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You asked and I delivered. Welcome to Mason's story. A bit more romance. A bit more drama. A bit more danger.  This is the last book of the 'Silver. Day' wolves and like the rest, it is a standalone.  The order in which the books are written: 'Alpha. Brother. Mate' (Remi. Dylan) 'Beta. Reaper' (Kelly. Grey) 'Omega. Playboy' (Clara. Jake) 'Rogue. Beta' (Mason. Indie) Etc... THE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES BAR THE THIRD BOOK ARE AVAILABLE AS AUDIOBOOKS. IF YOU WANT TO CHECK THEM OUT, THEY ARE ON THE WEHEAR APP. THANK YOU. They are all standalones and you're free to read them in whatever order you please.  This is my first time writing a Mafia-resque book. I'll like some feedback as I go to know how I'm doing. This book is rated 16+ so there will be people taking their clothes off and violence. Nothing graphic and nothing triggering, I hope.  This book is available ONLY on Dreame. If you find it somewhere else then it has been stolen, please let me know. Dreame will censor some words. I'll avoid using words that get censored as much as I can but I can't get around all of them. Leave a comment and share with your friends if you like. Thanks.
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