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What is this man doing kissing me?

Does he believe he can force me to submit to him in this manner? And this Alpha's nerve. He already has a girlfriend, who is currently staying at the mansion.

How dare this callous man toying with a woman's heart!

Tyron bit my lower lip just as I was about to struggle.

I felt a sting and knew it bled, but when the Alpha pressed his tongue against the contour of my mouth, I gasped and moaned.

"Do you know how long I've been waiting to taste your lips again, Christine?" he asked, pulling back and staring at me intently.

I returned his stare with vigor. "And do you know how badly I want to do this to you, Alpha?" I jerked my knee up and smacked him in the middle.

"Ugh, f**k!" he groaned under his breath, caught off guard. His grip on me loosened, and

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