CHAPTER 2 The Future Luna

1340 Words
  I was in the Alpha suite, cleaning as I did almost every day when I felt hands around me. I jumped and clutched my chest. I glared at the man who dared put his hands on me.   "Hey, you," he said. I gave him a dirty look, showing him how much I abhorred him.   "Excuse me," I spat, grabbing my supplies and leaving the room but he held me again, wrapping his filthy hands around me.   "Let me f*****g go, Gray!"   He was indeed shameless, he didn't care that Stacy can walk in any minute now.   "I'm sorry they hurt you," He said, his gaze roaming around my body. I pulled my shirt lower, I didn't have a wolf so my healing was really slow.   I scoffed and turned around.   "You are married, don't touch, or speak to me again," I sneered. Opening the door, I met Stacy on the door, she gave me a disgusting look and her gaze went past my shoulder to see her husband. Grayson only turned around and went to his office. She sniffed me.   "You are such a w***e!" She screamed, slapping my face. I didn't even know if it hurt at this point because I was so used to it. I tried not to fight back, but she pushed me against the wall.   "How dare you come here to seduce my mate!" She shrieked. For someone who thought herself beautiful, she was insecure especially when it came to me. I easily raised my knee to kick her and she lets go of me. She crouched down, holding her stomach.   "You f*****g b***h! I'm your Luna!"   "No you're not," I said in a bored voice. She knew very well that her mate came on me but is too proud to accept that. I bent down and grabbed her hair " Tell your f*****g husband to stay away from me,"   Stacy attacked me again but I blocked her punches. The door opened and Grayson walked out, he pulled me closer to him and went to Stacy, cupping her face.   "Stop it, you're embarrassing yourself," he said, looking around the bystanders. His gaze fell on me.   "Get out," he ordered.   "I was already on my way, asshat," I murmured as I went on to clean the yard.   I was cleaning when my wolf, Kira, alerted me that we were being watched. I lifted my gaze to the top floor and indeed, Grayson was looking at me intently. I only glared at him with hate and my skin crawled when his new mate stood behind him, caressing his bare chest. I looked away and continued my work.   After spending the day working on my knees and hands, I was more than happy to go home to see, my baby brother but the new Mrs. Mars wouldn't allow it! She f*****g gave me more work in the kitchen.   Everyone was running around in the kitchen, cooking and preparing meals for tonight's banquet since the king was coming. The chef, a short bitter middle-aged woman glared at me.   "It's this unruly girl again, what is she doing in my kitchen!" She shouted. Yep, she wasn't too fond of me, in fact, no one at the packhouse was. No one answered her. The staff gasped when a loud bang resounded.   "Again! Why is she in my kitchen!" she squealed, making me cover my ears. She wasn't only rude, but awfully loud too. I pursed my lips, waiting for someone to answer her since she didn't ask me directly.   "The future Luna said she is to help out," Someone answered her. She snarled, and gave me a once-over,   "Start peeling potatoes and don't cause any trouble because I will burn you with hot oil," she threatened. I only narrowed my eyes at her and took one long stride towards her. I towered over her and growled, making her jump. It pleased me to see her look of fear on her face and I smirked.   My hand reached past her to get a kitchen knife and put it in her face, Mrs. Li was shaking in fear.   "Someone get me the potatoes," I smiled creepily without taking my gaze off the short chef.   I turned around and got a stool, peeling the potatoes without complaining.   "I heard that he can't keep a woman, they all die and that's why even at the age of twenty-eight, he has no queen," One of the kitchen helpers said to her friend. They were talking about the Alpha king.   "Why?"   "I don't know... He has a short temper and easily kills them when he's bored," The girl frowned.   "Debbie once said they danced together at a party. She wouldn't stop praising his good looks,"   "I know, we heard that story the whole year," The other young lady giggled.   "What else do you know about him?"   "Other than what you know, nothing. The king keeps his life private despite being on the throne for seven years,"   I listened to the girls converse about the Alpha king and what they said shocked me. They made him sound like a monster and a shiver went down my spine.   By the time it was evening, everyone was frantic, running around and when someone announced that the king's entourage was here, it was silent.   "The hall, now, now," The organizer commanded, breaking the stillness in the room. Someone put a tray of drinks in my hands and pushed me out.   The hall was decorated beautifully and the king's entourage was already on the high table along with our Alpha, his family, and the beta's family. However, the king's seat and two others were empty. Was he running late or was everyone just early? And why the f**k did I care! My heart was drumming in my chest. I was snapped out of my thought when a slap landed on my cheeks.   "Ouch!" I groaned. Mrs. Li was fuming at me. I glared at her in anger.   "Why the f**k did you slap me, you wench!" I shouted. My eyes blazed with anger and she gasped epically, her heart pounding as she slowly backed away from me.   "Y- you- you were spilling all the drinks, so lost in your thoughts and I did the first thing I thought," She screamed. I groaned at the back of my throat. I was f*****g tired of people laying their hands on me. I had the strong urge to react and slap her back but I contained myself.   "Breathe, breathe, Adira,"   I walked past the woman, making sure to hit her slightly with my body. I refilled my tray with new drinks and went back to the banquet, serving. I glanced at the king's empty seat again. Where was he?   My lazy gaze roamed to Debbie and Cara, they asked men from the king's palace to dance with them but they were rejected. That immediately brightened my mood. I was working with a gentle smile on my lips when I was suddenly pushed into a dark corner of the room. I gasped, seeing Grayson smiling at me.   "Let go of me," I hissed, trying to push him away but his hands were tightly holding my waist. I could smell the alcohol on him.   "I know you hate me," He whispered in my ear. My gaze wandered around the room to see if someone could have seen but they were too busy drinking and dancing.   "No, I don't, Grayson. I despise you," I said. I managed to detach myself from him but as I turned to walk away, he grabbed my wrist and turned me towards him, my chest slammed into him and he wrapped his arms around me.   "Forgive me, please,"   I didn't care to hear him out. I was still struggling with Grayson when it hit me, the most remarkable scent in the world, fresh cut grass. The whole banquet went silent as two extremely tall handsome men entered the room.   "TOUCH MY MATE AGAIN, AND I'LL RIP YOUR f*****g ARMS OFF!" A growl resounded.
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