1. Bonfires and kings

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Everleigh Last week of school, everyone is planning graduation parties. But the big deal with mine was it was wolves only, seeing as it was located on the rez. I am at the top of my school and going to Harvard. They think they can’t come because it’s law that only the Rez tribes are allowed in but the truth is on the Rez we are free to be ourselves and we can’t risk them watching us shift. Rez is actually my favorite place, well our Rez is my favorite of all of them. I don’t actually shift like everyone else but it’s nice to see the people in wolf form and to be themselves, we do have a high school on the rez but I sort of refuse to go. The rez isn’t that big, we have the common houses, then the noble houses and the lake. We are throwing my graduation party in the king's mansion, which is smack in the middle. It will be the first time anyone enters the mansion as most parties are thrown in the Rez ballroom. I have been invited to five graduation parties so far and I’m not even sure how I am going to make it to any of them. I’m also worried about my graduation/ birthday party. Yes my parents are taking them and smashing them together, I guess that’s what you get when you’re turning 18 the day of graduation. Oh and with all the wolves on the Rez being there they are hoping I’ll find my mate. But I don’t really care about having a mate as if I am to be mated it’ll take away Harvard. Mates are these silly little things the moon goddess so called ‘gifts’ us with. It’s basically a soulmate and every wolf has at least two. The second mate is not activated unless the first mate dies. I don’t want a mate, especially not from here. “Earth to Everleigh,” my best friend Jenny says waving her hand in my face. “I’m sorry what?” I asked, looking at her. “I asked if you were making it to the BonFire tonight?” She says, “Oh yeah I am,” I shrug, not really caring. Every year there’s a huge “school is out” Bonfire. I’ve been there every year. I don't get why this year would be any different. “Good, because I told Sam you’d be there,” she smiled. I jerked my head towards her with a glare. “Why?” I asked, almost upset about it. She’s been trying to set me up with Sam the Alpha of our pack. “Because he likes you, plus y’all could be mates and just don’t know it since you’re not 18 yet,” she shrugs. “You would think the alpha would have already mated,” I spat. “I’m personally not a fan of our cocky arrogant young Alpha who sleeps with a new she- wolf every week.” I whispered. “Well he hasn’t, he’s 21 and hot,” Jenny says. “Then you mate with him,” I rolled my eyes. “I’ve already had my turn,” she winked and I gagged. “Now why would I want to mate with a man who has slept with my best friend?” I asked. She just shrugs and gets up as we sensed the bell was about to ring. “Miss Jennifer, the bell hasn’t rung. Is there a reason you are so eager to leave my class?” Mrs. Miller asks. “It’s Jenny and 3, 2, 1,” Jenny smiled and the bell rang, earning her a glare from Mrs. Miller making me laugh. “Everyone out and enjoy life outside of High school,” Mrs. Miller says as all the seniors filed out of the classroom for the last time. Jenny and I walked out to my car, I got into the driver's seat as she slid into the passenger seat. “So graduation in a week, how do you feel?” She asks me. “I think you meant to ask me something else,” I raised an eyebrow at her. “Okay fine, so your 18th birthday is in a week. How do you feel?” She corrected herself. “Great, as long as I’m not mated to Sam,” I smirked knowing it would annoy her. “Don’t you ever want to find your mate?” She asks. “After Harvard,” I smiled big just saying Harvard. “What’s the big deal about Harvard? Ev, no she-wolf goes to college,” she says. “That’s why Harvard is so important, Jen, I’m not made to mate to some wolf or alpha and be some house wife and baby machine. I want more than that,” I smiled. “So you want to go to human college and what? Become a lawyer?” She snorts. “Or a doctor,” I shrug. “Anything but some wolf housewife,” “Any girl would kill to be a housewife in our world,” Jenny says. “That’s because we were raised to wait for our mates so we can start popping out babies and wait around all day. This isn’t the 1950s,” I point out. “No it’s not but it’s our culture,” she says. “Well I want to start something new, Sam signed my papers so that I could go to Harvard. Law is law Jen,” I smiled. “Stupid Sam,” Jen whines as we pulled up in front of her house. “Law states a she-wolf can go to college or do whatever she wants after high school if approved by the Alpha. I’m going whether you like it or not Jen,” I say and she gets out of the car, slamming my door. I rolled my eyes and started on my way home. I pulled into the driveway noticing a very nice black SUV parked in front. I frowned, got out and grabbed my bag, I walked up opening the door. “Mom, Dad I’m home,” I yelled, throwing my bag on the floor next to the door. I turned around to see they were sitting in the living room with three very nicely dressed people. There was a tall older woman in a nice housewife dress, and an older man in a suit sitting across from my dad. But my eyes stopped on the tall attractive guy in a button up, his biceps were practically trying to bust out. Everyone turned and looked at me and I just stared. “Ev honey this is King Damon and his parents,” my dad says. “Uh hello,” I smiled. What was the king of the capital doing in my living room, the living room of the king of the North? “What a pleasure it is to meet you, EverLeigh. We’ve heard so much,” the king's mom says. “It’s a pleasure as well,” I say, still glued to where I stood. King Damon stared at me as if he was looking into my soul and then he smirked. “Princess EverLeigh of the North,” King Damon smiled. “King Damon,” I nod. We live in a much different world than humans think. The entire world is covered in wolves and they wouldn’t even notice how different our world is. While I live in the United States of America the wolves just live on earth - no states, no countries, just good old fashioned territories. My dad is the king of the North, he has no Son so he can’t step down until I mate and marry An Alpha from one of the northern packs. King Arnold of the south gave his title to his son Noah who is still unmated. King Jeoffs of the west gave his title to his daughter’s Alpha whom she married at 18 just so her father could pass the title. And lastly, King Malcolm gave his title to his 20 year old mated son Bryce a year ago. King Tyrell who sits in my living room is the overall king of earth, he ruled over all four corners and he gave his title to King Damon the moment he turned 18 and King Damon is the longest king to go without a mate. “Oh no please call me Damon,” he smiled. I nodded, “um am I needed here?” I asked, looking at my dad. “Not as of now,” he says. “Great, I'm going to get ready for the bonfire,” I smiled and turned, shooting up the stairs and away from them. I ran down the hall and to my bedroom. The king of the four corners was in my house, I thought as I walked to my closet to change into something else. I changed into some cute white high waisted shorts and a black cropped top. I decided to wear some black Paul walker sneakers since it was a party on the beach. I walked down the stairs to see that my mom and the king's mom were no longer in the living room. Just my dad, the king and his dad. “Ev you’re going to the bonfire dressed like that?” My dad asks. “Um yes?” I asked, confused. “Ev honey you’re a princess don't you think you should be dressing like one?” He asks. “Dad, the humans don’t know I’m a princess of the North,” I raised an eyebrow. “I’m just a normal girl going to a normal end of the year high school party,” I shrug. “Well yes Ev but isn’t that a bit revealing?” He asks. He was never like this and then I turned and saw King Damon staring. He was only picking this fight because of the current company he had. “Dad I’ve always dressed like this, don’t worry I’ll put on a dress for my graduation party for when you and mom try to sell me to Alpha Sam,” I laughed and grabbed my keys to go pick up Jenny. I watched Damon’s stare go from looking at me as if I was a piece of meat to glaring at my father. Before anything could get weird I ran out the door and to my car. Damon’s POV After EverLeigh went upstairs to get ready I couldn’t focus on the conversation at hand, I was caught off guard by how different she was for a she-wolf. I mean even the She-wolves in the Arctic had anywhere from dirty blond hair to black hair. But EverLeigh had long platinum hair that hung down to her hips, she had pale skin to match it and icy blue eyes. How could she possibly be a wolf? I thought. “King Mason, excuse my impertinence but is EverLeigh adopted?” I asked, catching everyone in the room off guard. “Damon don’t be rude,” my mother spat at me. King Mason clears his throat, “Um no, she’s not adopted,” he says. “I’m sorry, it’s just that she's pale white and has platinum hair. Our kind tends to have dark hair and tan,” I say. King Mason looked uncomfortable and turned to his wife, “darling why don’t you get dinner started,” he smiled at her. “I’ll help,” my mother says, standing up knowing the tone of king Mason's voice that the women are to leave the room. I watched as they both headed towards the kitchen and King Mason turned to me. “EverLeigh is not adopted, she was born with a mutation in her genes that prevents her body from producing a chemical that forms color in the skin and hair,” King Mason says. More confused now I look at him, “wolves can’t be born with mutations,” I say simply. “Well in human science that’s what we are told,” he says. “And In wolf science?” I asked, knowing that human science doesn’t apply to us in any way shape or form. “They don’t know, only that we have been told the moon goddess must have a plan for her,” King Mason says and to that he was not wrong. It wasn’t long before EverLeigh returned down stairs in tiny shorts and a tiny shirt. I couldn’t help but stare. A princess she was not, I smiled. I wasn’t listening to anything that was being said until she made a comment about being sold to the district Alpha here. I waited until she walked out of the door to turn to King Mason, “do y’all make a habit of selling princesses here?” I asked, feeling the anger radiate in my body. “Calm my son,” My father said but my wolf refused. “She was only joking, we hoped that when she turns 18 next week she would mate with Alpha Sam so that I may pass on my title,” King Mason says. I took in his words and then the women came back to announce that dinner was ready. EverLeighs POV I was parked outside Jenny’s house when she slowly walked up to the car, getting in and slamming my door. “Are you still mad at me?” I asked. “Kind of,” she folds her arms. “Stop being mad at me and I’ll tell you a secret if you promise not to tell anyone,” I smiled. I knew she couldn’t resist a secret: she loved them. I watched as her face went from annoyed to a smile. “Good, King Damon was at my house when I got home,” I say. “The King Damon?” Her eyes widened. “Yes, King Damon and his parents,” I say, pulling out of her driveway. “What is he doing in the states?” She asks. “He never leaves the capital and when he does he ends up at your place? Why not his fathers mansion in town?” “I have no idea other than the fact that he was in my living room with my parents when I got home. And get this when I addressed him as King Damon as we address the kings by law he told me to address him as Damon,” I told her. “No!” She shouts. “He gave you permission to refer to him by only his first name?” She squealed. “Is he as hot as everyone says he is?” She asks. I shrugged, “I mean he’s alright for a 28 year old unmated king,” I laughed. “I want details, no ones ever seen him in person,” she says. “He’s so weird and always keeps out of the public eye,” she says. She was right, they don’t put pictures of him in the news like they used to do to his father. I mean we all had seen pictures of him when he was younger but when he became king he wasn’t pictured anywhere and his father still gave all public speeches. “Well he’s huge, he was sitting down but I’d say he’s at least 6-7 feet tall,” I told her which is normal for an Alpha king. “And his muscles were huge too, they were basically trying to rip out of his shirt,” I laugh. “Goddess wish I could’ve seen,” she smirks. Jenny’s head was always in the gutter which I loved about her. “He kept staring at me though,” I sighed. Every wolf always stared at me upon meeting me the first time. Because I’m not your typical she-wolf and while I’m okay with that, everyone else isn’t. “I’m sorry babes,” she says knowing how much it bothers me. “It’s okay, just reminds me I’m the only pale skinned, Blue eyed, blonde haired wolf,” I shrug. “For a king you’d think he would be much more accepting,” Jenny says as we pull up to the bonfire at the beach. We walked down the beach and Sam walked over to us. “Awe Alpha was so bored he’s at a high school party,” I laughed. “What can I say, I can't resist a pretty girl when I see her,” he smiled at me and I forced the groan that wanted to come out back. “Thank you Sam,” I nodded. “Anything for you,” he says, holding his hand out for me to take. I smiled and took his hand as he walked me down to the bonfire. He handed me water and a stick for marshmallows and we sat down. “So a big grand party is coming up,” he smiles. “You can say what you really mean,” I raised an eyebrow at him. Him and Jenny were one in the same. “So big 18 coming up,” he laughs. “Yup big 18,” I sigh knowing he’s hoping that he is my mate. “You know we don’t have to be mates to be together,” he says. “Where’s the fun in that?” I ask. “My point is as the princess you have to marry an alpha to take your fathers title. What are the odds that every princess who doesn’t have a brother to take over is mated to an Alpha?” he says. “The goddess always provides,” I shrug. He rolled his eyes, “the goddess better have some trick up her sleeve as I am the only Alpha you know,” he says. “Maybe we shouldn’t talk about this at a human party,” I pointed out. I really didn’t care what we talked about as our voices were too low for the human ear, I just wanted out of the conversation. “Their human ears can’t hear over the fire and our low voices,” he says and I groaned knowing he was right. “Sam you and I both know that I’m going to Harvard in the fall, no need for me to mate or marry someone who isn’t even my mate,” I point out. “You are going to Harvard if you don’t mate,” he says. “Like you said the odds of me mating to the Alpha?” I asked and he gave me an annoyed look. “But we could still be together,” he says. “No, because I’ll be at Harvard. I’m not gonna marry you and become a queen if you aren’t my mate,” I protest. “I can easily take Harvard away,” he points out and I jerk my head to glare at him. “I’m your Alpha, you need my permission to go, it's the law,” he says. I was done so I pulled out my royalty card, I stood up and hovered over him as he sat there. “You are the district Alpha, the district that the king's house happens to reside in. I answer to no Alpha other than the king as I am the princess. I am above you in power, asking the alphas permission was a courtesy. As the alphas rules don’t apply to the princess,” I growl and he stands up towering over me. “Look who wants to be the princess now,” he raised an eyebrow and grabbed my chin. “Funny how you refuse your title until a man tells you what to do,” he leans down and tries to claim my mouth,but a fist meets his face instead of my lips. I shockingly turn around to see King Damon, standing there looking pissed. “I suggest you respect the princess young Alpha,” King Damon says, pulling out a cloth from his pocket wiping Sam’s blood off his fist. Sam was pissed not knowing who King Damon was and tried to act tough but the king is easily two heads taller than Sam. “She is from my district. I will handle her as I see fit,” Sam growls. “Young Alpha, we both know that district Alpha does not order the princess, only the King of the north can tell Miss EverLeigh where she can and can’t go,” Damon smirks. “And you are not the King of the North so this doesn’t concern you,” Sam says as his eyes glow with anger. “All four corners concern me, young Alpha,” Damon says. “I think not,” Sam says ready to connect his fist with Damon’s face but Damon grabs Sam’s fist in his hand and begins to crush it. “You should really watch who you are talking to in the manner young Alpha, especially the King of the four Corners,” he growled and I watched fear hit Sam’s eyes. Damon lets go of Sam’s fist, seeing Sam take a step back and kneel in front of Damon's feet. “My apologies my King, I was unaware of your presence,” Sam says, making me roll my eyes. “Clearly,” Damon rolls his eyes as well, making me laugh. He heard my laugh and shot me a wink before returning his gaze to Sam. “Up young Alpha,” he orders and Sam raises, his head still looking down. “Look at your king when he talks to you,” Damon orders. “Yes my king,” he says looking up. “Now what is the law about the King of the four corners Orders?” Damon asked him and now there were humans all around looking at us. “Those who don’t obey are put to death,” Sam says. “Good, now obey this young Alpha. You aren’t to speak to the princess, you aren’t to be within 100 feet of the princess and you will not attend her party,” Damon smirks. “Is that understood,” he asks. “But my king, I am to see if she is my mate,” Sam protested. “You, Sam, are not the mate of the Princess of the North. The goddess is too smart to give such a divine prize to such a power hungry moron,” Damon says, making me laugh a bit. Damon turned and began to pull me away from the beach and up to the parking lot. “My car is this way,” I protest. “Someone will pick it up, I’m taking you home,” he says. “But I brought my friend Jenny with me,” I say. He stopped and turned around, turning me towards the beach and pointing at Jenny. “That EverLeigh, is my younger brother with Jenny. He will take her home as they are mates,” he says. “Wha? What?” I asked confused as he shoved me into a black SUV. He ran around to the driver's side and started the car. “I figured I’d come check out your little Bonfire. Seeing as my brother is your age, it was a good enough excuse. The moment we pulled up he started acting like a dog following a bone. A mate scented bone that led him all the way to one Jennifer Max,” he says, driving off towards the king's mansion. “So Jenny is mated to royalty,” I laughed. “Too bad he is just the King’s Counsel,” he smirks. “Are you okay?” I ask him and he laughs at me. “I’m great, why do you ask?” He laughs harder. “Well you’ve been flirty with me since you showed up to the BonFire, the winks and the smirks. Not to mention the fact that you stared at me back at my house. I mean that’s nothing new I’m always stared at even by humans,” I babble on. “ Because I’m basically the color of snow and my hair is too, so to humans I'm a genetically mutated freak,” I added to my babble. “You are anything but weird,” he says. “And I’m just being nice,” “Oh so you flirt with all the girls?” I ask. “Got a bachelor pad in the big castle of yours?” I ask and he frowns gripping the wheel. “Princess EverLeigh, I may be an asshole to just about everyone in existence but I am not a f**k boy. As a king I am to be respected and feared, I'm not some silly boy who can’t keep his p***s in his pants,” he says. “I apologize, King Damon,” I laughed a little. “I told you, it’s just Damon,” he says. “As for a mate, not everyone meets their mates the second they turn 18,” he points out. “Not one king has gone unmated as long as you have,” I countered. “Very good point Princess, but the goddess has a plan and I trust in that,” he says as we pull into my driveway. “I see, well thank you for saving me from Sam,” I say getting out. He got out and walked with me. “You don’t have to walk me to the door,” I tell him. “Well it’s a good thing I’m staying here or this would be weird,” he laughed. “Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t aware,” I say and we walk in to see our parents in the living room. They all look at us and then at each other. “Well thank you King Damon for the ride home,” I said a little loud so they knew it was just a ride. “Of course, Princess, I will have someone retrieve your car,” he nodded, and I headed up the stairs to my room.
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