Chapter 3 : New Boss

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I stepped away from Luke and went into my room. He stood outside. With a sultry smile, I glanced over my shoulder. “Are you going to come in?” Luke smirked and crossed the threshold. He slowly closed the door behind him. “What did you have in mind?” he teased, glancing at the bed. I shrugged and sat on the end of the bed, bending over to take my shoes off. “You said you wanted to make my night. How do you propose to do that?” Giggling, I tossed my shoes aside and bit my lower lip. Luke’s eyes lit up, and he gave a soft growl. He stood at the end of the bed and cupped my face in his hands. “Oh, I’ve got a few ideas,” he purred. He swooped down, pressing his lips to mine. I gasped and melted into the kiss, bringing my arms around his neck. Luke put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me back on the bed, demanding, dominating. A thrill shot through me, and I didn’t struggle against him. He nipped at my lower lip and I opened my mouth, allowing his tongue inside. He ran his tongue over the inside of my mouth, tasting me, letting me taste him. My skin warmed up, sending pulses down between my legs. I clenched my thighs and moaned into his mouth. Luke chuckled against my lips and slipped his hands under my shirt, swiftly pulling iit off in a fluid motion. My cheeks got even hotter. With just a bra left, I felt too exposed. I crossed my arms over my chest. Luke smirked again and wagged his pointer finger back and forth at me. He grabbed my wrists, pulling my arms from my body, and pinned them to the mattress. My stomach flopped and I clenched my thighs again, the heat at my core and my swelling cl*t too much to ignore. With that same smile on his lips, Luke unhooked my bra with one hand and tossed it aside. He quickly grabbed my wrist again and kept me pinned. His eyes raked over my body and I looked away. “Wh-what are you doing?” I panted, my chest rising and falling heavily. “Admiring the exquisite creature beneath me,” he purred. A shiver ran down my spine. Luke dipped his head, and his mouth closed around my left n****e. I sucked in a sharp breath. Then, I felt his tongue pressing and circling on the tender bud. My cl*t throbbed, and I arched my back. He rolled my n****e around and then pulled his lips off. Then he moved to my other n****e and did the same thing. With my arms pinned, I was helpless beneath him, not that I wanted him to stop. Luke kissed the center-line of my abdomen. He released my wrists, kissing down my navel and over my belly button as his fingers gently released my pants. I pushed his suit coat off his shoulders and started unbuttoning his silk shirt. He grunted in approval but didn’t stop what he was doing. Luke pulled my pants down and moved his mouth to the inside of my thigh. Moaning, I raised my hips from the mattress, his hot kiss shooting up my leg and into my p*ssy. He chuckled deeply and kissed higher up my leg. Panting and gasping I writhed on the bed, begging him with my body to move higher. His lips came to my mound and he kissed again before slipping his tongue between my creamy, soaked folds. Groaning, he explored every inch of my womanhood with his tongue. My legs trembled in his hands, and I clenched them around his head. I put a hand on the back of his head, tightening my fingers in his hair. He probed deeper, finding my cl*t with his mouth. I cried out in pleasure, arching like a bow as he slowly circled my little nub with his tongue. He kissed and licked, and I writhed, feeling more and more warm juices flowing from inside of me and smearing against my thighs. I felt a finger at my entrance. Luke teased open my slit, running his finger up and down before pushing inside. Then, another finger joined his first, stretching me. My walls clenched around them, and he grunted happily, his face still buried in my p*ssy. He stroked my insides with his fingers, then scissored them apart, stretching me and opening me up. My toes curled and a huge wave of pleasure crashed over me. “L-Luke,” I cried out his name before all words and thoughts failed me. Moaning again and again, I bucked my hips against him as shocks of pleasure coursed through me. As I came down from my orgasm, I noticed Luke wasn’t on the bed. I sat up, still breathing heavily and coated with sweat. He was standing next tothe bed, taking off the rest of his clothes. I licked my lips as I studied his flawless skin. His arms bulged in all the right places, his chest was like a chiseled statue. And his a*s… I swore I could have cracked a nut off that! When he turned to face me, I let my eyes wander to his navel, then down the V of his hips to his groin. I gasped. Luke smirked and bounced his eyebrows. “Like what you see?” he teased. I nodded, drinking in the full length and girth of his hard, glistening c*ck. Luke rested his knees on the bed and then crawled over me. Leaning back, I reached for him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He grabbed my thighs and pulled them apart, a little roughly. “Ahh,” I gasped again but smiled, letting him know it was okay. He nodded and moved his throbbing er*ction to my wet slit. I swallowed hard as he rubbed the soft, velvety tip of his manhood up and down my entrance. My body shook. I couldn’t take it anymore. I lifted my hips, trying to bring us closer together. “Tsk,” Luke muttered. He shook his head at me. Groaning, I threw my head back. He wasn’t going to let me have control. As frustrating as it was, I kind of loved it, too. Luke’s hands moved to my hips, and he slid inside of me. I spread my legs wide as his shaft sank into me one tantalizingly slow inch at a time. Biting my lower lip, I tightened my arms around his neck, my spine quivering as his c*ck stroked my inner walls. He began thrusting into me, his hands firmly holding my hips. Panting, I rolled my hips against his, and Luke groaned, his eyelids fluttering. My p*ssy burned with pleasure as his shaft rubbed against me. I clenched that sweet ring of muscles around him and he groaned again. I wrapped my legs around Luke’s back, squeezing him tightly. My head lolled from side to side. His lips found my neck, and he nibbled on my earlobe, then on my throat. Writhing beneath him, I moaned wantonly, rolling my hips to meet each of his thrusts, making sure to get him as deep as possible inside me. “F*ck,” Luke whispered against my neck, his hands tightening on my hips again. He was bound to leave finger-like indentations. His panting breaths tickled, and I clenched my thighs again. Heat and pressure built in my p*ssy with each inward stroke of his c*ck. “L-Luke. I’m g-gonna come,” I moaned, my fingers curling into claws at the back of his neck. “Me too,” he gasped. Another tremendous orgasm ripped through me, pleasure jerking through my muscles. With another moan, I squirmed on the bed, my muscles clenching and unclenching as they were shocked with ecstasy. Seconds later, Luke gave a deep, throaty growl, and his c*ck quivered inside me before releasing. With a heavy sigh, my arms and legs let go of Luke. I felt pleasantly numb, and my muscles melted into a puddle on the bed. Luke rested his head on my chest, still breathing heavily. “That was… unexpected,” he admitted, chuckling breathlessly. “Well, if you’re wildly curious, it did make my night,” I said, giggling. I slipped my fingers into his hair and started to untangle the strands. Luke was heavy lying on top of me, but I didn’t want him to leave. A serious thought overcame me quickly after we were done. “Will I… will I ever see you again?” I asked groggily. My eyelids drooped, and Luke’s amazing body was a fuzzy outline. “Oh, you can count on it,” he assured, giving me a quick kiss on my breast. Then, I fell asleep. ** When I woke up, Luke was gone. I sighed and shook my head. Had I really expected anything different? On the off chance that maybe he hadn’t lied when he said we’d see each other again, I checked my phone. There were a dozen calls from Aaron and twice as many texts. I rolled my eyes and put my phone back. I did not want to talk to him yet. Stretching, I felt soreness in my muscles from the night before. It was a good kind of sore, like I’d just had a really great workout, sore. Giggling, I pulled the covers to my face. My stomach fluttered. Last night had been exactly what I needed to push Aaron away. While I was getting dressed, I noticed a keychain that didn’t belong to me. Picking it up, I examined it. There was a hotel room key attached, but it didn’t have the room number. It was like he lived in the hotel, or at least stayed very often, to have a hotel key on his keychain. I couldn’t bring it to him directly, but I could return it to the front desk. I handed the keys off to the concierge once I got downstairs. “These were left in my room.” My cheeks burned, and I looked down. The concierge, mercifully, didn’t react. He slid the plastic room key on a device that looked like a credit card reader. “Ahh, yes. These belong to Mr. Carter. I can return them to him,” the concierge said. “Great. Thanks… wait, did you say Mr. Carter?” I asked. My heart pounded in my chest. “That’s right. He is well known to us here,” the concierge confirmed with a nod. “Mr. Carter, as in Luke Carter?” I clarified. The concierge smiled and nodded again. “And you’re saying that those keys… the ones left in my room last night… they belong to Luke Carter?” I asked again, unable to wrap my mind around it. “That is correct.” “Oh. My. God!” Hyperventilating, I ran out of the hotel and grabbed the nearest wall. My chest ached with how heavy I breathed, and my mind grew numb. I’d just slept with Luke Carter, my new boss.
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