Chapter 2 Stepmother, Natural Mother

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The young Lady looked silent while watching the entire room, then she placed her bag beside the mattress. Then approach the housemaid, look at the housemaid for a while and leave. The young Lady immediately went downstairs. She walked into the living room and returned to her original seat. While the housemaid followed him from behind to the living room, back to the big Lady. The big Lady saw her stepson come back here with the housemaid. He stopped talking to her husband. He looked at the girl for a moment, watching as she remained expressionless. Big Mistress also suspected that this girl did not like the decoration of her new room. She was almost frustrated with this first meeting. But her husband patted her shoulder, smiled sweetly at her, gesturing to remain strong and not give up. The young girl's father also said, "Honey, I want to talk to you for a moment!" who then stood up and walked out of this house. The young girl followed his father's steps from behind. He looked at the four people for a moment, then returned to the front, following his father. His gaze was cold and sharp without a smile that made everyone confused should act on him. The young girl's father stopped at the veranda of the house. He stared at his little girl, who was growing up. Spontaneous young girl's father knelt in front of him, he said "Honey, please listen to father! I'm really sorry for leaving you all this time. Dad doesn't deserve to be your father, but can't you accept the big Lady being your mother? She will be your mother, and you have two siblings who will take care of you always. Your life will be much better. Trust the father! ". But the father, who was getting older, the young girl smiled sweetly. She said, "I forgive father, but I can not enter into a family that has lived happily." The young girl's father smiled sweetly. He understood now. He understood about his daughter. It was true what his daughter said. The young girl's father nodded his head once, then smiled sweetly and said, "Yeah, right, what you say is true. But believe me that they will welcome you with a happy feeling. Old Lady wants to have a daughter. This is an excellent opportunity for you and dad ... dad and he love each other. Can't you be nice to him? " "Father, get up! I am sorry to have troubled my father all this time. What was acute was not his fear but how he looked after me later and treated me. Old Lady whispered to me. She seemed to defend me. But I don't know whether it's true or not!" "It's a shame to believe in you and dad. Dad will protect you. I won't let anyone hurt you, anyone including stepmothers and stepbrothers!" said the father of the young girl, who then stood up and hugged her daughter. After that, the two returned home, and the young girl smiled sweetly at her new family for the first time. The beautiful, long-haired, and quiet young girl actually possessed more than that. Sweet young girl, and she is named Zhi Zhe. Yes, that is my name and me. I have a new family and two cold brothers. Zhi Zhe Smiling sweetly and sitting in its original place, there was a housemaid ready to take orders behind me. Father sat down again beside the big Lady, whom I might call mother. But I doubt that title for him. When I returned, two stepbrothers left the place. They didn't say a word to me. Madame, my stepmother, said, "Zhi Zhe, welcome to a new life. Mama will take care of you like your mother, Mama..... "not yet finished, I immediately left this room. I directly get out of this house, run away from this place. That's when the great Lady, at the same time my father's new wife, was confused. He immediately stood up and said, "Honey, let's go after him before he goes far ?!" "What? Did I say something wrong ?!" "No, but your words taking care of him like his mother hurt him. She is traumatized by her birth mother. Never mind, this is also not your fault. We have to chase him before something happens to him!" he said, hurrying out of the house. His young wife soon followed him, they both immediately ran out looking for the young girl. Grandmother or father's young wife panicked. He was sad and did not expect to fail again. She was frightened of the failure, but her husband held her hand tightly until feelings of trust in the second life existed. She and her husband rushed to look for a young girl. Zhi Zhe. Keep running away from the family. I did not think my stepmother was ruthless. His words really scared me. I have to run from him now. I have to go. But my steps stopped, as soon as I hit see one and made it fall to the ground. A student dressed neatly with a few friends. The person I hit was immediately helped by his friend to stand up, and I immediately stood up and apologized. I didn't see his face. I kept my head down. "Sorry, I'm sorry!" I said without further length. I immediately stood up and ran back. Not long after, the father and stepmother came. They both asked the young girl. It so happened that the person they asked was someone who had been hit by a young girl. "Sorry, did you see a young girl around here? He has long hair. He runs away scared!" asked the father. "Ah, is this young girl ... oh yes, she ran there! He was in such a hurry, "said one of them. "Thank you," replied the father, lowering his body with the stepmother. Then the father and stepmother again ran for the young girl who kept running nonstop. A group of male students who got the question began to suspect the two people. "Ah, this is strange! He just told me a young girl, and she ran scared, right?" one of them asked. "Yeah, right, what's wrong?" "Are they perhaps kidnappers?" "Hey, where is the neat kidnapper? Just look like he looks like a rich man!" "Yes! But don't we know who the perpetrators are today? " "Ah ... right, it should be ...!" without waiting for the cues of his friends to go after the two people first. A male student who was left behind soon followed his friends. Zhi Zhe. I never realized that I had run so far, that I had never learned that I had entered a highway full of vehicles and cars. I accidentally stopped in the middle of the road. The vehicle was immediately speeding towards me, crashing into me until I was thrown away and fell to the ground. Fresh blood directly flowed out, soaking the asphalt, and my eyes began to close. I don't know what happened, but it will be much better than me having to hang in there. The accident stopped several cars, causing traffic jams. Father and stepmother found a young girl, so did a group of students. They all saw the young girl dive into an accident, and fresh blood came from all over her body. Terrible !, he is almost beyond salvation. "Zhi ... Zhi Zhe!" my father shouted to the young girl. Zhi Zhe's father immediately hugged his daughter tightly, while his stepmother could not do anything. The Zhi Zhe collector immediately contacted an ambulance. He also apologized for this incident. A group of students stopped running after two people, none other than Zhi Zhe's father and stepmother. Everything ended, ended on the highway. Completed in the morning.
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