Chapter 1 Mistress

1177 Kata
Beautiful view of Malvado City in the morning. Chirping birds are beautiful, flowers are blooming in the park, and the townspeople's activities in the morning are so eager to welcome the morning. A car drove on the road to its destination. In the car, a middle-aged man wearing neat clothes complete with his suit was driving the vehicle. Next to him was a girl who was 19 years old. The girl has long hair, she has a sweet and beautiful face. Throughout the trip, the girl was silent. She stared forward, staring at the emptiness. He did not speak a word to the man beside him. Seeing the girl keep quiet, the man was eager to talk to her but saw the circumstances that made it impossible for him. He suspected the girl was annoyed at him. Not long after, the car stopped at a large and luxurious house. Their arrival was welcomed by several servants and homeowners. A beautiful woman with two teenage men beside her. The young girl and middle-aged man saluted the owner of the house. But the girl did not show the slightest smile when she met. The owner of the house, the great lady, approached the girl. The girl continued to put on a frowning face. "Hey, beautiful lady, what is your name?" he said. The girl remained silent, middle-aged man also turned to him. The middle-aged man looked at him with a sharp look. But still, the young girl was quiet with a face without a smile. "Ah well, I understand, you're nervous meeting me! It's okay, today I will introduce you to your new family. Teaching this is your first brother. His name is Yasashi Egao. You may call him Yasashi's sister, "he said, raising his first child, who was handsome and cold. Then the middle-aged woman, or the woman with the big lady, re-introduced her second son. "This is your second sister. Her name is Zanko Kuna Chui. Yes, about these two mama's children, you don't hesitate ... (whisper words in the ears of young girls) if they are naughty to you, just beat up mama won't get angry!" starts to move away and smile sweetly at middle-aged men. Then they were invited in and sat on the couch. The housekeeper immediately prepared drinks on the table for the two guests. Middle-aged men sit next to the great lady. They look romantic and love each other. But the young girl remained silent, but this time she put on a flat face. He sat alone while the two stepsisters sat side by side. The big lady smiled sweetly. She watched the young girl once in a while, then she whispered with a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man is the father of a young girl, and he is the husband of the great lady. The young girl did not recognize her father any. Further, he lived in a college. Today he left his place to live with his new family. The young girl's attitude was icy, even she was like a statue not speaking a word. The father of the young girl also said, "Sorry, dear, he's just not used to all this. It's my fault. I left him until he didn't know me well. But I hope with all this, he can communicate with his siblings, be a girl like the other girls!" "Yes, it is okay. Later he will also get used to all this. But I really hope he accepts me as his mother." "Yes, he will definitely accept you as his mother!" "Yes, I hope so. I hope he can also accept Yasashi and Zanko as his brother!" Then the middle-aged woman, or what she called the big lady, called a young servant who was well-dressed, like a servant. He is a friendly smile and obedient. "Yes, madam, can I help you?" he said while lowering his body, saluting his employer. "I want you to take the young lady to her room. Have you prepared the room right?" "Yes, great lady!" "Good, young lady, follow him! He will show you where your new room is" Without expression, even without a word, the young girl immediately stood up while carrying her bag. The girl looked so depressed that the great lady and her stepmother were unfortunate to see her. The young girl followed the housemaid, who took her to her new room. The girl walked like a ghost, no footsteps echoing every path she traveled. It was quiet except for the house maid's footsteps. The maid and the girl began to climb each step until they took her to the second floor of this house. Then drive her to a room that is none other than the girl's new room. The housemaid immediately opened the door, immediately, the atmosphere of his new room was visible. The new space was an elegant white girl and filled with large dolls. Cute dolls for girls. Housemaids, too, said with a friendly smile, "Young lady, this is your room. Miss. Miss, what is your name? May I arrange the items of the lady in this room? " The young girl raised her hand up then pointed right and left without an answer, signaling that her actions were unnecessary. The housemaid who received a cold response did not just give up. The big lady gave her orders to treat the young girl well and was asked to win her heart to accept the big lady like her mother. The housemaid understood that dealing with this young girl would not be accessible until she called the big lady her mother. Yes, this was a reasonably precise estimate after seeing the behavior of this young girl who was so unwilling to talk to anyone. His attitude was cold and very different from those of the two young masters. The young lady looked silent while watching the entire room, then she placed her bag beside the mattress. Then approach the housemaid, look at the housemaid for a while and leave. The young lady immediately went downstairs. She walked into the living room and returned to her original seat. While the housemaid followed him from behind to the living room, back to the big lady. The big lady saw her stepson come back here with the housemaid, he stopped talking to her husband. He looked at the girl for a moment, watching as she remained expressionless. Big Mistress also suspected that this girl did not like the decoration of her new room. She was almost frustrated with this first meeting. But her husband patted her shoulder, smiled sweetly at her, gesturing to remain strong and not give up. The young girl's father also said, "Honey, I want to talk to you for a moment!" who then stood up and walked out of this house. The young girl followed his father's steps from behind. He looked at the four people for a moment, then returned to the front, following his father. His gaze was cold and sharp without a smile that made everyone confused should act on him.
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