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A MONTH LATER -Christine- BEFORE entering DeQuia Mansion's modern kitchen, I took a long, deep breath. All of the Omega was having pleasant conversations with one another, but when they noticed me, they abruptly came to a halt and snapped their heads in my direction. "Uhm, g-good morning," I greeted them awkwardly. They all smiled broadly at me and returned my greeting of 'good morning.' As all my worries faded away, my cheeks flushed and a small smile formed on my lips. A minute later, I found myself eating breakfast with them, feeling somewhat at ease and somewhat... pleased? Geez. I couldn't believe how nice they were to me and how much my life had changed since the attack on GrimStone until that moment. Alpha Tyron DeQuia brought me to RavenStone a month ago. For nearly two w

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