1038 Words


"I WILL KILL YOU, you perverted asshole!"

Kisses Lei ran and hid behind Tyron. "Will you chill your t**s! I was sleepwalking, for Goddess's sake! Do you think I'll go to your room if I'm in my sane mind?"

Clein sauntered forward. "And you think I'll believe you! You're a horny bastard trying to get into my pants!"

The Beta chose to face her wrath and laughed sarcastically. "Puh-lease! Don't get the wrong idea, crazy woman! You're not even my type!"

"And do you think you're my type, huh, i***t? On your dreams!" Clein furiously exclaimed.

Christine, who was standing behind them, suddenly intervened. "B-but why not when you look good together?"

With horrified expressions on their faces, the bickering wolves gasped and snapped their necks into her.

Christine grimaced. "I-I was just

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