224 Words
Christine is a round-faced she-wolf. Nobody wants to be a walking cholesterol like her. No one cares about her, and no one protects her. The GrimStone Pack becomes extremely abusive to Christine one day, and the Alpha attempts to rape her. Fortunately, Alpha Sigma is hampered by an attack. Christine believes that it is the right time to flee, but the ruthless Alpha of RavenStone stands in her way. He drags her back into the room from which she came and pushes her down onto the bed. Tyron Gravity climbs over Christine's body and tastes her trembling lips. "Interesting. I never find chubby wolves this sexy, but you're an exception, woman," Tyron Gravity says. His hand runs down the terrified she- wolf's crumpled dress, up to her bruised but smooth thigh. "Please," she begs, shaking her head. The ruthless Alpha, on the other hand, only smirks. He grabs her underwear and tears it away from her skin. His hand rises to caress her wet, throbbing p***y. Tyron Gravity smiles. His eyes are filled with hunger. "It appears that someone is getting excited here," he teases Christine's clit. He presses and gently flicks it, then slides one of his fingers inside her in one swift motion. Before Alpha Tyron attacks her mouth with his eager lips, the chubby she-wolf gasps in pain and undeniable pleasure.
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