Rejecting Her

1145 Words
Prince Antonio's Pov I'm getting ready to receive the princess I'm to marry when I feel hands on my shoulders and I turn to the beautiful naked woman. I grab her by the neck, pulling her closer to me, I kiss her Luscious lips, and when I pull away, her eyes are dark with lust. " Not now, I'm going to welcome my future bride," I say quizzically, my mistress snickers and lets out a frustrated growl. I pull her closer to me and bite her lips. " Please don't do this," Maryann begs in a small voice, however, I can't back out of this arrangement now. It was an alliance made decades ago for the good of the packs. " Nothing will change between us, you know we need this and I need pups from her bloodline to secure my rule," I explain to her, this alliance was made when I was ten years old. " I don't like this, Prince Antonio," " I don't either baby but it has to be done, I thought you understood that," She finally nods and I smash my lips on her. Maryann wraps her legs around me. Our makeout escalates. I take her to the bed, pulling my pants along with my boxers down and invading her womanhood. She cries out in pleasure as I slam into her repeatedly. " Aah, oh my..." Our voices of pleasure are filling the room. I take her from behind, and make her scream in pleasure, soon she is spasming under me and I release in her. We fall back on the bed, panting as we try to reconnect to reality after our s*x. I have known Maryann since our high school days but I knew we couldn't be together because she is a lower-ranking wolf from a humble background and as a result, she can't add anything to the country but over the years, I've grown fond of her and just couldn't dispose of her like I did others. I may have to go as far as saying I love her. I've had other women but she's different and knows how to please me like no other. A knock sounds on the door and I let out a groan, it must be one of the servants who want to inform me that the Princess has arrived. " Do you think she's beautiful?" Maryann asks as she gets out of bed, sitting in front of a mirror. " I don't know, the last time I saw her she was thirteen with crooked teeth, no breasts, and a tiny body that wasn't too... desirable," She smiles, pleased with my response. I go to the bathroom for a quick shower. Minutes later, I come out and get dressed in simple jeans and a shirt. I fix my hair and go back to my lover, kissing her neck one last time. " But she is a woman now, rumor has it that she is quite a beauty, even more, beautiful than her mother," " I'm sure she doesn't hold a candle to you, no one does, and remember our marriage is that of convenience," I assure her, Maryann nods, and I exit the room without being seen. I wouldn't want servants gossiping and whispering in Princess Aliya's ears and making her back out of the marriage, even though it wouldn't affect my pack, my father would not stop scolding me. I march outside where people are waiting to welcome their future luna queen. They bow to me politely as I stand beside my family. " Where is my brother?" I ask, mom shrugs. " Who cares, maybe partying away in the city, they were victorious in the war against the Syrian pack in the south country and gained over three thousand men in his military," She says proudly, unlike me, my brother doesn't concern himself with politics, he's always in battlefronts, fighting and growing his army, ever since father named him Supreme commander, he has doubled our numbers. Since we have no war at the moment, he's back in the pack but he's rarely in the palace as he is too busy with his w****s and having the best time of his life. My phone rings but I ignore it, it's probably Maryanna and I'm right, she's watching among the crowd and she looks pissed, I do hope she doesn't stir up any trouble in one of her jealousy fits. I see my brother trying to secretly get into the palace but falling miserably as he and his friend are wasted, I walk over to them and they salute me. Speaking nonsense. " James, it's only mid-morning for f**k sake," He laughs at me and holds my face. " If it isn't the crowned prince of the great Zecter city! my brother!" He slurs, and I hold his arm so that he doesn't fall. " Did you forget we are to receive guests today?" " No! never, but why am I needed to welcome your future bride? You should be thankful I'm not there, she might just fall for me... they always do," He smirks. I shake my head and ask a few guards to take them inside. I go back to where my parents are and notice that the ladies have arrived. " Son, go and welcome your fiancée," My father says, I nod and walk to the cars. There are three girls but I can tell Princess Aliya apart, long luscious hair that frames her beautiful heart-shaped face, and sapphire eyes. She has a slender figure. I swallow at her overwhelming beauty, she is easily the most beautiful woman I've laid eyes on and my wolf, Drago, howls in excitement. Princess Aliya is smiling at me with her full lips and has the most perfect dental formula. She curtseys to me and I kiss her delicate hand, making her blush. " Prince Antonio," Her voice is velvety and delicate like that of an angel. " Princess Aliya," I breathe. " Welcome. Please follow me inside," We walk side by side and members of the pack bow and clap, they are pleased with this union and are whispering about how gorgeous she is. I feel her glimpsing at me but I don't look at her... I'm not accepting you, Aliya Olsen, I chant. She will only be mine by paper and to the pack but she'll never have a place in my heart. After welcoming the little Princess, Maryann pulled me and started to kiss me. Our make out was getting intense and my d**k was growing painfully hard under my pants. I wanted to take her right there and then but my wolf told me not to, and I sensed her presence. Aliya saw me. I don't know how much she saw but it was enough to make her run away. f**k.
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