always mean it would stay out of my way...my hairs a jerk. Always in my way. "Lets get to class early so we can see if he's in our class!" Maddi silently screeched to Kyla grabbing her arm and hauling her to class. Adios! Lisa was still daydreaming about last night, by day dreaming I mean sleeping. Shaking her shoulder I leaned down, "Hey sexy baby, wanna go for another round?" I whispered in her ear waiting for her response with a smirk on my lips. She moaned really loud, and I slammed my hand on her mouth getting a few stares, "Wake up nymphomaniac!" One of the jocks called out and I flipped him the bird. She loves s*x, is that really such a bad thing? "Come on Lisa, we got class" - Class time is my least favorite part of the day, especially Anatomy. It's pretty horrible when we watch the poor animals being slit open and poked and prowled at like a piece of broccoli...bad analogy? Lifting my head from out of my bag, I glanced up to see the new guy walking in with a deep look on his face like he has something to say but just wants to wait till you stop talking so he can put you in your place. You know that look? This whole new guy thing isn't my style. In fact it's actually lame in my eyes, this reminds me of the typical 'new guy goes to school, good girl changes him, they fall in love' kind of story. Those stories lie. "He's a hottie...who's he?" She smirked looking over at the new guy with deep desire. She fell asleep, right. "The new guy." She grinned with a floppy smile as I said 'new'. Laughing I focused on my books ignoring the drools and talk from everyone around. "Well Derek, you can have a seat anywhere." The teacher stated trying to look busy. I tuned out the teacher until a body plopped itself on my desk. "Is this a good enough seat?" He said snarky. With his a*s covering half my book, I looked back up at him with a fake smile, "Sorry, out of your budget, go try for the back wall or the floor." I yanked my book from under him and watched as he fell to the floor on his a*s smirking. I ignored him as he laughed "I like this one, what's your name gorgeous?" He asked as if it was some nineteen fifties black and white film. Cocking an eyebrow I sat back, "The names Out. Out of -" I went to finish but he cut me off "Out of my budget, I'm quite sure of that Darling, mind if I nickname you?" He smiled. I ignored him and looked to the teacher who just seemed amused. Oh you are so great at doing your job lady. "Are you naturally this obnoxious and annoying or is this a new thing you've decided to adopt?" I scowled. He laughed, "I'm naming you Priceless. Cause nothing's out of my budget baby, unless it's priceless." Oh wow so smooth. Not. I focused back on my books ignoring him. "You're a cutie when your angry." He tipped my chin and that set me off the edge. Grabbing his hand off, I slammed it to the desk hearing it smack hard. I'm not the type of girl to let a guy grip or grab me. That just doesn't settle well with me. "Don't touch." I said scowling at him with a disgusted glare. Lisa laughed and looked him over, "Go play with someone else silly boy." She said. He nodded with his snarky grin and took a seat by the brainiac Heather. Good choice. "You really don't like him huh?" Lisa said laughing low. I shook my head, "I hate cocky guys." She nodded "same." I've hated snarky guys for years now, they do nothing but bring migraines and aggravation.

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