1. The Invisible She-wolf

1621 Words
“Wake up, Iris. It’s about to start.” I jumped out of my bed startled and while I was rubbing the sleep off my eyes I looked for the source of the wake-up call. Colton, the new gamma, stood there in my still almost completely dark bedroom, his brown hair flawlessly combed and his green eyes looking intently at me. “You know you don’t have to look after me only because I’m the former gamma’s daughter,” I told him. “I think I have to, I promised your dad that before he died.” He shook his head and flashed me a parent look, his voice filled with determination. I sighed. There was no way to argue with that or with him. But I didn’t want to be looked after by my dad’s successor, who was only a bit more than one year older than me, and I must admit, handsome but kind of annoying. “Come on, the elders will be there and they don’t like to wait. Are you excited for your first shift?” he asked with a too-happy smile for this early in the morning. I sighed, “I am.” Yet I wasn’t. Life hasn’t been exactly exciting since my dad died in battle a year ago, I’d been alone, except for my best friend Zita and… of course, Colton, who would come by once in a while, thinking that he didn’t only succeed my dad in the gamma position, but also in being my father. “I’ll just take a fast shower,” I looked at his slight frown, “a very fast shower and go. Will I be the only wolf to shift today?” “No, It’s you and a rankless girl.” I went to the shower and tried to be as fast as possible. The water ran down my body, and I couldn’t stop thinking how sad it was to be alone today, on this very special day. Well, it didn’t feel special for me, without having my parents to see it and celebrate the moment with me. As it was the tradition in the Northern Lights Pack, our first time shifting to our wolves was a huge event, reuniting the family, the community, and even some elders and ranked members. I yawned and washed my face once again, trying to wash out all my sleepiness whilst wondering who had the brilliant idea of having such an event at sunrise. We were wolves, wouldn’t the “moonrise” be a more appropriate time? I walked by the mirror and stole a fast glance at my reflection, my blue eyes looked a bit tired and my hair was messy. I sighed and tied my long light blond hair in a high ponytail, put on sports leggings and a heavy dark-blue coat. I was used to the cold weather and the long winters, but I didn’t like it at all. I recalled the words my dad used to say when I didn’t want to wake up early to the dark mornings of the north, “Today, I am sure we will see the sun and a glimpse of blue. Or at least we will try to.” A smile formed on my lips, he was the kindest and warmest man in this whole pack and I missed him a lot. He was right, I had to carry on and look forward to the day. After getting ready, I left my room and met Colton in the living room. “Come on, Iris! It will be great! You’ll meet your wolf.” I only nodded. I was excited to meet my wolf, it was true but I couldn’t shake off how this day made me feel even more alone. “By the way, happy birthday, pup!” Colton smiled, giving me a cup of coffee. I smiled back, breathing the steamy drink in and feeling alive. Now my day could start. I finished my coffee in a few gulps not minding how hot it was. Colton and I went to the training building at the back of the packhouse, where the event would take place. The wolves of our pack had part of the training indoors in the winter, because of the very low temperatures. Some of the pack elders, and even Beta Grey, were there. The Beta was with Susan, the mate he had recently taken. She looked at me through her thick eyelashes, her expression was pure disdain. Now that the beta chose her, she was a ranked wolf, and after my father’s death, I was nothing, only a lone wolf in a cold pack. Not that I envied her for being our Beta’s mate, I didn’t like or trust Beta Grey one bit, he was a cold and calculating man who only cared about power. I guess that even though he and Susan weren’t fated mates, they were perfect for each other. Two cold, and ambitious creatures who only bothered about themselves. “Samantha Brinks, come forward,” Beta Grey called the brunette girl, without even sparing a look at me. I sighed confusedly. Maybe losing my rank was considered worse than being born rankless, to begin with, or maybe Grey just didn’t like my dad. “Thank you, Beta Grey,” Samantha bowed down and went to the middle of the arena. She was all smiles as if she could hardly contain her excitement. All eyes were on her but she didn’t seem nervous. She took off her jacket, closed her eyes, and soon the noise of joints cracking and bones reshaping filled the air, and a medium-sized brown wolf stood proudly in the place the girl was. Her family applauded and her wolf released a howl of celebration. My lips twisted in a smile as my eyes found my best friend, Zita. I was so glad she was here for me. She had already shifted for the first time a few weeks ago to a beautiful red-coated wolf. I took a lungful of the too fresh air of Alaska and held my head high. “Iris Yilva, step forward,” Beta Grey said in a bored tone and I walked towards the arena, nodding my head at him. My eyes met the heavy scrutiny of the elders, they seemed to be measuring me from head to toe. It would be okay; soon this shifting event would be over and I would get back to my normal life, to being invisible. And it might seem ironic, but in the Northern Lights Pack being invisible was the best one could get, because of the Alpha, Beta, and Elders tortuous ways. Our Alpha was famous for never tolerating any disobedience or the smallest disagreement. He was a tyrant and we all knew that, though none of us couldn't do anything about it. I took off my jacket and closed my eyes, trying to let my instincts take over and listen to my wolf. I felt a raw call vibrating in my soul and she howled in my head, coming to the surface for the first time. In a split second my body was taken by an overwhelming pain, as my joints cracked and my bones elongated. It was just like my dad said it would be, very painful. I tried to breathe deep through the pain, but to my surprise, a feeling of warmth enveloped my body and when I opened my eyes I looked down at snow-white paws. No one had ever mentioned this pleasurable, almost tingling sensation. My wolf moved her muzzle up and howled proudly, loudly, relentlessly. She opened her eyes and I could see many startled faces and hear gasps. Was something wrong with my wolf? Was something wrong with us? “No, Iris, we are perfect,” I heard her beautiful voice in my mind for the first time. “She is a white wolf, she must belong to the Alpha!” I heard Beta Grey say, a cruel grin on his lips. My wolf looked around dizzily and I swallowed hard, why would he be crooked-happy about it? I thought he didn’t like me. Soon I heard a familiar voice pushing into my mind. It was Colton. “Iris, you are a white wolf, just like the ones of the legends, and the Alpha will surely claim you as his.” The words finally registered in my mind. I couldn’t be his mate, he was a knowingly cruel and violent man. A shiver of fear crossed my whole body, as my eyes met Colton’s. His voice in my mind was laced with worry and fear, “You have to run away, Iris. Immediately!” * * * Hello guys, I still don't know how often I will update this book, but I will keep you guys posted via author notes and my F a c e b o o k and I n s t a g r a m pages. F a c e b o o k : T. R. Durant - Author I n s t a g r a m: t.r.durant I hope you enjoy this story. Please try my other books as well. The Intertwined series (FOR FREE) 1. Intertwined: her three mates (free and completed) 2. Torn between mates (free and completed) 3. Behind the mask (free and completed) 4. Out of the world (coming soon) 5. The Lost Bond (on hold) Spin-off novels (read as standalone stories): 1. She is not my Luna (completed) 2. The Beta's Redemption? (FREE and ongoing) * The Queen of Alphas (completed) Golden Fire series: 1. The Last Dragon's Baby (completed) 2. The Awakening of His Luna (free and ongoing)
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